The sheer lack of JUST shampoo in men's hair products. I'm growing out my hair, and I don't want a shampoo/conditioner/car oil in my hair.

  1. Just use womens dude. I made the switch to womens toiletries a few years back and it’s changed my life. You can smell like dope shit like guava instead of abstract concepts like midnight sports carbon.

  2. Dude I've been using women's deodorant and soaps since a kid. Never had a problem with it. Smell better and more natural than "cool breeze". Went to jail, and the women's soaps were the sought after products.

  3. Switching to women's body wash was the best decision I ever made, I can moisturize AND smell like a strawberry pound cake, all while shaving my face with zero irritation bumps? Never looked back.

  4. Honestly so true. I use all my girlfriends or moms hair products and they work so much better, plus most of the smells are like coconut or honey or something so it’s not too “feminine”

  5. It’s so funny cause I as a woman sometimes use mens stuff cause I love the smell 😂 like mmmmm this smells like hot man “lathers all over body” 😂

  6. Well, yea, but personally I like the "darker" smells. It's just the actual solution I have a problem with.

  7. I'm a woman and most of our shampoos smell terrible I think. Fake flower and fruit scents, very strong vanilla and coconut.

  8. Bro don’t give bad advice. My favourite scent is: 90MPH jet ski jackhammer Detroit lions 80s action film with built in lawn trimmings and racing tire scrubbing bits. It’s a 14-1 you can actually wipe your ass and brush your teeth with it

  9. Don't even have to use "women's" products. Just don't buy stuff specifically marketed to men. Most brands are pretty neutral. Only women oriented brands I can think of are Garnier, Herbal Essences and Pantine.

  10. Lmao women scent would be like "rose and lemongrass" "Sakura bloom" men's scent would be like "the concept of time" "gravity" "the passing of time and the realization that all life ends and our existence is mere a blink in the grand scheme of the universe and we will never be able to explore the rest of the universe and we will eventually die off due to our own actions."

  11. I feel the same way. All men's stuff just smells like wood and ground. I don't mind a little bit of fruits and flowers. The cologne I use is almost unisex, it's super non offensive. Smells like citrus but still smells like cologne

  12. The only "men's" product i use is the Dove men's body wash with hemp oil and holy basil. Smells so fucking good.

  13. Yup this guy fucks. I have long curly hair I use my girls expensive shampoo and conditioner for curly hair and man never go back you never met a manly man that smelled of coconut’s and vanilla but here I am

  14. My husband ran out of deodorant once and used mine, lavender and vanilla, and he said it was the best one he's used in his life. Definitely switch.

  15. Shampoo, like most toiletries, does not need to be gendered. Usually products with an assigned gender cost more anyway. Get a shampoo that’s appropriate for your hair type and budget. No one will ever care, trust.

  16. What they should be looking for are products that are suited for your hair type and will give you the desired textures. I sometimes have to go to several different stores to find products for my hair type because it's not always the norm to carry them depending on what part of town I'm in.

  17. It’s like the opposite of razors. You want a good shave for a good price, buy men’s shaving products. You want good hair, buy women’s hair products.

  18. I am a sort of real man and stayed at a hotel with paul mitchell tea tree shampoo. I have never looked back. Best stuff ever.

  19. Shampoo is one of those things that’s pointlessly gendered. Sometimes you just have to buy what’s best. Men should be buying “women’s” shampoo the same way that women should always buy “men’s” razors.

  20. It doesn't even have to be "girly" smelling. I use my girlfriend's argan oil shampoo and conditioner all the time. No flowery smells, and it's 10x better than literally anything marketed towards men

  21. The thing is, the store genders them by separating them, but almost none of the products themselves say anything about being for women on the bottle.

  22. God I love my wife's shampoo, I don't care if it makes my hair smell girly, it smells fabulous.

  23. I was about to say the same thing. The only thing about them that's feminine is, maybe, the packaging and the smell, and I promise you can find some that smell neutral enough.

  24. Yeah was gonna say..just buy women's🤷 Suave makes a really wonderful rose scented one it's awesome and you won't smell weird at all lol

  25. I have short hair and I'm a dude but I use women shampoo, it makes it really soft and you can tell it works, mens I can't explain but it's like doesn't do much

  26. I'm sorry but this is the exact same reaction as women talking about expensive woman's razors when you can just go get some cheaper in the "for men" area, it is how it is, marketing shouldn't decide what you should buy.

  27. I agree. I use men’s razors and my boyfriend and I share a shampoo that’s usually marketed to women. Same goes for our soap.

  28. The razors I tend to buy come in both pink and blue they are literally identical except the handle shape is slightly different but the heads are the same. I just but which ever one is on special though that tends to be the "men's" one. Fuck pink tax

  29. I was looking for shampoo a few weeks ago and found a wall just like this. I was frustrated until I turned around and saw the other side of the aisle had regular shampoo.

  30. My target/Walmart has huge selection of female products than a small little rectangle of men's stuff and it's all 2 in 1 except the head n shoulders comes in conditioner and old spice makes good shampoo

  31. Because they took a picture of a tiny section of the shampoo area for fake internet outrage, and even in this picture that is just small slice of their selection, there are SEVERAL that say Shampoo only.

  32. Marketing and also Old Spice does legitimately have a lot of really good scents for their body wash and deodorant. I use them and people tell me I smell good so they’re doing something right.

  33. I just want a shampoo/conditioner/breakfast combo. Im sicking of scrambling eggs AFTER I take a shower. Too busy for this shit.

  34. I have long hair, and I use Suave or Pantene. Both have individual shampoo and conditioner available either at the local store or on Amazon.

  35. I'd recommend dodging shampoo and conditioners with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Lauryth Sulfate, dries your scalp like crazy and it's rough on your hair/skin and both those companies products have em.

  36. Awesome. I've used some suave, and couldn't seem to find any I loved the smell of. I'll check out Pantene👍

  37. How aggravating. My big gripe with advertising is how grown men are infantilized. Apparently men are too clueless or lazy to use a separate shampoo and conditioner (not) nor can they ever do a household chore correctly (they can.) Pay attention to ads, they do this A LOT. Bugs the piss out of me. And I am a woman.

  38. Why does a pink hammer cost $5 more than the black one at walmart, but at ace hardware it's $5 cheaper? (I saw this once in person, same brand and everything.)

  39. The suave coconut at Walmart is amazing. When I lived in the US, it was all I used. Doesn't smell unnecessaraly strong or gendered, and there is a matching shampoo and conditioner (which is amazing as well).

  40. No joke. When I was a teenager, I was in a few metal bands and had hair halfway to my ass. I'd be out at a show trying to be a bad ass and there's always be a girl that would come up to me and say, "mmmm. Your hair smells like strawberries."

  41. Walk straight over to the differently gendered aisle of hair care products. Trust me. “Mens” shampoo and conditioner is trash it’s literally just all the combo like shampoo conditioner body wash shit because they think we are all too lazy to care.

  42. You gonna have to nut up and go to a sally's or if you live in the city, a hair store, they are mostly full of women but that is where all the good hair products are. Walmart more than likely will not have anything other than basic shit fr.

  43. That's fair. I should look into it, since I'm really picky about how clean my hair is, and it's harder to get clean since it's longer now.

  44. Just head over to the women’s hair products isle lol I stopped trying to buy men specific shit when I accidentally bough a shampoo that smelled exactly like the flea shampoo my job at the time used for dogs

  45. I don’t get why shampoo needs to be gendered anyway. Maybe they could list scent notes, like, “Strawberry shampoo”, but that aside… we all have hair. And those obnoxious three in one products for men suck. They’re not very conditioning. The texture is weird. I bought some Dead Sea shampoo for men because I was looking for a sandalwood scent. My hair was so cronchy. 😭

  46. If OP panned his camera a bit to the left there would be a whole bunch more. This is fake outrage for internet points.

  47. If you want actual good shit go to a beauty supply store that is probably in the same plaza wherever this photo was taken. Biotene is friggin awesome shampoo.

  48. They also have to work. My hairs greasy and curly, so I need specific shampoo and conditioner otherwise it doesn't style or feel good.

  49. I’m a woman and I can’t STAND 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioners.. or even 3 in 1. It’s an abomination for your hair and needs to be stopped.

  50. Omg or just conditioner options! I was looking for some new shampoo yesterday for my fiancé and I swear it’s only shampoo or 3-in-1. Men care about their hair too god damnit!

  51. As someone who used to work in a pharmacy I have a secret to tell you that’s not actually a secret: just buy the “women’s” shampoo or the other shampoos. They’re not gendered it’s only marketed to women for advertising so they can get more money out of women wanting nice shiny hair etc or the latest in healthy hair trends etc etc. You can buy literally any shampoo you want in any fragrance and it won’t matter. Also most women I know including myself like it when a guys hair smells nice instead of like “machete jungle cobra” or some crazy tag name like that lmao...although I gotta admit some of the names are hilarious and/or super cool lol, they just don’t always smell the coolest

  52. Just use the bodywash/shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste/eye drop/butt cream/ peanut butter substitute/moisturizer like a real man.

  53. Do you have a partner? if so have them pick out your shampoo, conditioner, soap ect. at least once. it'll tell you what smells they like. then just look for things along those lines for your hair type. and don't be shame to use the women's stuff. its better than ours a lot of times.

  54. Mr Money Bags buying anything but $2 massive size Sauve. I literally buy the nice smelling stuff. Shampoo/Conditioner. $5 give or take. Per Year. Done.

  55. The vast majority of salon quality products are gender neutral. You don’t need “man’s shampoo” to have a manly head

  56. Search the womens section bro, literally everything good for womans hair is good for a mans hair. Hair is not divided by sex, its divided by everybodys mother.

  57. Try finding just conditioner lmao. Frankly I just use women's or unisex stuff. I use cologne anyway so it's not like I'll end up smelling like the shampoo and conditioner I'd use... And even so I wouldn't mind smelling like fruits and flowers lmfao. I recommend fructis 🤷‍♂️

  58. Lived your struggle and I’m here to help! If you know any of this stuff already, forgive me, but I went way too long growing my hair out without knowing a lot that is considered basic knowledge to my 12 year old niece.

  59. I'm pretty sure you're growing hair doesn't know the difference between a dudes head and chicks head. Just go to the women's section, who doesn't want to smell like lavender...

  60. This is why i use womens shower products, or the Dr Squatch stuff you can smell like real things, wokens stuff has tons of fruit scents, squatch has tons of super super good smelling “manlier” things

  61. Dude, if you're growing your hair out, get the fuck outta the men's shampoo section. Women's hair products are so much better. I haven't seriously used Old Spice/H&S in years now.

  62. Ignore the "for men" garbage. Figure out what type of hair you have and find a shampoo that works for you. Any scent is nice after the shower and fades enough that if people can smell it they're too close anyways.

  63. I switched to women's shampoo/conditioner when I started growing mine out and it's the best. I smell nice all the time and my hair is healthy as fuck. It's a win win

  64. Thanks for the advice. I haven't been able to find a smell I prefer in women's yet, but I'm sure I could if I just looked a bit harder.

  65. Don’t listen to everyone saying to get Women’s shampoo, use a shampoo that works for your hair, there are plenty of great mens and plenty of shit women’s.

  66. Thanks. Some of the comments are recommending some great "men's" hair products with more of the scent I'm looking for. Hopefully those work.

  67. I’m totally going to be uncharacteristic and endorse a product: Dr Squatch. Their products were made specifically for men in mind. All natural products and if I recall correctly, their founder wanted a soap for men with rough skin or issues like psoriasis and eczema.

  68. Awesome! I've seen so many ads from them, but never tried. Good to know they are actually pretty great 👍

  69. Former hairstylist. Try an actual salon. Even the chain ones located inside like Wal-Mart. It will be a little more expensive, but its professional products and most will have men's lines. I know Paul Mitchell and Redken for sure have men's lines.

  70. Yea, I'll probably end up doing that. I have a really friendly barber, so hopefully they'll have some good suggestions.

  71. Try lush shampoo and conditioner, they have mens scents and they are super good for your hair. made with natural products

  72. Yea just use womens products way better. In the same boat im growing my hair out and its pretty long so far. Just avoid any shampoos that have alcohol in them. Ive seen it lmao. Also find a after shower product. Helps alot

  73. Just like clothes there's really no "gender" to toiletries and hair products. Although the media wants you to think there is. It's all just chemicals and smells with colors and a side of cancer added. 🤣 it is infuriating this is the world we live in though. Men must use 3 in 1 and have only 4 options and women have a whole aisle with 15 different products we must use or we're all failures as humans! Just kidding. It's all so silly.

  74. Most shampoos are conditioners are not men's or women's, they're gender neutral. I use Aveeno, Pantene, Suave, whatever. I then spray cupcake-scented hair shampoo on my hair and I'm a straight dude with long blonde hair. Women tell me I smell delicious and they love it.

  75. I just use female shampoo tbh. It’s all the same anyways. I don’t really feel like smelling like thick cedar wood bear rock wolf paw. I’ll stick to my ocean breeze shampoo lmfao

  76. You know you can buy Pantene or literally any other brand right? Lol. Don't have to step very far outside the box to solve this mystery dude.

  77. I like Trader Joe’s tea tree products. They have separate shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, and typically it’s never created any issues for me. Plus if I had a visitor spend the night, I didn’t have to worry about having gender specific products.

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