Instructions that came with a kids swing off Amazon…

  1. I bought one of those baby bath seat things recently and when it arrived I realised it was some off-brand Chinese product. According to the package it is ‘shaped like a mother’s uterus’

  2. Bro I bought a set of different colored yarn off of Amazon for a girl I was dating one time and the brown yarn was just labeled "N*gger" and the yellow yarn was labeled "Rape" that shit blew my mind lmao like how did that get accepted

  3. Japanese women tend to be quite skinny so maybe this adds to the reasons for why a male should do it. Source: I’m Japanese.

  4. Yeah, the fact that it says "a male" rather than "a man" (or something simpler) kind of gives it away.

  5. What the fuck is wrong with people? Pull your self righteous panties out of your butt. I am a female and there are for sure things we struggle to do. Just because someone out there was stronger than the average woman and some man maybe jilted her somwhere. Doesn't mean they can and should decide to get offended for the rest of women kind. It really doesn't mean all of us are offended. I promise this kinda toxic behavior is more offensive.

  6. Seriously. Female here. I’ve put together bunk beds, outdoor kids swings similar to this, play sets, entertainment centers, etc, and many times I’ve had to ask my husband for help on a step, bc my arms aren’t long enough, and I’m just not strong enough for the step. It’s not discrimination, it’s just biology. Last week we had to carry a new glass shower door up to the second story of our house, I thought I could do it- I tried as hard as I could, but my damn arms were not long enough for the width of that shower door… I pulled a muscle in my shoulder trying to do it. So we waited until our teenage son came home from school to help. This is life.

  7. I'm a man, I'd give it a go, but if it's that strenuous, I'd ask a stronger man to help as my arms are weak af. I had to ask for help putting a trampoline together last week, stretching the springs into place is a bastard.

  8. What?... I'm offended by this and I'm a guy. I'm weak as fuck and now when I use my noodle arms to hand it over to a woman I have to be like "um, yeah well I know the instructions call for a man, but... um... I, uh lifted a bunch of heavy weights at the... weightlifting store earlier, and I'm really sore..." Just say "strong" instead of male, I know I'm not strong, I don't need a piece of paper degrading my manliness too lol

  9. My mother and sister get me to do all manual labor just because I'm stronger than them, even when they can lift things themselves.

  10. Women reading this: shit, now I have to find a man at all costs! I can’t just do this myself! It said so!

  11. It is just a suggestion. Physical strenght is one of the differences that you will encounter in probably over 90% of female-male comparisons. That does not mean a woman can't do it, it just means that the last step is harder on your physique and in 90% of cases a male has more stamina and strenght for it.

  12. I don't think a company should put this kind of suggestion on there, because it's just unnecessary. However, I agree with you. Men are simply better suited for certain physical activities, and there is nothing wrong with that. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

  13. The instructions were translated by someone with no understanding of the English language, and as a dad who had to assemble one of these easy to put together jobs, it was anything but. Same goes for some of the IKEA crap.

  14. Yes, males tend to be stronger. However, assuming that a female is weak is still offensive because it’s directed at the individual reading those instructions, and implying that there is a fine line between something a male can do that a female wouldn’t be able to do. Hence, it is taken with offense. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people genuinely being offended by something like this.

  15. “Find a person of great physical strength, preferably possessing one or more of the following characteristics: A) one or more Y chromosomes, B) blood testosterone over 240 ng/DL C) born with a penis”

  16. Tbh it’s not that bad, men are usually much stronger so less likely to injure themselves on something like this. They should probably just do a generic warning for anyone with a bad back though

  17. It would be finished quickly, but likely as a chest of drawers because we men refuse the instructions until we realise we're being fools about it, at which point it is usually too late lol

  18. The thing is, in todays society men are likely to be stronger than women because: a) men are genetically stronger b) men and women USUALLY have different lifestyles I don’t mean to offend anyone or be sexist and I’m just speaking things generally, of course women can be stronger than men

  19. Amazon is a heartless corporation who treat their employees like slaves and spend more money on propaganda than they do on improving the working conditions. Don’t use Amazon.

  20. men are literally proven to be on average stronger than women though. so its not terrible to assume men are more physically capable, because its usually true. its just bad to assume women arent capable of heavy lifting or stuff that requires muscles. idk why people always assume women cant lift heavy things when they very well can. its just that generally speaking, men are better at it. thats not sexism, thats just biology.

  21. Lower body strength women can be quite strong. Upper body strength though, it's something like the average lift of the median male at your neighborhood 24 hour fitness, would beat olympic level female weightlifters who have been training their entire lives.

  22. Lower body strength women can be quite strong. Upper body strength though, it's something like the average lift of the median male at your neighborhood 24 hour fitness, would beat olympic level female weightlifters who have been training their entire lives.

  23. Why not? I'm not into physical equality, and think some physical tasks are absolutely male tasks, yet i think women can and should serve in war. A woman can pull the trigger just as well as the next guy. Whenever we were carnival shooting with any of my boyfriends, i always beat them. So i don't see why women can't pull triggers in a war situation. So i think people infuriated by this would absolutely support women going to war.

  24. It was probably autotranslated from a word that means “virile” or something but has different english meanings in different contexts. the translator chose the wrong one

  25. It is odd but I’m assuming this was translated to English. It’s not like English speaking countries manufacture anything anymore so they aren’t writing instructions either.

  26. when the fuck do guys read instructions? never, so these dudes who wrote this knew who they were fuckin with so hey! they are men of culture

  27. Faded characters look like Japanese kanji. They should know better, as they've been writing awesome instruction manuals for western markets since the 1960s.

  28. This is almost too on the nose to the point that it could be a sarcastic quip from the individual who wrote the instructions poking fun of our obsession with gender roles.

  29. Oh hell! Do they mean a cis male a Transgender male, a transsexual male, what about a male in a dress?

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