What my Ex Girlfriend did after I broke up with her.

  1. Likely nothing that could be done if she had access. If he was hacked, or could prove a card was stolen then maybe. If she knew his password or was ever given permission to use his cards then not much can be done. I know from experience.

  2. I mean...a judge may award something, but it's going to probably cost more than that to file the case itself. The judge is also going to ask wtf they were thinking giving a girlfriend access to their account.

  3. Call police non emergency for theft, freeze your credit score, call banks fraud department. Drop a world of fraud, identity theft, and other pain on her.

  4. No I didn’t have a joint account. My bank is currently working investigating which may or may not lead to a felony charge. Either way I just want this behind me. They’ll be refunding it but the amount of paperwork I had to do was mentally exhausting.

  5. To clarify a few things. I gave her my laptop password once which had my PayPal and everyday chase account. Didn’t think she’d remember such a complex password but I underestimated her clearly. She send herself Multiple E checks but my account only had the money I use for the week so that’s how I ended up on the negatives. My savings was spare since I keep that in a different bank. Spoke to PayPal and chase so I believe they may contact the police and credit my account until further investigations. She tried to access it again but failed. I since then cut her off and focused on myself and my mental health. Grill me in the comments.

  6. dont wait for the bank to contact police do it yourself now to make sure that it both gets done and has all the relevant information

  7. How did she access your Chase and PayPal accounts? Do you use the same laptop password for those?

  8. I thought you can only use one phone number per PayPal account, I could be mistaken but I thought I ran into that problem when I tried to change mine. Either way don’t let her pity party her way into getting into any PayPal, even if it is hers karmas a bitch

  9. PayPal and Chase will not go to the police for you. If it’s a known acquaintance the will complete their fraud investigation and hold you responsible unless you can show them a police report. I advise you to go down to you local police station and file a report just so you have this available. When they tell you you are responsible, show them the police report. This may change the outcome of there investigation. Source: I work in Fraud & Disputes for a very large bank.

  10. I'd have told her that she won't need a phone where she's going. They'll let her use one when they say so.

  11. Wtf? The fact that she has the nerve to ask you, and the fact that you bother answering her ‘nicely’ is incredible to me

  12. Have her arrested for wire fraud and various other fraud crimes. This is a felony, but only if you don't chicken out and follow through like she would with you. Do it for Jonny Depp if nothing else

  13. Bro been there. She’s nuts. Do yourself a favor right now. Criminal charges and restraining order. Like asap. May seem extreme but will save your ass

  14. That was 1000% for your PayPal lol your still being too nice, just don't respond next time. Hope your doing okay.

  15. Dude, consider yourself lucky. My ex threw a bottle of her own urine in my VW bus while I was at a party. & I didn't even break up with her, she dumped me.

  16. She only had my laptops password which she then used to get into my PayPal and send herself Echecks. She also broke my phone so I had no way of knowing this was happening let alone a way to stop it.

  17. If you didn’t call the police and report a theft with all her information you are a fool. Don’t protect assholes even if you loved them once upon a time.

  18. This is a felony. Crime it up and get her fined. She has no right to drain your accounts and legally she is fucked.

  19. How does everyone understand what's going on in this photo? Is there a second photo I'm missing? All I'm seeing are two accounts in the red.

  20. You are playing music too loud: right to jail, right away. Driving too fast: jail. Slow: jail. You are charging too high prices for sweaters, glasses: you right to jail. You undercook fish? Believe it or not, jail. You overcook chicken, also jail. Undercook, overcook. You make an appointment with the dentist and you don’t show up, believe it or not, jail, right away. We have the best patients in the world because of jail.

  21. My girlfriend dumped me 3 weeks ago. And she did the same. Charged $700 of Sephora and $250 of restaurants to my CC that she still had, refuses to pay back a $1150 loan, kept 2 of my Louis Vuitton bags that I left at her place and suckered me into buying her a pair of Louboutins and a Burberry coat the day before she dumped me.

  22. Man, paypal is trash for dealing with illegal activity. I hope you call the cops directly and press charges. Best of luck, hope you get your money back and then some!

  23. Yup my bf stole mine 5 years ago and PayPal to this day calls me, texts me, emails me and mails me about it. They don’t believe in fraud lmao 😂

  24. Stealing wasn't the only thing she did, she exploited his password to his laptop, stole possibly >$1000, and broke his phone. Several crimes he should not hesitate to report.

  25. Your mistake was giving her any personal info like that without actually getting married or having another legal binding contract to take appropriate actions. Your best bet now is a civil suit, but likely the courtroom costs outweigh what you lost and you’ll only get a fraction back, but then again the courts can’t force her to pay you a damn thing.

  26. Bruh even my wife can’t access to my bank account how did you let your girlfriend use your account? Did she steal your bank card or something ?

  27. Believe it or not, I had a business checking account with Bank of America. I put my ex wife as an employee on the account (not an authorized signatory). She literally only had a debit card to use for purchase but no ATM or teller withdrawals. During the end of our relationship she got mad at me and somehow walked into a branch and withdraw a few thousand from the teller. When I confronted the branch manager, he indirectly said they fucked up but wouldn’t be able to return the money since I knew the person who took it and that it had to be a civil matter. Let’s just say Bank of America had a pretty quick change of heart when the OCC came into the matter.

  28. Remember, just because you're in bed with them physically, does not mean you should be in bed with them financially.

  29. Why would give a girlfriend access to anything remotely close to financial items/accounts? A wife i can understand but a girlfriend? Not even a fiance?

  30. Why does your GF have access to your money and accounts? You are not married. That was your first mistake. This has now become a learning moment for you.

  31. ahh yes, being a bitch for *checks notes* not getting into a 2 year legal battle over $2000 and sacrificing mental health for it while *gestures broadly at everything* else going on.

  32. I don't mean to be "that guy" ... but why did someone you're not married to have that kind of access to your financials?

  33. I have learned through a failed marriage that finances will always be separate for me. You want me to buy something for you or I need you to run to the store? Okay- heres some cash. Aside from that you do not need access to my bank account, credit card or any other avenue of finance!

  34. I didn't even know you could overdraw your PayPal. That sucks. I'm sorry to see that happened. Hopefully you have some legal recourse to get your money back.

  35. Yea bud you might want to ask her to return it , if it’s a no, then it may have to be escalated. Not cool at fucking all

  36. You need to call the police ASAP and report her. If you don’t you are doing a disservice to all the future men that she will steal from and do illegal shit too because she thinks she can get away with it. Actions have consequences And it’s better for her to learn that over something like this rather than her ending up on Reddit because she ran over a different boyfriend or something because no one ever held her accountable

  37. Everyone talking about a lawsuit, if Op Is in the US it's literally not worth hiring a lawyer and going to all the court dates. The lawyer fees plus missed work would end up costing you more. Cost me $5,000 to hire a lawyer that didn't even represent me at trial...

  38. Why the fuck were you sharing finances with just a girlfriend? If you have a wife it’s fine if you open a joint account for just shared expenses and leave your other money in you private accounts. Why in the world did you give her you PayPal? That shits on you.

  39. I mean that's /kinda/ your fault for giving her access to your finances, assuming she didn't just steal your card/password.

  40. Man. I hope you are able to crawl out of that one. My ex wife stole 18k out of all the joint accounts the day after she said she wanted an amicable divorce. I had been saving up my entire adult life and one day it was just gone. As long as you had separate accounts, she can be held liable. If it was joint, the best you can hope for is 50% back and often times, the judge will state no wrongdoing as it was joint property.

  41. Lmao it's crazy how women live in this double standards and think it's OK to do this. I've seen several cars where the ex girlfriend would key cars, break windows, take money etc.. and it's almost NEVER an ex boyfriend that does this kind of stuff. Men get 66% harsher sentences when it comes to getting punished so that probably makes sense.

  42. Whoever told you having a joint account with your girlfriend or giving her access to your bank account is a good idea is a moron. Only married people do this.

  43. that is why accounts are ALWAYS personal, not shared. The sharing is done on eachothers will not by having the account details and just extracting when you want.

  44. Independently of if it is legal or not, you have well done breaking up with her. A person who isn’t enough mature to hold a rupture (which is not as dramatic as she thinks) doesn’t deserve being with you. That’s my POV.

  45. Why on earth would you give someone who isn't your wife access to your accounts? That's the infuriating part; that you saw this as a good idea.

  46. oh man, i had a customer figure out i had lost my shipping receipt and forced a refund through paypal, keeping the 500 dollars worth of vintage game hardware and the 350 he'd paid for it. it's been rough, i still don't have a usable paypal

  47. I had an ex that went in to my ps plus account deleted all my progress and changed the pw and changed security to a two factor authentication that I could not get to she put it to her # he email was a backup to get in, it was about 700 in games all my progress for years, they would not press charges but I still had a ton of guns that were given to us by a in law I sold them all until I bought enough loot boxes and games to get my account like it was took thousands to do it, then when she called the cops she couldn't provide a receipt so they were now my guns, she stole my fake guns I sold her real guns then bought fake guns again, I also kept a few we had more than anyone should ever have

  48. I had an ex that stole like 3k from me. I was an alcoholic. ( I Mean technically I still am) but I was making pretty good money at the time. So I didn't notice this money missing. The fucking FBI calls me, and asks why packages are being sent to not my address. So I recognize the address as my exes place. I (against their orders) call her up and ask wtf is going on? Claimed not to know anything. Until I mentioned the fucking FBI called me! Then she spills, well we broke up right after Christmas. You had put your debit card in my Amazon account so we could buy your family gifts. Which was true. But woman your telling me that you bought 3k worth of stuff, and had 'no idea' it wasn't coming out of your account? And seriously I paid for this woman to go to school. Paid our rent. Just so disrespectful

  49. What a bitch. It would be a shame if you posted her name.... address.... and phone number....

  50. Explained in another that she remembered his computer password from a couple months ago. Trust me it’s not that he gave her the account info.

  51. How dare you not give your money willingly to her when you broke up with her. Women deserve a stipend when a cis male breaks up with them.

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