Be me, sitting in my car, having lunch. Watched a woman hit the pole. Called police on me. Claimed I moved the pole to cause her to get into an accident. Had to stay for an hour while the incident was investigated.

  1. I really wish they had cited her for making a false report, then called her insurance company to submit the footage so she couldn't claim someone hit her car in a parking lot, then called her parents to say what a stellar adult she has grown into.

  2. So, with the insurance company they will ask if there is a police report. She probably will say yes, because people are stupid. It will contradict her but it's an early question they ask. The police report would have liability statements like, P1 states: (batshit.) Officer Responding viewed footag. Footage shows (fact). She most likely will give her same batshit story and then the company will pull the police report and know she's batshit.

  3. If it’s a bollard in a parking lot it’s at least 4 feet in the ground and filled with concrete. It’s possible it could be 7’ deep as well.

  4. It is called a bollard post and it probably is at least 3 feet deep in concrete and also has concrete poured inside of it for extra stability... You'd need a semi to move that thing, and it probably wouldn't move much either...

  5. When I managed a fast food place, we had an Insurance Dude investigate a claim that our concrete poles somehow shot out a wire, and pulled in a vehicle, causing a crash.

  6. Once I was at a Panera bread and they began overhead paging me. So I went to the front and their were two cops there, saying I needed to come with them.

  7. I once watched a guy get arrested because the police officer said he was tearing out a stop light that was at least a ten inch circumference metal pole buried in several feet of concrete on a sidewalk. Oh, and this accusation was that he was doing it with his bare hands - because the guy was leaning on it.

  8. The woman likely had such cemented self-entitlement that she could not possibly believe she was at fault in an action of her own doing and it would have cleaved her brain in two coming to terms with it, it was easier to believe in someone else fucking with physics as a personal slight on her.

  9. I should definitely rephrase everything and give some more context. No one made me wait. I chose to wait because I wanted to see myself cleared before doing anything. Being that she already called the police over nothing, leaving definitely would've escalated things with her and I wouldn't put it past her to pull out other accusations out of her ass, particularly hit-and-run which she threatened to accuse me of if I left.

  10. That’s a Ballard. Typically made of 4” Steel pipe usually recessed about 3’ into the ground and Filled to the brim with concrete, or dirt then capped in concrete…. Specifically designed to NOT BE MOVED. Even by a fucking car. I put them in to protect gas lines I install in high traffic areas like drive thrus. So I am even more baffled than you as to why the cops had to investigate this hahahaha

  11. OP has a superpower that they use only for evil. Poor woman walks over to ask WTF and they just barrel her and say "no one will ever believe you" and leave like a fuckin cold-blooded psycho

  12. Banner here. Part of what I don’t like about the other guy is he never does just enough, like moving this pole. He breaks everything and leaves me feeling responsible. Couldn’t have been a code green. Sorry.

  13. "So you're telling me that Thor, an Avenger, jumped down out of the sky and landed on the hood of your car, and he also came with lightning so all of the electronics in your car were completely fried?"

  14. You mean Doctor Strange... Clearly shifted that pole's position in time and space without disturbing the ground, cement, and ground evenness

  15. When I worked at a pizza place we had two guys order a pizza that was half cheese half meatball. They were upset that one meatball was on the cheese side. We said sorry, it happens. Pick it off or don't eat it. They called the cops. The cops showed up! They ended up being charged with drunk in public and banned from our store. The cops told us they tend to come to those ridiculous calls because a majority of the time the caller is drunk. We were also in a college town so idk how much that applies to other towns.

  16. Please tell me someone ate the pizza? Sorry you had to go through that bullshit, people are dumb

  17. She’s probably never faced a consequence for anything in her life, even if it was blatantly obvious whatever happened was her fault.

  18. The person I really feel sorry for is her husband who is going to have to keep a straight face when she tells him about how someone made her crash and the police didn’t do anything about it!

  19. See? Your baloney n Kraft single sammich imbued you with powers you weren't even aware of, and you bloody well know what comes with great powers...

  20. The ability to fuck someone's day up by putting a concrete pole in their way? Man's got his priorities straight.

  21. I was waiting at a red light years ago with 3 cars in front of me. As the light turned green, the car directly in front of me took off too quick or something and rear ended the car in front of her. I got out and directed traffic around the incident while the 2 drivers exchanged information, then went on my way. I had recognized the offending driver as a girl a few years younger than me that I had gone to school with. A few days later, I get a call from her insurance company saying she reported that I hit her causing her to hit the next car, then failed to provide my insurance info to either of them, and she had a paint transfer on her bumper to prove it. I insisted pretty steadfastly that was not the case. They asked if I drove a grey Jeep Cherokee, which I did. They said the paint on her rear bumper was grey. I explained that the jeep was grey, but the front bumper was black rubber, and sent them a picture to prove it. Never heard from the insurance company again, and she was charged with filing a false report / providing false information to police.

  22. She probably started this whole mess so she'd have a police report on file when she makes her claim of being in an accident as the not at fault party. Sure hope the claims adjuster actually checks the details and report instead of pushing it through.

  23. So you ripped the concrete pole out of the asphalt, slammed it into her car, dug a hole through the asphalt in the new location, then filled both holes and magically made the asphalt set. How the fuck did the police make you stay an hour for this shit this is the dumbest Karen bullshit I've read so far

  24. There essentially is, you can be charged with filing a false police report but it's not enforced enough on idiots like this

  25. Because it's paperwork no one wants to deal with, I really wish there was a police force to enforce non violent crimes like this because it's fucking rampant, people are fucking rude.

  26. This reminds me of a cartoon I saw once on Looney Tunes, where a lady parks her car legally and then the department of public works comes along and installs a fire hydrant right where the lady parked. Then, she comes out to find a police officer issuing a ticket (citation), and when she tries to plead her case, the officer was like, ‘yeah right, someone just put a fire hydrant there to annoy you.”

  27. I saw a security video where a lady parked her car, then city workers painted handicapped parking around it, then her car was towed. I wish I had saved the link it was crazy.

  28. With each subsequent election I'm growing more and more exhausted with democracy. Problem is that if we got rid of it entirely then we wouldn't have a rational form of authoritarianism. It'd be these same kleptocrats and morons running things.

  29. Thise may not be worth much but, of all the jokes about OP being guilty of moving the pole, yours is the only one that actually made me laugh.

  30. I used to work as a teller in the drive-thru, and a woman in a Bentley hit a pole like that and dragged the length of the car on it until she got stuck and couldn’t move. It was a high-end bank where we knew all of the clients by name. She came in crying and asked when we moved the pole - insisted that the pole didn’t used to be in that position, and threatened to call the cops if we didn’t pay. Well, we refused, and instead of the cops, she brought her fuming husband, who got maybe two words in before we showed him the security tape. He then apologized and yelled at his wife, “this is exactly why you aren’t allowed to drive my cars in the first place!”

  31. At least he had common sense when to acknowledge he was wrong instead of doubling down. I mean the lady didn't call a lawyer, she called her husband. She's already learned not to get cops involved.

  32. We had a guy come through our drive thru one time at work… He had a lit cigarette and accidentally stubbed it on the steering wheel as he was grabbing his food. The ashes fell on his leg and he accidentally hit the gas… He hit the pole and then said to the girl working window “y’know your pole is cracked” before he drove off

  33. How fucking deranged must you be to hit a concrete pole and concoct a story like that and convince yourself that you can make the police believe that YOU are not the one at fault.

  34. Oh the pole. The pole that’s rooted to the ground. The concrete pole rooted to the ground that doesn’t move. The concrete pole rooted to the ground that doesn’t move put there to keep people from driving a car onto that part of the ground. That pole? They moved it.

  35. At what point do the cops not determine it is unsafe for a senior citizen to be driving? This lady was either hallucinating, has really poor vision, or some kind of mental illness.

  36. How can a person concoct a story like like and think it was a good idea or that it made any sense? You somehow moved a pole that is embedded in concrete and cause it to hit her. What did the police say about her story?

  37. Sue her for the lost time. I mean if she’s going to go full crazy on you, you might as well return the favor in small claims court.

  38. Having a hard time believing any cop, no matter how stupid, would hold you for an hour to investigate the movement of a pole that’s obviously cemented to the ground. Good post though.

  39. If this is real (big if), they just wanted to see exactly how crazy she was so they could flag her in their files as mentally unstable (10-20 in a lot of places) and potentially hit her with an involuntary commitment.

  40. The concrete pole. That is fused with the road. Completely and utterly immobile. She accused you of moving that pole..? I'm gonna take a wild shot in the dark and say she was Caucasian and over 60.

  41. Showing my age, but I could see this as an episode of Seinfeld, where it happens to Costanza and he gets into a fight with the lady or something.

  42. I guess I phrased that wrong. As a whole. The accident, time for them to respond, take down our info, hear our statements, aquire the footage (which took forever) and see the footage, etc.

  43. How does one move a pole that appears to be made of solid concrete? Furthermore, how does one try to convince the police that someone was able to accomplish this incredible feat just so she would hit it?

  44. Yes officer he removed the pole from the concrete, drilled a new hole, called in a concrete delivery service,q replaced and repaired the concrete and the pole, and got back in his car to eat his sandwich all while I was parking causing me to crash!

  45. Right? There's no visible damage to the other vehicle and nobody in it. There is absolutely nothing noteworthy about this image aside from OP's story.

  46. No bro the police totes rushed over to a minor accident in a private parking lot! then they detained OP for over an hour without arrest or cause! That's what they do instead of telling you it's not their problem and moving on with their day

  47. I once saw a car try to pass a semi, but because it was a semi, they couldn't see around it really well--so they go to pass, sped up over 70mph and didn't see the car that was oncoming in the other lane until it was too late. They had to veer off the road and into the grass, where their car rolled twice and skidded quite a distance. It's probably one of the craziest things I've ever seen on the road.

  48. Oh they definitely can be. I watched a woman turn right on a 4 lane divided highway but the issue was she turn onto the wrong side. So at this point she’s driving against the curb and gutter hand over her mouth because she knew she screwed up but kept going about 1/4 of a mile. I wish that was the stupidest thing I’ve seen.

  49. Either you’re a liar or stupid. Why would you even stay? Some person gets out of their car after hitting a pole and says you moved it I’m calling the cops and you stayed?

  50. Yeah I'm guessing he saw a lady bump the pole which was the most exciting thing that he's seen all year. And used the insane karen story for internet points.

  51. No way this really happened. Any cop I know would have said you are free to go as soon as they realized what happened. But then again people are literally insane and it wouldn’t be that hard to fathom an idiot trying this

  52. Somehow nobody has pointed out the obvious…bollards are designed to stop a vehicle. As in, they can’t be moved by impact of a vehicle. This is the specific (and only) reason they’re put in parking lots and storefronts.

  53. Why even stay? You were under no obligation to stay until the po-po arrived, and were under no obligation to stay even after they arrived. Police will often try to very subtly imply you should stay, because “only guilty people are in a hurry to leave.” But if you had asked succinctly, “officer, am I being detained or am I free to go?” the answer almost certainly have been “you are not being detained.” There’s a ton of case law like Terry v Ohio that establish a very high bar to detainment for “investigative purposes.”

  54. The police kept you for an hour to investigate the moving of a cement-filled pole?? Gross incompetence! I would be filing a complaint with the city.

  55. I would have just given them my contact information and been on my way. It’s not a murder investigation, and there’s security footage. You’re not obligated to sit in a parking lot while an “investigation” is conducted lol. Courteous of you though!

  56. I feel like you took a picture of a pole and the rest of that came out of your imagination, but creative writing can be a useful skill

  57. Even if you could do such a thing...why would you do such a thing? The desire of people to avoid responsibility truly knows no bounds.

  58. Really cool that you got away with moving a concrete pole - let alone be ABLE to move a concrete pole

  59. She must've been having a shitty day and wanted someone to pay for it. You were in range and she just was like "HOW DARE YOU MOVE THAT CONCRETE POLE AND MAKE ME HIT IT! I'M CALLING THE COPS!"

  60. Was the driver a police officer or related to a police officer? I can’t imagine the police listening to this nonsense if the driver was just a civilian.

  61. Was the driver mentally stable? Maybe just a narcissist that can't imagine making a mistake so someone else must have caused her to do it.

  62. Man you really should participate in a strongman contest, if you can pull that concrete fucking pole out of the ground and then PLANT it back into solid concrete, the there is no stopping you...

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