When someone steals your homework and gets a better grade... Unbelievable.

  1. That guy has to be a serious dumbass! This photographer has been online a very long time and her work is well-known among other photographers and artists.

  2. The copycat just hired a lawyer and his art is still up in the exhibit being sold for 6500 euros LOL.

  3. Start putting a little secret signature on your art to prove its yours. A little micro picture in an eye or something goes a long way

  4. I bet there's an agency in the EU bureaucracy that deals specifically with copyright stuff. I bet most of their business requires interpreters.

  5. I do not know EU copyright law but in the US Shepard Fairey lost (technically he settled based on a judge saying he would lose in court) to an AP reporter who took the photo that the Obama Hope image was based on. That is very similar to this case and he definitely changed it by at least 10%.

  6. I'm an artist who sells their work online, so fighting IP theft is a constant battle. The number of times people have responded to my dmca takedown notices with "it's legal because I changed xx%!" is alarming.

  7. That’s what the Philadelphia Phillies temporarily did with the Phanatic mascot, but they eventually settled with the creator and now we have the original mascot back, as it should be.

  8. I've had shit like this happen in college. 3 people with same exact exam. All 3 of us worked together per instructions. 3 exact same answers. 2 got an A, I got a B. WTF professor?

  9. Ah, reminds me of a college professor where me and 3 others did a group presentation that involved us each writing what parts we did like just say what slides/topic you did in a paragraph. Two of the others got A's and me and the other guy got B's because we didn't all write our explanations of who did what the same way. It wasn't even supposed to be graded because it was just an explanation. I'm still annoyed about that.

  10. Happened to me in highschool, where I let a friend copy the first half of my exam word for word and I copied her second half. I got a 7/10, she got an 8/10

  11. I had this with a prof. Told us to actively work together to do HW especially as it was super challenging. Two of then had almost identical work. 4-5 pages of full blown math equations etc.

  12. He even copied the wisps of hair exactly. You are allowed to paint photos exactly but you can’t profit from them or claim your composition to be original

  13. Also not supposed to put it in your porfolio for like art school or as part of a presentation for your work when you are trying to get hired for a job. It's a study, not a presentable piece. Studies have been around for ages. There's like 7 Mona Lisas or something and like 2-3 that might be the original. Studies have been around for so long.

  14. Unfortunately a lot of artists don't grow out of the "studying" phase where they just believe painting and recreating a reference is enough. While mechanically impressive, I have to wonder if they truly feel satisfied creating something without actually being creative.

  15. What pisses me off the most about this, is that the guy has the nerve to call someone else on a copyright claim... bro you real?? how far will you go with this charade

  16. Bruh, what's even dumber it's that the original pic when looking for portraits photo references, it's one of the most popular results on internet

  17. Perhaps he is technically skilled but doesn't have the skills to actual create the composition/lighting from scratch. Basically he's a glorified copy machine

  18. With sufficient technology he can photoshop the original and print it on a canvas with real paint and not do a thing. I suspect he is printing it and painting over a bit or at a minimum using a light board to copy it, as there’s is exactly no artistic license where it would matter, like in the face, but some easy cosmetic changes, like adding a tattoo or swapping flowers for a cigarette. IMO he’s more of a technician than an artist, in this case.

  19. It’s likely because he has the skill to paint but limited ability in other areas. Composition, anatomy etc. are different skill sets. Furthermore, it’s also more difficult to paint from imagination or life because you have to superimpose 3 dimensional images onto 2 dimensional space. However, with a photograph, all the required areas are already given to you. For example. You no longer need to imagine a 3 dimensional image on flat surface since a photograph by nature is already flat. All you’d really need to do is paint well enough to recreate an image.

  20. That's me. It's so unfortunate. He copied 2 of my photographs at least, but his social media was deleted before I could get a better look at what else was out there. Hopefully both the painter and other artists can learn from this mess.

  21. Presumably there is a case for criminal fraud as well given they significantly benefited in a material manner. Not an expert on LuxenLaw tho

  22. Just show up in Luxembourg and start speaking English or French. Maybe even German. People will understand you. The Luxembourgers are like language Swiss-army knives. Or maybe just even like Swiss, I guess.

  23. Most people in Luxembourg speak Standard German since it’s an administrative language in Luxembourg and since they are both High German dialects/languages.

  24. You see, the issue isn't that he copied her photo. using reference is a great way for illustrators and painters to better understand form, shape, lighting, anatomy, and composition in general. What he did wrong was enter it into a contest and be a dick about it.

  25. Ahh! I knew I recognized her profile picture from somewhere. Used to be a big fan of her work some 15 years ago when I still frequented DeviantArt.

  26. TLDR: The Organization is pissed. Artist had signed something stating the work was his original work. An expert has been appointed to make a final decision. Then 2 more works from the same artist were found to also be 'copies'.

  27. Artistic copyright and forgery is such a frustrating issue. A friend of mine hasn’t created her own stuff for years but STILL has to file complaints against redbubble and Etsy shops for stealing her designs and putting them on hoodies and shit. I’ve followed Zemotion for years and her work is breathtakingly beautiful. It seems like she’s been going through it lately, I hope she gets some good karma coming her way soon

  28. My art professor last semester was talking about a friend who did something like that and got caught. He was a highly esteemed artist and that stupid move destroyed his career. Whoever did that will get his comeuppance.

  29. All of these organIzations have rules regarding stealing work. I would pursue the orgs involved in the prize and the show, they have the resources to go after the art thief. Pursuing this person directly will probably not go anywhere but the organizations will be happy to rescind their prize money.

  30. imagine being more angry about her using the word mansplain than a person winning money by stealing art

  31. Let me explain to you little guy! Men do not like to be told the like to explain things to women like idiots. Mainly because they do the same to men all the time only men are too busy doing the same thing back to eachother. Where as for some reason women listen to men. That's their fatal error.

  32. I recommend using steel toe shoes/boots. That way you can kick things and break them instead of yourself! It's a hell of a lot more cathartic, let me tell you.

  33. I had such a wave of nostalgia looking at the artist's avatar and realized I followed them on DeviantArt over 15 years ago. Stolen art, even to specifically use in contests was really common on that site and even happened to one of my friends, some dude ripped her off and won some contest in Australia lol. Zemotion is probably used to it sadly, happens enough times and it only becomes "mildly" infuriating

  34. Stop posting blood boiling scenarios on mildly infuriating. Do you kids not have access to a fucking dictionary?

  35. How to cheaply copywriter any of your work whether it be music, poetry or art. Take a picture or copy (notation of music etc) put it in an envelope signed & dated. Post it to yourself recorded delivery & do not open it. Put it somewhere safe. If someone then copies or steals your work you can take them to court where the judge will open your envelope that proves that it's your original work.

  36. Yea this is poor man’s copyright and it’s a joke. Someone can just send a bunch of open empty letters to themself that they can seal later and put whatever in. Does not hold up in court:/

  37. Cheaper method. Just make a digital copy somewhere. It serves the same purpose and will have a much better chance of working since the letter proves nothing.

  38. I'm only scrolling to find out which one is the original. I'm on the side of the original artist, but I want to know if she made the one I like better.

  39. I try to use them only for composition, lighting and shadows, and/or anatomy for the pose. I always change up the colors, clothes, hair, facial composition, outfit or pose details, background… like cmon, change SOMETHING

  40. It's sad for a lot of reasons. One, she gave him a chance to fix it. But he was already neck deep with copying other people's art, it's likely none of his popular works were his own. The guy is only 24 and already capable of getting his work noticed, and this is what I find sad about it, he clearly had the talent to get the same result without copying. And now he'll go nowhere, no matter what he makes, because his name will forever be tied to stealing the ideas of others.

  41. Claiming it’s a painting of Turandot is like the rotten cherry on a shit sundae. And as far as I can tell this is the third female artist he’d done this to in under 5 years.

  42. There’s another instance of this where this Russian woman literally stole a naked self painting of this woman and sold it in a museum (with the museum defending themselves and the thief) where they proudly displayed it. Bruh, the audacity of some people.

  43. for all the ppl mad about her using “mansplain” read what the copycat said to her first and maybe you’ll understand why she used the word

  44. Is is it just me or is the one on the right look a lot better?I don't know Luxembourg copyright law , but it looks like it has been modified.

  45. Yep the one on the right is her original photo, the copycat to me looks bad, like the neck is just weirdly shaped or something

  46. Obviously each country is different, but modification is not enough. If I print a photo at half the resolution or with a CMYK instead of RGB it will look different because it has fundamentally been modified. Because of that, and the fact that most copyright law predates digital art, most countries don't require it to be an exact and perfect copy for it to violate copyright, instead, they typically require the work to be transformatively different, or substantially different in some way that goes beyond copying the work.

  47. The guy doubled down on what he did to and got a lawyer. If you go to this girl's insta and check out her latest post you'll see that he copied another artists work as well.

  48. The guy stealing the photos is Jeff Dieschburg and he hired a lawyer to defend him from a copyright case according to zemotion's twitter 💀. More people have their photos being stolen by him and sold.

  49. I got curious and snooped his Instagram (she posted screenshot of his account, and pictures he posted at the award ceremony). I think he deleted his account already because he's not showing up.

  50. Wow i havent seen her in years, not since deviantart. Sucks this happened to her but she can easily prove the work is hers, i hope this gets resolved and the idiot gets everything taken from him. I hate art thieves with a passion.

  51. Is the one on the right the original? I think it looks so much better. That doesn't really matter though, stealing is wrong especially since he earned money from art that she made. Tbh we should all show support for this artist because number one she is really good and number two it's kinda fucked up that someone stole her art

  52. Things like this is why I stopped posting my stuff online. People just rip it and make shirts, mugs, games, and whatever the hell they want off your assets. It a pain in the ass trying to report and get things pulled.

  53. Tip to anyone... Whenever you create anything even tho the copyrights automatically go to you, have proof that it is actually yours.

  54. In college, I proofread a classmate's book report for the ethics class we shared. I didn't read the book and wrote my report entirely based off hers. I got an A-, she got a B.

  55. Did the guy in question do a painting using her photo as his reference? And is she the model in the photo or the photographer?

  56. I believe the model is Ji Hye Park, Jingna Zhang is the photographer. The painter also apparently has a known history of copying and tracing photographs exactly and trying to pass it off as his own work without crediting or asking permission from either the likeness he's taking or original artist. According to Zhang, the co-ordinator of the event has deleted the post announcing the winners but idk if anything has came of it.

  57. what are you talking about they’re completely different, they’re looking over different shoulders /s

  58. This is the kind of stuff that scares me from ever sharing and releasing my original content, especially my music.

  59. This happens to my tornado chasing buddy a lot. People steal it and post it with some bullshit story how they almost got killed. Hell I saw a highly upvoted pic on Reddit that was his once. Fuck those losers.

  60. Richard Prince. C** sucking scumbag. He didn't even reproduce the art he took a picture of the art enlarged it, made a print and put his name under it... Sold it for 90k each......

  61. No way in hell...?! I've seen this artist's work over at deviantART so many times, and that's just awful they get their hard work stolen like this :/

  62. My grandpa was from there…I used to sit there in his office and listen to him speak to his mother. It was like listening to 5 languages at once with English sprinkled in. Apparently that isn’t too far from the truth as it’s a confusing af language to me. I wish I had been able to wrap my head around it when I was little.

  63. Did he paint a picture of her photo or just reverse it and play with the contrast etc? If he did paint this, would that still be copyright infringement? Honest question (not that I can paint at all myself, stick figure level, if that)

  64. If someone stole my art and then tried to condescendingly explain copywrite laws to me, I would be committing war crimes.

  65. They should take the painting from the wall. It is true that artists can inspire from other but this is a copycat. I have no understanding for this. What is thw jury saying? they should be upset!

  66. And this is why I will never ever allow my art to leave my personal spaces or allow images to be taken of anything I create. I’ve had my art stolen in the past and now I’m against sharing anything I create for fears of not being able to keep my own works due to copyright issues.

  67. I had a friend do this to me in College. My teacher said he only caught on because this guy rarely handed in anything so it was strange when he aced the last assignment.. As a result, we were both pulled from our final exam and confronted. He was expelled and I was given a stern warning, which shook me up for the rest of the test. Never got an apology either, what a friend!

  68. Sadly most people supporting the OP artist will reconsider their stance when they realise that she is Chinese and the copy cat due is European. Very soon people will be like, we dont know if she came up with the picture first, we need proof, those chinese steal everythibg anyways etc. Stereotypical.

  69. At least here in the US, the art only has to be 20% different to avoid the lawsuit. Not sure what Luxembourg laws are like regarding the matter.

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