Oh lord, I don’t know what to say about this situation.

  1. Has everyone missed the slew of "Store closed because nobody wants to work anymore" signs hung by management over the past couple years? There is a very real possibility that the situation is a little more complicated than the sign maker would have you believe.

  2. i guess the Kitchen is hot and badly ventilated. if they leave the door open the smell can be indeed be too intense.

  3. And they should take a massive dose of Ivermectin. That way they'll be stuck in the bathroom indefinitely (or worse) and donut making can resume.

  4. Maybe this was some modern-day Sweeney Todd-type Mrs. Lovett's Doughnut Shoppe and the smell is of rancid human flesh?

  5. It's more irritating to see a business is complying to someone's irrational complaint. As a business owner you can refuse your service ... but cannot refuse an idiot's request to stop serving donuts?

  6. There are areas that have restrictions on how far a smell is allowed to travel off property. It's usually caused by a restaurant purposely intensifying their exhaust to try to attract more customers, but torturing the people who live two blocks down with the 24 hour smells.

  7. I work at a fitness studio which happens to be located directly next door to a donut shop. When I get there at 4:30am the room is filled with fresh donut smell and smells like heaven. The members do complain about it, but mostly because they just want to get a donut after. Not because it’s a bad smell.

  8. They wrote they are restricted from making donuts. Not selling donuts. Maybe there is a heavy smell from the fryers or from something along the side of the production process. Ovens, fryers etc. can produce heavy smells because of the heat.

  9. The smell of a baking factory can be pretty terrible if their filters aren’t functioning properly, so I can understand that complaint if this is near a housing zone.

  10. By that logic you also would need to shutdown water treatment plants because they smell bad… I (hopefully) don’t need to explain why this would be very bad

  11. no, by that logic you would need to put water treatment plants as far away from residential areas as possible. which they do. i'd wager the smell complaint didn't come from inside the bakery.

  12. Out of all things that could be shut for their smell, donuts would usually sit around last on the list...

  13. Yeah, it definitely doesn’t help with keeping a diet. However, that still does not entitle you to demand that they don‘t produce a core item of their shop. If you cannot keep your diet walking by there either get over yourself or don’t walk there. You (probably) chose to do the diet, so you can just alter your life a tiny bit by simply not going there anymore, but you are not entitled to change the experience for everyone because you cannot stand a doughnut in a bakery.

  14. Reminds me of people who move next door to a bar, restaurant or music venue that had been there since the dawn of time, then complain about the noise coming from there.

  15. I would immediately start doing everything in my power to fill the air with the smell of freshly baked donuts

  16. Probably the same purple that complained to the EPA about the Chicago River smelling of chocolate in the mornings.

  17. They don't forget their brain, it's in there somewhere (I'm pretty sure), it's that they're brain is just dead. By whatever chemicals, drugs, or whatever TF, who knows. Too much coca-cola and big macs.. maybe it's some weird power that's been instilled in them to think they are the all knowing of what's best for the intelligent ones. You know to give us a break from the work. Everyone wants their day!

  18. Tbh I kinda get it. I did a side hustle Sunday night in a bakery. Every morning at the end of our shift we were so sick of the sweet yeast smell that we went to the only shop that sold german meat sandwiches at 7 am at ate 2 each.

  19. I see this point. Every summer, I spend a week near Seneca Lake/Watkins Glen, NY. The main street has a Ben&Jerry's that is attached to a huge store. The entire store, as well as the surrounding area, smells like the ice cream cones they bake. It nauseates me to no end, which frustrates me. I always want a cone, but cannot walk in there without gagging.

  20. This looks like a pastry shop. Why would you go to any place that sells an item, and then complain about the smell of said item? Just fucking stupid.

  21. It's one thing to just pass next to a bakery or donut shop feom time to time and inhale that glorious smell.

  22. Like the restaurant I frequent that specializes in fried catfish, where a customer complained that the fish was “fishy” tasting.

  23. (L o a d i n g) excuse me what? I just... Where is this? If this is a bakery then that would be the most obvious thing to smell!

  24. Some doughnut shops such as Dunkin’ doughnuts or Krispy Kreme have doughnut flavored air fresheners in the air to attract customers. Remove that and you‘ll be good to go.

  25. I thought it was dunkin' for a while, like you go to shop with big ass DOUGHNUTS in its name and what do you expect. But fr, you dont like doughnut smell, but you smell it, you go away from it, not ban the shop from making them

  26. #DonutRelatedTrauma Who hurt this person? And how did they get it right to use a donut to render such harrowing abuse to elicit such a response?

  27. It’s that era where people complain about everything, and get offended about anything.

  28. Honestly, the problem isn't some whacko complaining about the smell, it's that some authority figure (local government or store manager) actually gave in to the whacko and banned doughnut-making.

  29. Oh, oh God! Why does it smell like doughnuts next to a doughnut shop. Agh, smells are so haaaaard! /s

  30. If they're complaining about the smell, why were they there? Oh, right. Because they're entitled and everyone needs to abide by THEIR rules!

  31. The only smell complaint I ever had was when the bagel factory near me did onion bagels one day a week. The other days it was heavenly, especially cinnamon bagel day

  32. If it makes you angry, just imagine yourself sniffing donuts 24/7. Soon you'll have to get one of those funny motorcycles for fat.

  33. What kind of sad person would complain about the smell of fresh bakery and pasties?? That’s the best smell ever!

  34. So you’re going to listen that much to a single person complaining? Ok, have 2 people complain about the lack of donut smell and now the donut hater is outnumbered.

  35. I remember back in the 1990's when it was deemed that the smell/odor of baking bread was a carcinogen. There were several bakeries near me that had to design new ways to filter their exiting air. It's not nearly as easy as it sounds to do that. Additionally, we could no longer get that wonderful smell when driving by those places.

  36. I mean I can see how it would be annoying. If you live right next to it their ventilation/exhaust might be blowing at your apartment.

  37. I once walked into a bakery, and someone was wondering out loud about the calorie count for the various macarons, muffins, cookies, cakes, etc.

  38. A coffee company I worked for in Dallas had it's roasting facility in an old industrial area near uptown. That area became a hot spot for younger wealthy people to convert into apartments. People moved in and started complaining about the coffee smell. Forced the company to close their roaster and because it was a small company, they didn't have the capital to relocate. They killed a popular local company using nuisance laws.

  39. Bruh. Where I live there's a well known general store that makes donuts fresh daily they even sell boxes of day old donuts. When you walk in you smell the scent of donuts and its incredible.

  40. The smell of pastries, bread or anything that is made in a bakery is one of the things i just love about walking outside, and i don't go for walks mich so if the bakery stops making that delicious smelling heaven like nut made of dough then im gonna so god damn disapointed

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