Entitled old people, who can't read.

  1. We can read junior we just don’t care. After a lifetime of dealing with arrogant little fucks like you we’ve earned the right. Also, I’m not parked if I’m sitting in my car with the engine running, it’s called waiting for someone. Mind your business dipshit, and get off my fucking lawn!

  2. It’s technically called standing. And signs that say to not do that exist so this person is in compliance with the sign.

  3. It’s not just old people that do this! Lots of entitled people park right by the entrance and wait while their other goes into the store. Wish there was a parking lot police like the cart guy!

  4. one time I saw someone do this in a fire lane and there was a firetruck literally in the fire lane about 100 feet away. so obnoxious

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