This is what happens when you mix a $200 USD monitor and a bad-tempered little brother…

  1. People like you disgust me and shouldnt be here, you should obviously sell him for $600 and get a triple-monitor setup. Some people I swear.

  2. I feel like everyone is so set on selling the poor kid. Rent him out and you got yourself a pretty steady stream of passive income.

  3. Gainz🔥🔥I was about to suggest beating him up since he's only 9,but this is a much better alternative. Although you could beat him up and then sell him,but it could lower the price of the merchandise.

  4. I remember being young and throwing Nintendo controllers, if they hit the screen they would just bounce off....

  5. I used to hit them in the floor when I was little. I might have broken one that way and those things are very durable.

  6. I used to always refund to use the Wii remote strap lmao. I never hit the TV but I came real close. My parents eventually banned me not using a strap after I swung back to bowl, lost my grip, and the remote went directly into my cup of apple juice I had sitting behind me.

  7. Hell yeah I remember my 13", 75 lb TV with the permanent green tint down the left side. Nothing plastic was breaking that glass, though my brothers and I never really chucked controllers because our parents would've laughed if we broke one thinking they'd just replace it.

  8. Kids are never too young to get a job. Just depends on the job. Paperboy? Lawn mowing? Lemonade stand? Door to door cookies saleskid? Kid's gonna have wages garnished for a long time.

  9. I have a younger brother who’s got a temper as well , he broke my switch ( that I paid for myself ) one day after he lost a match on brawl . I told my mother and my stepfather if he doesn’t work up the money to pay for a replacement each day I’ll break one of his things until it reaches the amount the switch cost me. Of course they refused and tried to guilt me or play it off as an accident but when I broke his ps controllers and he threw a tantrum they got me a new one while never disciplining him at all .

  10. Kind of shitty, but then so was the situation. As bad as it was, it's good you got a replacement Switch out of it. I've known people in similar situations who did the same thing only for the parents to turn on them and discipline them while the brat gets off scott free.

  11. What little brother. …. His function is Chores until he pays it back. This is one of those character building moments your parents will tell you is important for growth… He now gets to learn about hard work and the value of money

  12. Looks like that bad-tempered little brother is paying for an even nicer monitor or that’s computer privileges out the window.

  13. My daughter did that to my son's old cheapo Dell 27". She helped pay for a new Dell 27" 1440p gaming monitor. LOL

  14. I've never had a sibling, but I'd be asking my parents to replace it and punish my brother for it. He would also never be allowed to use my stuff again.

  15. Oh yeah and you have annoying parents that say "well he doesn't know better so he doesn't have to pay for it, it's your things so why don't you pay for it?"

  16. Eh, OP is probably pretty young themselves. $200 seems far less to my adult self, but for teenage me, that would have felt much more substantial, especially before I was old enough to work.

  17. I would have him start doing chores to pay it off at 4 chores a day, until it reaches 400. Then it's paid off. I guarantee if that was done he'd never do that again.

  18. Over the years I have destroyed 8 monitors, 2 laptops, a couple controllers and well over 10 keyboards. I had to buy new shit every time I broke it and that's what got me to stop destroying things. I also know I am prone to anger, so I avoid things that make me angry. Also I buy protection plans now when I buy a new electronic gadget because I know if I get angry I may destroy something if I don't walk away... Its called self-control and being aware, being that he's young, well he's extremely stupid so he wont know until he starts to learn.

  19. Have you gotten therapy or looked into psychiatric diagnosis? Like getting so angry that you are compelled to break things is 150% not normal at all. I get angry. I have never gotten this angry. I'm glad you have some mitigation strategies but without outside help it seems like a powder keg.

  20. Put a tip in to a location 55 miles away about a body. They dig the hole and won't check the same spot twice

  21. Can I genuinely say though that it looks like a fantastic art piece now? The image left behind looks pretty dope for some reason. I like how the left side sort of looks like a head and shoulder with kind of a space-y look to it.

  22. That's why they invented Duct Tape. Not to fix the screen, but to restrain your brother until he gets old enough to stop doing that shit.

  23. I can related, but it’s a bit different, so my younger brother ( who is 12 ) got mad at Fortnite and flippin bit our dad’s tv, and he’s 12! Luckily for that little shit dad wasn’t mad and my little brother said he’d help but another one, with the jar of money he had, that he bragged having 100 in it, but our mom got him a new one instead

  24. My first computer took me almost a year to save up for. Somehow my purchase became family property because my brother was throwing tantrums that I dared to buy something for myself that he didn’t have. The little bastard broke the monitor on the first day he was left alone with access to the computer. I slapped that kid so hard my hand hurt. Worth the month long grounding my ass got.

  25. Im sorry but I raged countless times from the age of 10 till today at age 20 and I've never once destroyed or broken a single controller, xbox, tv, laptop or mouse in rage. Maybe it was cuz I grew up pretty poor. I'd hit myself in the leg/head or bite down on my hand before I'd ever damage the stuff I was given and especially not shit I bought. I don't see how people break this own stuff even in the most blind anger

  26. My 15 year old sister broke an entire psvr headset that was mine intentionally. No idea how you get to 15 and still do that

  27. I have a $1200 monitor, if a had a brother who did that, his skull would be just as damaged as this.

  28. Don’t worry, we just need to find out what happens when you mix a bad tempered little brother and a .50 Grizzly Big Boar bolt action rifle

  29. This happened a lot with my little brother Asshole cant control his temper Same with my older brother They vreak everything of theirs and then end up breaking my shit bc they dont have shit to break anymore

  30. Man I miss when computer screen were indestructible. If you punched the glass on the old tube screen, the only thing you're breaking is your knuckles. Even some of the old LCD screens were pretty tough too.

  31. looks like he's too young to work to pay for the damage, i'd definitely perma ban him from using my pc ever again if this was the case.

  32. Never in my life have I ever damaged my own devices, and I'm closing to 30. WTF man... Just ask the brother now: Is it better now? Is it better that now you have nothing to play on?

  33. Find the quickest way to remove the screen so that the bezel is around his neck so he can wear it like a necklace. Reminder that a lot of IT people such as myself really like percussion maintenance too, if you know what I'm getting at.

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