Trying to get antidepressants so I can function normally. Everything I make goes to rent, and I can’t afford to move, and make 13 an hour while working 40+ hours and taking on double shifts. This is the “discounted” price of my meds. How tf is this discounted?

  1. Is there a reason you’re being prescribed the brand name rather than the generic equivalent of sertraline? GoodRX has it by me for $10 or less.

  2. So that IS the brand name. No wonder, because I’ve been getting the off brand and it’s been working for me pretty well. I was wondering why the sertraline was costing so much. >_>

  3. I just checked Costplusdrugs website and it’s about $3.90 for 50mg 30 count (Thanks for the awards, didn’t expect it when I got home.)

  4. Definitely this! Otherwise I’m pretty sure Zoloft is on Walmart’s list of $4/month prescriptions of OP prefers in person vs through the mail.

  5. You are the true hero!! I’m going through the same thing with one of my medications right now, so finding this is a Godsend!! Thank you so much!!

  6. I’m sorry what the fuck is wrong with the American healthcare system when something that can cost $5 cost $400. Do they need a third yacht to pay for?

  7. GoodRx definitely comes in handy! I have private BCBS and my medications are cheaper paying cash using GoodRx than using my damn insurance that costs us an arm and leg to have smdh. Absolutely ridiculous I tell ya!

  8. Just did the sign up! I take two prescriptions and they both qualify for free delivery. Once I get my Paycheck im getting them delivered to me so I can save on travelling and focus more on school. Thank you!

  9. I see many options being presented. Let me add one more, the GoodRx app. Found generic Zoloft for between $3.64-$12.83 depending on store with your prescription (25mg for 30 tablets). Good luck.

  10. Signed up for GoodRx and I saw the same thing!! Im too broke for anything right now but once my paycheck comes in you better believe I’m going for this. XD

  11. Pharmacy technician here. Go try GoodRx and look for the generic name sertraline. The reason that "discount" is so much is you're looking at the brand name drug. Generics are cheaper by a long shot and doctors will write that the pharmacy can substitute generic on the script. Also it wouldn't hurt to ask if the pharmacy filling the med has any discount programs you can sign up for to help with the cost.

  12. Just signed up for GoodRx! I learned earlier that this is the brand name and not generic. My recent appointment with a psychiatrist must have sent me brand name instead of generic. Still can’t find an email. :/

  13. I have never EVER seen Zoloft priced like this before. Are you on Medicaid? It should cover. However I am in California so I know we have more funding than in other states for our Medicaid program

  14. I.. genuinely forgot this. Excuse me as I go ram my head into a wall. I’m going to call and see if my community college offers this. Thank you!!

  15. I know in the UK 28 25mg tablets are roughly £12. 90 odd pound a year here and you get all your prescriptions free. Fuck the US medical system man

  16. How in the fuck is that worth over $400usd? Like, where down the paper trail does that add up to that much, that’s fucking ridiculous

  17. Yeah. Do you mean Medicare? I applied for Medicare in TX, but all the plans I was offered ask me to pay $200+ for insurance, and I can’t afford it. 🙃

  18. Oh I absolutely will. Voting against Abbott, because fuck him. Don’t need dumb fucks trying to dictate my uterus and bring shit back like it’s the 1950’s.

  19. Say what you will about Mark Cuban, since he is a billionaire and all, but thus Cost plus drugs venture he is working with people on is amazing! I mean Lukemia drugs that were $600-$100 for $54? It really shows you how messed up our health care system in America is.

  20. OP, I agree with everyone saying to use CostPlus. I actually use it myself and can answer any questions you might have.

  21. I wouldn't be taking my Lexapro if it was anything more than it is. Glad you got help on a cheaper price! I'm currently with no insurance and can't work till my leg burn heals so the 15 a month i pay is more than enough for something we need to function properly

  22. I have one prescription that was $764 a month for the last two years even with my insurance. This year it dropped to $44 with my copay. The system is so jacked up.

  23. Hi, former pharmacy tech here, use for your pharmacy to bill as your insurance and it’ll cost <$5. Drugs like Zoloft and Sertraline that have been around for years, do not cost that much. You could even ask for a cash price and it’d be pretty cheap. Most insurance is just out to make money so pharmacies charge outrageous amounts for scripts.

  24. Best options for generic and branded meds., including insulin - A definitive list. I have worked my career on medication access...

  25. I feel for you as a person that has to take a those types of meds. The one thing I learned before I had really great insurance and pre-auths on everything that is brand name, was to contact the manufacturer of the medication. In the fine print on a lot of their ads you’ll hear something like “if you can’t afford your prescriptions Astra Zeneca may be able to help”. Just an example. They will sometimes have programs to reduce the cost of the medication in the right circumstances.

  26. Someone who works in a Pharmacy what's wrong is this med cost us like 4.50 for a bottle of 500. The insurance won't let us tell you that and we have to bill at their shitty ridiculous prices bc of laws in America. It's awful.

  27. Psychiatrist here. this is criminally high. Zoloft is in generic form, I'm really glade people in the comments are providing you with cheaper routes to get the medication you need.

  28. um what? is this in america i’m assuming? i can get a 3 month supply of this medication for $5 in new zealand that’s just so fucked up

  29. This is like my husband’s crohns medicine. Insurance stopped covering it (it was $60 a month with insurance) and it was going to be $500+ a month without. Even with discounts like GoodRX it was still $200+. He had to just stop taking it. What normal people can afford that 😡

  30. because people keep voting for the same career politicians who say they care about you while they have been in the pockets of big pharma for decades

  31. That is not mildly infuriating. It’s just infuriating. Had a sister who qualified to get her cancer medicine/chemo whatever at no cost that was about $30,000 per month. Proof of financial need? Like most people can’t afford that. Some doctors will give out samples so maybe ask about Zoloft if yin can have some.

  32. Hop on Good RX. You will find cheaper prices. I just checked your prescription in my area and every option was under $20.

  33. wow this is ridiculous. I work at a pharmacy in Canada and for sertraline I’d say it’s like 20-30 dollars for 30 pills or so and that’s including the dispensary fee. this isn’t fair at all

  34. This person specifically had name brand Zoloft filled. Generic is going to be 5-20 bucks basically anywhere in the US too, it's just a mess up from their provider or pharmacy.

  35. The generic is right there. Are you baiting for karma? I took sertraline for years without insurance the most it ever cost per month was $30. Now it’s on the list for $4 prescriptions at Walmart.

  36. Honestly, medicine in western countries is an absolute rip off. I just went to Syria two weeks ago and bought 140 dollars worth of medicine for 10 dollars. Just as good as the ones in western countries too

  37. Hey have you by chance tried mark. Cubans pharmacy site? Also, there’s an app for discounts on meds as well. I’ll see if I can find it.

  38. Good Rx helps with one of my prescriptions. Normally it would be something like $100 a month but with the right pharmacy and their coupon I get it for $11. There are ways to save but the cost of meds to help live your life should not be that high. It's insane.

  39. Holy shit that’s alot.. thank you fam. I’ll look into calling. I’m so sorry for your loss. You hang in there too, and wish the same for you. ❤️

  40. We have King Sooper/Kroger in my town. My friend asses me to her family’s Rx plan, which she pays $75 a year for (I think). Some of my drugs are actually free, including my sertaline hcl. Just walked out with 4 meds for just under $16. (Vyvannse not included; cheapest I can get it is $50/month.)

  41. You are not alone. Many of us struggle with high prices and making ends meet. In fact, it’s not a leap to imagine that part of our depression stems from having to work so much of the time and still not afford to pay our bills, let alone sky high costs of medication. Just breathe, and know that the eternal fire of Hell will be stoked with the bones of pharmaceutical company executives. That makes me feel a wee bit better.

  42. Be careful when purchasing things using discount sites. In the screenshot it's showing the brand name drug Zoloft, so the price will be up there. If you intend on using something like GoodRx you'd need your script to actually have you down for the generic when you go to fill at a pharmacy with a coupon.

  43. In the future if costplusdrugs doesn't help goodrx is also wonderful! I pay like a third of the cost of my meds through them at my pharmacy.

  44. I'm sorry. That's insane. They're less than 5 dollars in my country and if ur enrolled in the public health system they're free.

  45. This is messed up. Seriously consider herbal meds. I bounced from one anti depressant to another for years. Each one burning my pocket and f**king my body. Almost irreparably by one of the supposed most reliable anti depressant on the market. Last year I met with a herbalist. I now take saint John's wort and other various herbals extracts in a tincture everyday. I have never felt better!!! Price is reasonable and it's all just herbs. Changed my life. Crazy fact: the FDA discovered years ago that saint John's wort was a better antidepressant than anything they could make in a lab, but because it is a plant they couldn't patent it. So instead they slandered it and propagandad it to death. You can still see it on their website today. SJW is poison? But it saves my life? For a quarter of the price? And they're is no addiction to worry about? And no weaning or withdrawal? FDA FUCKED DRUGS ASSOCIATION. Plants will save your life

  46. Zoloft (Generica: Sertralina) is a prescription drug. I just checked what it would cost in a pharmacy in Colombia, where the Pfizer version of it is sold as "Zolof / Sertralina". The 30 tablet 100mg package costs 58 USD, the 30 tablet 50mg package 39 USD. They didn't have the 25mg version. Found another pharmacy that had a generic 30 tablet 25mg Sertralina for 22 USD.

  47. He/she/bro/chick, know their are many peoples that wish you success and be as stable, mentally as possible. This hiccup, like many in life, won’t get better. In fact, probably worse due to society, or unitll you can afford it the stabilizer. Hold strong and remember your’re worth what you believe you’re worth. Walk it, doit, feel it , act it and Feel free to reach out to me if you’re down. Fuck this shit society that makes people like you and I feel less. Less is more than what they, socials (sheep) say. They’re the bane of my existence. Everyone deserves to be happy and should. Including you. Cheers

  48. You live in a country where your government cares more about your ability to own a firearm than your ability to be mentally competent to own a firearm.

  49. You need to get the generic version. Get your meds from mark cuban’s pharmacy or you regular pharmacy with GoodRX you can get a massive discount. I used it for my medications when I was uninsured. I used it for my mother’s when she was between insurances. Brand name with always cost more. Please make sure your doctor checks the may substitute box when writing/sending the prescription to your pharmacy.

  50. Omfg this happened to me too!!! My psychiatrist wanted to up my dosage of Wellbutrin and I was taking the generic brand before, but when he tried to switch me over to the new dosage, for some reason it was name brand and it would have been $394!! So I was just like..Uh..Can I please have the generic back and I’ll just take three of them??? Lmao

  51. Argh. So sorry this is happening to you. I would mail this receipt to your local senator or congress person? They may be of help, as this is truly an urgent (and depressing) situation. Have you asked your pharmacist and doctor for help? Told your employer through its Employee Assistance Program (EAP?) if they have one? (I hope so.) Also, prices amongst pharmacies can be VERY different: Target vs. Wegman's vs WalMart. I so wish you all the best. Plus, ask for the generic of Zoloft which is Sertraline.

  52. Omg... what the hell? I'm so sorry for you. I've Googled Zooloft here in Denmark, and it is also rather pricey here ($136), but we get subsidised for some of the cost, and my insurance covers the rest. Do you also take sertralin? Or could that be an alternative? In DK the cost of sertralin is a fraction of the price ($9). I take it, and it has really helped me a lot.

  53. Just relaying options incase your therapist, or your insurance, hasn’t relayed it to you. About 70% of walk-in patients with anxiety or depression have vitamin b deficiencies according to my therapist, these vitamins are responsible for the creation of dopamine, seratonin, among others neurotransmitters that affect your mood. Since you’ve already taken depression/anxiety drugs, you likely have the option to get bloodwork done through insurance to see if you have said deficiencies that can be treated. It may be cheaper than your current prescription or even more effective in conjunction with the drugs you are currently taking to supplement these vitamins. However if you had not taken drugs such as zoloft or prozac previously, you’d be essentially guaranteed to pay out of pocket for that bloodwork outside of insurance even if you have history of suicidal tendencies “which all antidepressants have a black box warning for” b6, b9, and b12 are the vitamins in question. I do recommend talking to your therapist about it.

  54. If you live near Detroit, MI. Where I work is hiring people with no experience at $17 an hour 50 hrs a week and fully paid medical after 90 days of employment.

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