My work doesn’t allow you to use a toilet as a toilet.

  1. Only 3? I'm feeling a minimum of 9+ smell breaks, each gonna take AT LEAST 15 minutes not in factoring travel time, boss. What's that? I can use the restroom here again...

  2. Let everyone see you walk off into the supply closet for about 5-10 minutes and come out. Sighing. Then go back to work, leaving them to wonder.

  3. I wonder if they have the same sign for the mens bathroom or if it’s just for the ladies? 🤔men are allowed to makes smells cuz they’re men but women are supposed to be proper a girlie and pretend they don’t poop?

  4. Look at the bright side. Go out across the street, take a walk or visit the Plaza upstairs for 20 minutes. Come back and say you were following directions.

  5. I have had a coworker who made this sound like an almost reasonable policy. Woman was a walking biohazard, you could smell it across the entire floor of the building when she'd had her twice-per-workday anal exorcism. The bathroom was completely unusable for at least an hour after she got done with whatever unspeakable atrocity she was committing in there, unless you were a masochist who enjoyed burning eyes and a smell so viscous that you tasted it.

  6. We have this guy at work. Let's call him Rick because that's the stinky motherfucker's name. They installed a commercial kitchen venting system in the men's bathroom right over the toilet. Taking a shit over there is like sitting on the wing of a jet.

  7. This is so annoying! I’ve never had a work place tell you that a toilet can’t be used AS A TOILET! It’s absolutely absurd! and all the women complain about it in such a childish way

  8. If I saw this sign at my workplace I would make it my new goal in life to force them to fire me for shitting in the wrong toilet, in writing

  9. How are they really gonna know unless they're somehow spying on you in the bathroom. I'd love to hear the explanation behind that.

  10. I would report this to HR for creating unsafe space to use the restroom with this sign. Immediately get this dumb shit taken down.

  11. It’s not just my boss, it’s all the ladies in the office! They’re full grown adults, much older than me, and they get sooo disgusted about it.

  12. I think a lot of them are a severely repressed. Best one at my place said "please ensure the bowl is empty of debris". They were deffo at the thesaurus half the morning in a desperate attempt to look above it all.

  13. You don't need a physical source, even. Have you ever had the misfortune of experiencing lactose intolerance farts? They're rank, they're thick, and they linger.

  14. While I always thought it was disgusting when I worked in retail many years ago and people would somehow shit on the walls...

  15. Dumping syndrome here from EDS. It happens when it happens, is totally random, and no laws of man or nature can stop it. The only use of that piece of paper would be to make me laugh as I run like hell to the nearest toilet.

  16. Crohnie gang! If I sit down to pee, it may or may not be shit as well. I don’t make the rules.

  17. Fellow sufferer here. Yup it happens when it happens and that's all there is too it. My condition worsened with age also due to restricting movements too much WHILE AT WORK. Young me was too scared of the corpo big bro counting my hours. So now. If I'm gonna take a 1 hour dump on company time so be it. They're getting more than 8 hours of effort out of me per day anyway

  18. Malicious compliance the hell out of them. Use the toilet across the road every single time you need to use the restroom, because you just can't be sure that you weren't going to make a smell. Take ages to get there and back each time. Make sure you wait to cross the street until there is no visible traffic in either direction for as far as you can see. Get lost looking for the restroom inside the other building. Tell them there was a really long line. Just make sure it's taking as long as humanly possible to get there and come back, and make sure it's happening multiple times a day.

  19. Put up the same sign at the place across the road and upstairs, and direct everyone to come to this place. If the workplace has restricted entrance tell them to ask for the manager who put up this sign.

  20. Had to scroll way too far to find the OSHA comment. Urinals are not full restrooms, it's on your employer to provide it and fix the smell problem.

  21. This is exactly what I would do I think. If they say to go across the street to shit, I would do that and take my sweet sweet ass time doing it. I’m talking like 30 minutes to an hour

  22. They clearly considered the cost of some Poo-pourri spray cost prohibitive when they can demean their employees for free.

  23. My first impression is that the ventilation in this place sucks and the people who work next door have to smell shit every day. It really isn't that big a deal to spare them and use a different bathroom if you can remember to.

  24. This is one of those times where you just do what you want and shit anyway regardless. What are the repercussions? How will they know it’s you? Sniff comparisons?

  25. Yeah anyone who hates the smell of people pooping enough to make this ridiculous sign is not going to have what it takes to enforce it.

  26. "Please have respect for your fellow coworkers" is so ass-backwards. Who needs respect? The intolerants who can't handle a smelly toilet? Hell no. Respect goes both ways.

  27. Out of curiosity do they have a similar sign in the mens toilet? I’d take my sweet time going to the other bathrooms several times a day. Milk it!

  28. Exactly. My company has to approve all posted signage. I see no company stamp on that, so who knows if it was MGMT that even posted it. Probably just posted by a coworker.

  29. so you want me to announce when I'm a taking a shit basically. and what about period stuff? changing a tampon isn't exactly peeing

  30. As a person with IBS, this causes me anxiety cause now everyone will know what I'm doing which further aggravates my IBS. Thanks management!

  31. Go to your supervisor, tell them there's a sign in the toilet saying you cannot use the toilet for number 2 and if they're aware of it. Chances are high a co-worker put up that sign without the supervisors knowing, which might get whoever put this up into trouble.

  32. I got ibs, there is no fucking way you’ll catch me running across the steeet to use a toilet when one is right in front of me lmfao

  33. Someone needs to let Rydges know so they can put up an appropriate sign like "Must buy x products before pooping" or "No poopers from Company X across the street".

  34. Would sure be a shame if the place across the road found out another business was telling employees to go shit there. There might be retaliation.

  35. If you aren’t eating Taco Bell every single day for lunch in full view of whoever posted this sign, you’re not being petty enough.

  36. This is like the least ADA compliant workplace bathroom ever. It’s them saying to poop “across the road” that’s sending me 🙃

  37. What're they gonna do fire you for shitting? That sign isn't fuckin notorized! I say do as thou wilt, take a dump in the pee only toilet. Better yet take the sign down, put it in the toilet and shit on it

  38. A proportionate response would be to take down the sign, put it on the floor, and shit on top of it. Anonymously of course, although if you want to sign your work I respect that. They ought to understand your point and replace the sign with a can of Febreze.

  39. Protip; Light a match after a stinky stinker and you will get rid of most of the smell. Just be sure not to trigger any smome alarms lol.

  40. Wait, this is on a womens toilet? Are you telling me that women actually...... OMG NO that can't be true, this message is complete bullshit.

  41. Buy a kilo of shrimps. Leave them in a plastic bag in a warm place for a week. Then make a small hole on the bag and fill a few syringes with the liquid. Go back to the toilets and leave a few fluid grams in a variety of small holes and cracks there and then go for your crap at the Plaza.

  42. If you have a toilet that's operational and I have to take a shit, guess what? I'm shitting. You can and will get over it. If you don't like the smell, install a better fan.

  43. "don't stink our business up go across the street and stink up a different business that you don't work for up" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  44. Does anyone else sometimes just shit while peeing, without realizing you were going to? What do you do then, fish it out with your hands into the garbage?

  45. I feel like a sign saying - “everyone can smell it if you shit here, do us all a solid and shit upstairs” would get a better reaction.

  46. Ummm, this is illegal, as it is descriminatory. People with IBS, IBD incontinence have a legal right to use a toilet, as it can make them really ill holding onto it. Just shit on the floor outside, and say at least it wasnt in their precious pee room... Or hand out (sugar) free haribos, see how quickly they change their mind!

  47. I used to go to a gym that had two different signs in the bathroom. One said not to flush tp as it clogged the toilets. The other said not to throw stinky stuff in the trashcan...

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