My wife says my app notifications mildly infuriate her. Do you guys feel the same?

  1. I have zero notifications for everything. My wife has thousands of notifications and it drives me up the fucking wall lol

  2. I have an OCD of not being able to concentrate on anything else when there's a notification on my phone, any notification, even the system ones.

  3. I get notification fatigue but with a few setting changes you can really lower that number and make notifications useful. Or simply just turn it off and just have a nice neat screen that isn’t screaming at you 💀.

  4. I disabled all notifications on mine except phone, text and weather/emergency. Haven’t felt more free in my entire life.

  5. Or they might be suffering from issues that led to this. Let's not tell people they're terrible in general because of them not clearing notifications.

  6. This will piss people off to no end. But when somebody texts me, I call them right away. Saves the messages and easier to do lol

  7. Yes. That screen looks like a disrespectful person owns it. Leaving all of those messages unread is rude.

  8. No but I have almost 10k emails so I can’t say anything. I did have 24k and idk what happened to the rest but ehh. This is too much social media for me though I only have one social media account. Unless Reddit counts? If so then I have 2 but haven’t been on here long.

  9. She prolly just mildly infuriated because all those messages one of 'em must be another female trying to win your heart

  10. I don’t know what horrible turn of events caused you to be this way, but I honestly hope you get the help you need.

  11. no because mine is the exact same. I don't have OCD and "fixing" it would take hours and require constant maintainence. there is 0 point when one day my phone will die

  12. I swear if you don't start going into those apps and delete the notifications, we are going to have problems.

  13. Yes it is, I check texts and other notifications and make sure that the alert for those notifications it gone/deleted. Taking clean phone to another level.

  14. I clear all my unread texts, emails and all notifications first thing in the morning, throughout the day and before bed. Dafuq did I do with my life…

  15. No, but it’s actually bad for the environment to keep that much notif/useless mail. Cause all of these are stuck in a place, and use machines that contains toxic metals/shit so when the machines are full, they gotta build some other machines and extract more toxic stuff

  16. i have 8,446 unopened emails, and at this point the notifications are only there because i’m terrified of what i may find

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