An extended family member broke the toilet seat while at a gathering and left without mentioning it to anyone.

  1. Can't see the underside, but some toilet seats don't have supports in the middles. So if you lean too much, putting too much pressure on the middle, it can snap. You don't even need to be grossly overweight to do it.

  2. If it’s not a soft close seat, I would have guessed that it broke when it slammed back down into the bowl. In that case, they may not have noticed.

  3. Someone peed standing and is used to let it down without holding it. Probably bc he has one that slowly goes down... Doesn't excuse the leaving without telling tho.

  4. I imagine the sound that came out of you was something akin to Tom getting his foot smashed by a giant mallet 🤣😅

  5. Then they probably touched their phone. Then the doorknob, the microwave, their keys... One good thing to come out of the pandemic is more hand sanitizer in public places.

  6. You can see what looks like a gnarly pube and some piss on the front of the rim, too. OP is full on grabbing some piss dribble spots on the underside of that seat, guaranteed.

  7. this shit is absolutely disgusting and I expected a comment about it to be the very first. im appalled its this far down. dudes full cupping a piss sponge.

  8. My toilet seat snapped in a similar way to this a few years back, I'm not particularly heavy, but one evening after a long sit on the toilet, I got up and was halfway through brushing my teeth when the toilet seat snapped and made quite a loud snapping-plastic sound.

  9. When I first read it I thought you were saying that it snapped while you brushing your teeth on the toilet. Lol was about to ask if that’s something people actually do.

  10. Old seats. We had one crack in our house when I sat in it one day. Had been using it for ten years with no problem, then crack.

  11. Well, toilet seats don’t last forever, especially if you buy cheap ones. I suppose the weight of the people who regularly use that toilet would be a factor. Also, if you slam the seat/lid down instead of gently closing it, that’s also going to lead it to breaking faster. A new cheap toilet seat is like $25, so hardly anything to be upset about.

  12. Possible that the seat is low quality too, especially since OP said it’s a rental. I’ve cracked two toilet seats just by leaning slightly and I only weighed about 160 lb both times.

  13. I'd feel bad if my toilet seat broke while a guest was using it. I wouldn't blame them or ask for money. Cheap toilet seats are not very strong and that looks like it could cut someone's ass up! Unless there's a reason to think they were misusing it in some way then they didn't break it exactly, it just broke.

  14. Spend $20 on a new one and stop your whining. Bullying someone who is clearly going to be embarrassed by this is idiotic. How is this even in my feed.

  15. I don’t think it was so much sitting on it that broke it, I’m betting someone lifted it to do business and the seat fell back down hard on the toilet causing it to break.

  16. I have broken 3 toilet seats always when wiping. The toilet seat where loose and moving around on the toilet. lifting up a butt cheek leaning to one side with all my weight on an un centered toilet brakes them. Think of braking a stick/plank on a corner of table all that weight on the edge brakes it.

  17. You can replace it for less than $20. It's just held on by 2 very easily removable screws. Your family member was just embarrassed. It's just a lousy toilet seat.

  18. If I broke someone else's toilet seat during a dinner party or a family gathering, I would fucking walk out the door and keep waking until I reached Canada. There's no overcoming that level of embarrassment

  19. yeah. i don't get what is so hard to understand about that? weirder things have happened, this seems uncalled for, like grow up

  20. I understand the morally correct thing to do would be to tell someone, but realistically that would be humiliating. I think I would have been bawling the second I made it back to my car.

  21. “Cousin Eddie, you didn’t happen to break the toilet seat just now did you?” “Nope Clark, I believe it was the dog!”

  22. Honestly bro just let that go. For the low price of 20 bucks you don't have to make a family member publicly admit that they're so fucking fat that toilets break under them.

  23. I can see that. If you always had a soft close seat they probably just flicked it and it slammed down and broke.

  24. I would never use a toilet seat with a soft cushion in someone else's home. I can't articulate all the reasons why - all I know is the feeling I get when I stare down a toilet with a cushion seat. And it ain't a feeling I can pop a squat through.

  25. I had family come to my house a few years ago for a week long visit. One of my relatives who came is about 500lbs. He broke my toilet, a chair and a table that he decided to sit on. No apology, no sense of shame at all. Just “oh hey there’s something wrong with your toilet/chair/table.” He acted like I had defective stuff and it wasn’t his gargantuan ass that destroyed my shit. Needless to say, he and his family have not been invited back.

  26. Did you know he was 500 lbs when he was invited to visit? It sounds like an apology was in order for breaking your stuff but what was the alternative to sitting on your chair or using your toilet? Not trying to be rude, just genuinely sincere.

  27. I've busted the little spacers that separate the seat from the toilet before, but not the seat itself. That looks like it may be temperature related.

  28. Whoever did it, they already know what they have done. I bet you that they also know that you are aware of the person who did it. I think there’s no reason to mention about it and give them a hard time. It’s obviously a very embarrassing situation for them. Unless you think they did it on purpose (they’re mean or you two had issues before), I would recommend not to give them a hard time. If it broke because of their weight, it will hurt if you’d let others know. So, I would let it go if I were you.

  29. My aunt. It was just insult to injury because how annoying she is and no one has liked her since she cheated on my uncle. No one wanted her there

  30. I believe its a battle of the haves and the have nots. They (the person who dropped it) own the slow auto down seats and you own the put down with your hand seats. I broke one of my sisters seats and I didn't realize it. They told me later. I remembered dropping it didn't realize I broke it.

  31. It will cost ya $20 and take 10 minutes to swap it out. I’m guessing the person that did it was mortified and didn’t know what to say.

  32. Things break. A relative broke my old seat. It cost $39.99 to get a new one at Home Depot. Toilet seats don’t last forever. Why post about this?

  33. I mean they were probably mortified. Unless they are the type to just break your shit all the time, for fun, I’d let it go.

  34. Maybe they didn’t realize it. Maybe they were standing on it with the seat down so they could exhale their smoke close to the exhaust fan.

  35. Dude, that is mildly infuriating, but if I was not only fat enough but I had to slam down on that toilet in such a manner that it snapped in half, I'd be embarrassed as fuck. And would be deathly afraid of humiliating myself by saying something. Granted the next day I send you a text, profusely apologizing and asking you not to tell anyone, and I I'd ask you how much it cost to replace, if I had the money. And then Venmo it, but I'd have a hard time showing my face after that.

  36. Not taking their side but if you broke a toilet seat (assuming that it broke by sitting on it), you probably wouldn't want to say anything either out of sheer embarrassment

  37. Oh for sure. If I’m his hated aunt who cheated on his uncle and has a huge ass I’d be jetting the fuck outta there

  38. I mean, it's plastic. It doesn't last forever. Drop a couple hundred pounds on shitty plastic enough times and it's gonna break eventually.

  39. I had an extended family member steal my shower head once at a birthday party. That was fun. Last time I hosted anything at my house.

  40. I hate shitty extended family members. I literally just have one extended family living in the same country (and they're selfish pieces of shit) and the rest are in India. The ones in India are amazing people.

  41. One Christmas my husband's step father exploded diarrhea all over our toilet, didn't tell anyone, and everyone kept claiming our youngest had a full diaper and kept pestering me to change him even though his diaper was clean. His step father excused himself from the rest of the evening and drove himself home. My husband went to use the restroom and immediately called me back to bring him cleaning supplies.

  42. I could see this happening and someone being embarrassed or if it happened when they weren’t doing anything crazy them thinking it was broken before and they just moved it. I’d just replace it because a toilet lid shouldn’t just break.

  43. If you know who it was, mail it to them and say something along the lines of, “thanks for making your Christmas gift an easy choice.”

  44. If you don’t know how to go to the hardware store, purchase a toilet seat, and install it (only takes 20 seconds)… it’s high time you learn how to do that.

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