Can’t buy Alcohol in Colorado on Christmas Day.

  1. Sounds like Bible Belt alcohol laws. Until very recently, you couldn’t buy alcohol on Sunday in GA, but could go to a restaurant or bar and order it. Made no sense to me.

  2. In Ontario most of our alcohol has to be bought at the liquor monopoly and the few stores that can sell beer and wine (never spirits) follow the same hours for liquor sales. The bars follow different hours of course.

  3. Always intrigues me with the alcohol laws when I visit other states. So used to California’s 6am-2am policy 7 days a week. Unless it’s a “members only” place.

  4. In sweden you can order alcohol at restaurants and bars (the ones that'll let you in) when you're 18, but you have to wait until you're 20 to buy it in stores. The reasoning for this is that you should have someone responsible around when you're drinking at that age. I would assume this is for similar reasons, so that you won't be able to drink alone at home (the to go part kinda defeats this purpose, but that's on the restaurants)

  5. We did that ones in Lithuania. Bought a vodka and had to take it he in Cups. Was a weird experience, felt like buying drugs…

  6. Every bar in my central Wisconsin town was open today lol the one even opens at 6am every day and stuck with that on Christmas morning

  7. one christmas when i lived in minneapolis we took a road trip across the border to stock up on booze in wisconsin and the parking lot was full of cars with MN plates.

  8. Don't drink mouthwash. If you're an alcoholic, and you're worried about a seizure, you can curb withdrawal with vanilla extract. it's about 35% abv and it uses alcohol that's safe for consumption because it's a food product. I assume it'll taste terrible.

  9. In North Carolina, same deal. We have very antiquated "blue laws" regulating alcohol sale. Any kind of liquor is sold through the ABC stores, and no sales on Sunday. You can buy beer, however, on Sunday, but not until noon. And after noon you can get served beer and liquor at a bar/restaurant, only further proving the absurdity of these laws.

  10. In Ireland you can’t buy before 12:30 on Sunday, which is a annoying when you want to do your weekly shop earlier because you’re working a late shift.

  11. The fact that alcohol sales are prohibited on Sundays in Norway, Sweden, and Finland may explain why similar prohibitions were in place in Minnesota until very recently.

  12. Used to be the same in South Africa but was overturned a few years back, Ever since Covid though we've had larger restrictions put on the sales of alcohol and tabacco periodically, Ciggerette and alcohol sales were outright banned during the beginning of the pandemic but it's loosened up a lot since then.

  13. And isn't alcohol the only common drug where withdrawal can kill you? Iirc, that's why it's considered important enough to stay open during the pandemic.

  14. I love London. I forgot to buy Christmas Day breakfast champagne so I strolled down to my local ironically muslim owned store and bought a bottle at 7am.

  15. You can get it on Sundays now in some cities. Still plenty of totally dry counties in Arkansas, though.

  16. As an current arkansan from Louisiana, the no beer on Sundays really fucks me. Seems to be the only day of the week I try to buy it.

  17. Although a few years ago,I was in Pine Bluff and MULTIPLE liquor stores were open on Christmas. Probably just make as much money and hope it offsets the fine. Or the cops don’t give a shit.

  18. Colorado used to forbid it on Sundays too. It looks like Sunday sales were allowed starting in 2008. It is still illegal to buy a car on Sunday, though!

  19. We got hit with a double wammy this weekend.They even moved the time back Friday from 1am to 12am. I was 15 mins late

  20. I'm in Australia and if you asked me to find alcohol here I'd probably tell you.its impossible. Nothing like that is open whatsoever.

  21. Thing that struck me the most re alcohol in the States when I was there was that they sell booze at the fucking petrol stations. At lot of places, especially in the south, the booze is fucking laid out flat on display right as you walk in like a fucking fruit stand. Seppos, I tell ya!

  22. This varies by state/territory. You can get booze on Xmas and Good Friday in the ACT at any of the open IGAs, Supabarns etc. And in any open bars and restaurants.

  23. what are you kidding? Where do you live in Aus? I'm in adelaide and literally every thirsty camel and other drive through bottle-o was open yesterday

  24. as a former alcoholic, I used to go to the liquor store in a panic the night before or on the day of hoping that they were still open. Scrounging change to get another pint of vodka for four bucks. But that said, I can't even imagine what would have happened to me if I wasn't able to drink those nights. I probably would have gone into withdrawals. Alcohol is fucking terrible, and I don't ever wish alcoholism on anybody. Been sober for almost 2 years now. I'm glad I don't have to worry about the liquor store being closed anymore lol.

  25. This is so funny to read as this is literally the opposite argument the Swedish governments (and basically all the citizens) uses to NOT sell alcohol on Sundays.

  26. “Retail sales at liquor stores are completely banned on Christmas, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day. But thanks to a new law that went into effect October 1, grocery stores can sell beer and wine year-round.”

  27. You realize that it was probably the distributor lobbying the state congress to keep it that way, not the grocery store, right?

  28. You can buy it, you just have to take it to your car and come back in. It sucks, but done it quite a few times. Let’s not start on liquor and beer having to be completely separate. Or the liquor store closing at 5 on Sundays, it’s maddening

  29. That law is in effect "because" of the beer distributors for that very reason. They were getting massive influx of competition once other stores were allowed and pushed for a limit to how much a patron could buy from those stores.

  30. I once tried to buy alcohol at a Walmart in Nebraska using my passport card (it was the only ID I had on me) but was denied because, according to the cashier, they only accepted local IDs at the time 🤔

  31. Surprised your store cares that much, the Get Go's in Pitt just let you make separate purchases to get around that rule.

  32. Lol the six pack shop by my parents in PA would let you buy the amount allowed - walk the six pack out the door and leave it by the door outside and walk back in and buy more. Technically they are different transactions.

  33. That’s because the grocery stores are only allowed to sell alcohol through the restaurant loophole. They have a few tables next to some pre made food no one gets

  34. Most Canadian provinces don’t allow you to buy alcohol in grocery stores at all. Only recently did my province allow beer and wine to be sold in a grocery store.

  35. Can’t buy alcohol anywhere (except alongside a meal) on Xmas day, Good Friday and before 1pm on Anzac Day (except rsl’s) in Australia

  36. Same in NZ. I think Easter Sunday is also on that list. Which is weird, how do you blood of Christ, if you can't? Also why specifically 1pm on Anzac? Bit arbitrary, ain't it?

  37. If the people of Colorado don’t like it they can change it. Colorado is one of the states that actually has public ballot initiatives. The people can literally change the law if they don’t like it.

  38. Sometimes the threat of letting the voters decide directly is all it takes to get the elected officials to act. This is how beer and wine sales in grocery stores were legalized in CO back in 2016.

  39. My favorite law is TABOR which they try to get rid of every election. Any tax and change needs to be approved by voters. Should be like that in every state. The government hates it cuz we never vote for their bullshit.

  40. I figured it was probably to cut down on drunk driving, example being people who drive to the store to get a few more bottles of wine before dinner or something after they have already been drinking. Also they probably want to have a lighter police and ems force out on Christmas as people want time off etc.

  41. Well, in Norway you can't buy a drop of alkohol anywhere from eight o'clock on the 23rd (Six if it's a Saturday) to when shops open again on the 27th. You can buy in a restaurant (if you can find one that's open). But nothing that you can buy and bring home.

  42. I moved out west and didn't realize they had store open on stat holidays. I'm from Ontario and pretty much everything is shut down. It was a real change.

  43. WTF Colorado? Are you shitting me? This penalizes people who don’t plan…..that’s it. This seems like a puritanical old timey type of law people just put up with.

  44. I live in CO and had no clue this law existed. I’m almost not convinced this is a real thing. I’m sure it is, it’s just one of those idiot laws designed by the religious right.

  45. Having grown up in California where you can buy alcohol basically anywhere at any time, it's just mind boggling. There's no way these laws even have the intended effect.

  46. It’s 24/7 in Japan with no Mandatory ID, yet the wildest they get is going to karaoke or eating ramen. It’s the preconceived notion people gonna do evil stuff in America that gets into people’s head and they use the alcohol to let out their inner demons.

  47. It's the same in Ireland. You also can't buy alcohol on Good Friday and after a certain time on St Patrick's day.

  48. Here in Connecticut, alcohol can only be sold from 9am to 10pm, 10-5 on Sundays. Bars and restaurants til 1 am but 2 am on Fri and Sat night.

  49. Growing up in Dallas, TX and then moving to New Mexico, I was amazed that I could buy liquor AT A GAS STATION and maybe even ON A SUNDAY if I wanted to. Amazing!

  50. Canada here, liquor stores can't legally be open; I've grown up thinking that was normal too. Of course they're closed, it's Xmas. Supermarkets are open, but I don't shop at them. Nobody should create demand.

  51. Wild to me that shops that even sell alcohol are open on Christmas Day. In Australia most shops and restaurants are closed and I wouldn’t know where to go to buy it.

  52. That’s fucking trash… fucking Christian’s pushing their beliefs on everyone else. But they shit bricks if asked to concede even the slightest courtesy to any other genre of human

  53. So is this a religious thing or is it a "people were getting drunk on christmas parties and increasing accidents rates for christmas so let's try to stop it" thing?

  54. Not just that, but if you want a beer and its after midnight, you're shit out of luck. No alcohol sales after midnight. It was quite the culture shock visiting other states like Kansas or Missouri just selling hard liquor in gas stations lol. I was sitting there like "dude what? I can get my Pringles and vodka at 3 am? And at the same store? Oh Word their even right next to eachother, thanks capitalism"

  55. Colorado has weird alcohol laws, was there over the summer and you just straight up can’t buy wine in a market - you have to go to a winery or a govt controlled ABC store

  56. Antiquated law that small business liquor store owners have been fighting forever but it never really goes anywhere.

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