$57.50 to have a baby in 1940

  1. Yes. I believe it's typically two days for vaginal delivery and three after C-section. I definitely could've used 11 days to recover from childbirth. With meds and lots of helpers.

  2. This is what is striking me so greatly. Today you give birth, they pat you on the head, and then send you on your way. Brutal.

  3. We're also way better at medicine now than we were in 1940 so you might not need to stay in the hospital for 11 days before they're sure you're not gonna die.

  4. Which, as far as I understand it, is still a hell of a lot cheaper than the actual bill someone in America would get today

  5. Having not had a baby ... it makes me wonder, if one went with an in-network physician and hospital today ... would it be somewhat close in terms of out-of-pocket costs? My health insurance isn't spectacular, but IIRC I have a maximum $3,000 out-of-pocket limit as long as I am in-network (covered at 90% for things outside of routine preventative medical services which are 100%).

  6. Which is still less than my wife and I are paying for our hospital stay during/after birth. And we only spent maybe 5 days there.

  7. i’m 24 and was born 2 months early. cost at least $60k with the nearly 3 week NICU stay. yay for better preemie survival rates, but dang it’s expensive

  8. But you get only 1 day for normal delivery and 3 for a c-section nowadays, not 11 days. So would be less then that 1200 today. More like 100 to 300 then.

  9. I think the biggest point is being missed here: It was $57.50 for eleven days in the hospital. If mom and baby only had to stay for 2 days it would have been $17.

  10. Yes and boomers keep wondering why we're not having kids like they did. Bitch I can't even afford the hospital trip let alone feeding and housing myself.

  11. We pay hundreds for insurance to cover anything and everything involving doctors, and the insurance usually doesn't cover all of it. That way the big boys from the insurance companies can get super rich. And half the country thinks taking those hundreds that we already pay, and giving it to the government for free healthcare rather than to some rich dude is evil socialism. Oh and teeth don't count - those aren't part of our body so we pay a separate insurance company to cover those

  12. Someone above calculated it was about $1,170 adjusted for inflation. But a birth in the US for a minimum wage person now wouldn't cost just a month of wages, more like 1-2 years of earnings.

  13. I had an pea sized cyst removed and the initial bill is $61,000.😭 They didn't tell me insurance wouldn't likely pay until 1 hour before the appointment that I waited 7 months for.

  14. What? Here in canada its free if you do it at the doctors office. I wanted to do mine at a plastic surgeons office because i wanted less of a chance of a bad scar, so i paid $600 to a private surgeon. Where the hell does 60k come from?

  15. Why wouldn't your insurance pay? The only way they wouldn't pay is if it's out of network. Always make sure your doctors and facilities are in network. If you have a PPO, you might be able to go out of network but they'll charge you more. Insurance usually covers 80% or less AFTER you meet your deductible. Once you meet your maximum-out-of-pocket, they pay 100%.

  16. Crazy thing is $60 in 1940 is still only about $1300 today. Think you can get out of the hospital with only a 1300 bill after a baby??

  17. As others have commented, this was an 11 day stay compared to 2-3 tops today. What I haven’t seen mentioned is this the cost without insurance?

  18. Also had NICU baby, about 100 days in hospital. Got paid parental leave for about 2 years for this. Never seen an invoice. Quite the opposite to be honest as my SO and I could claim some benefits and reimbursements on different levels for the difficulties our baby (and we) went through.

  19. My first child cost $50. Granted that was my co-pay after insurance paid the hospital bill. Had really good insurance through work back in 2006.

  20. When my father was born in 1950, my grandfather’s insurance paid $108.00 for a hospital birth. The cost was $105. My grandfather got a check for $3.

  21. Even accounting for inflation, that is way, way less than it was for mine. Granted, mine had to be delivered via C-section and that's far more expensive, but I'm pretty sure the final cost for each was around 50k (and I was never high-risk/there weren't any complications). Insurance covered a lot, but each baby still required some out-of-pocket expense, typically around 8-10k. After paying that off I liked to joke I finally owned my babies free and clear.

  22. also note that you probably stayed in hospital max 2 days unless there was a complication from the C-section, whereas this bill lists 11 days

  23. Cheap for us. People living in countries with good healthcare systems don’t pay. But we pay. Land of the fees and home of the graves I guess.

  24. Their mistake was buying the sunplies from the hospital. Just bring your own sunplies from the birth sunplies store and save yourself like 50% of the usual cost of sunplies. Sunplies.

  25. We don't because it is cover by Health insurance because our parent are Canadian but an immigrant having child in Canada can cost him 5k to 10K

  26. Thats like $1,177 today. They didn't have epidurals and other procedures or other modern medicine that drives up the cost today.

  27. $0 here. Free parents room to stay, baby training for parents, free baby formula, bottles, nappies and food for parents and government gives you money for taking time off

  28. Downside: You or your husband fought WWII or Korea - drafted - and had babies every other year until the pill was invented in 1960, and those babies grew up to be Boomers

  29. Sounds inexpensive. At the time, though, minimum wage was $0.30/hour. This represents 191 2/3 of hours worked to pay for that child.

  30. I was born in a US Army ambulance approaching the Army hospital in Munich, Germany. My mom saved the bill.$5 for her and $2.50 for me. When I pissed her off she’d ask me for a refund of the $2.50.

  31. The infant mortality rate decreased 85%, from 47 infant deaths per 1,000 live births in 1940 to 6.87 in 2005.

  32. The Maternal Mortality Rate is increasing. The US has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the industrialized world. The US has the most mothers die and it's rising each year. The MMR (deaths per 100,000 live births) in the United States is 26.4, while the U.K at 9.2.

  33. And 11 days to recover!! Now it’s like m “hope you don’t die, here’s a baby to take care of 🤗”

  34. $1,177 today without even mentioning a mortality rate 9 times what it is now. Even then NY sucked apparently.

  35. As a percentage of average income, a white male in 1939 (close enough) made roughly $1111 per year according to this source:

  36. insurance companies. They are garbage, run by garbage, who private hospitals negotiate to get the most money out of, who then drop the cost on us. because we're no longer patients we're customers.

  37. My wife had a high risk birth, 26 hours in labor, and we stayed and extra two days in the hospital. It was about twice the cost of this total in 2018.

  38. In 1982 ,our first son was born. My wife at the time worked in a factory, I went to check them out and the hospital said I owed something like $20.. okay.. her insurance from the factory paid the rest. In the late 80s our second son came down with a virus with vomiting and diarrhea, in the hospital for 4 days, never received a bill from the hospital due to her insurance at her factory job. Times have changed.

  39. I had k e kid in the hospital and it was completely free, another kid arrived at home so there was an ambulance ride after and I had to pay the full own cost of my health insurance for the year, a whooping 380€. I was a little pissed about having to pay for the ambulance ride

  40. Sounds about right then when you factor in the level of care available in 1940 to what is offered today. Midwives around here charge a cool 1k per pop usually.

  41. A quantum leap in medicine has been made since the 1940s, keep that in mind. Maternal mortality was extremely high up until very recently.

  42. Paying for a doctor? Since when is that a thing? You don't pay a fireman to put out a fire, ir a cop to shoot a guy. That's what taxes are for!

  43. The healthcare system in USA is criminal. Literally immoral. I had a hospital bill for like $27,000 in 2005 because I had a seizure and 911 was called and I stayed overnight. At the time, I did not even make that in a year. More recently, I visit the neuro every couple months and they say my insurance will cover it and then send me all sorts of random bills. You cannot convince me its ethical what they do. I am happy to pay something but they're sneaky and ask for unreasonable/random amounts. It's wrong.

  44. And the doc was smoking while delivering your baby and the nurses were on codine 24/7 for a "cough" while handling your baby in the nursery.

  45. It's the kind of thing that shouldn't even have a cost. It's basic need like housing or food but our societies is do intelligent, it think it better to charge money for everything only to satisfy the capitalist economic system. they say we have freedom as human but in the end, they all consider us a number and only see our worth/value potential

  46. There were approx 47 infant deaths out of 1000 in 1940. Compare this to just under 7 per 1000 in 2005 and then ask, how much are those extra 40 lives per year worth?

  47. We were fortunate enough to have a very good HMO plan for the birth of all three of our kids. We only paid $100 each. The bill for one of them, had we not had insurance, would have been just over $100k due to a few days in the NICU. Another one would have been $40k due to preterm labor care.

  48. I always find it interesting that the things most necessary in life- like delivering a baby- cost so so much

  49. We have employer supplied health care and apart from paying a 25.00 copay 8 times for ultrasounds, we never paid 1 penny from conception to the end of 4 days we all stayed in the hospital after the C-Section

  50. That’s mad that you have to pay that at all, if it wasn’t for the NHS I probably wouldn’t have been born lmao

  51. So American healthcare costs are a relatively new problem. That's crazy to me. Who's profiting now? How is there not enough funding when there was before?

  52. Honestly, this looks fake, the ink hasnt even dried kinda fake. I have also seen a bill form the early 60's that was like $62, hospitals used to be dirt cheap. Then, I'm guessing, they were exploited beyond sustainability. Think, "If I say something hurts, they take me in, give me something for my pain, food, drink, wipe my ass, and try to figure out if I have a problem, which I dont", something like that. Could you imagine being homeless, and getting a steady supply of morphine and food for ... your honesty, nobody would ever make a crew of 10 nurses sponge bathe you because you've taken too much morphine, because they had a medical problem... right? Then they bill you, to an address you made up, and you go do it again... at the other hospital, 30 miles away, right after you start to comedown from the morphine... again. Ehh...

  53. My husband was in the service in the 80s when our first child was born. Cost us $25 for a 3 day hospital stay. 3rd child born after he was out and we didnt have insurance, the cost was $700 for a 2 day stay.

  54. The reason it's so much more expensive now is due to the collusive deals that insurance companies have with health care providers and regulators. Get rid of those restrictions and it would be comparable to the cost in any other country.

  55. $30 for me in 2006. I have amazing healthcare. That $30 also covered all prenatal visits. I am sure it would have been more if I had a c section

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