Very normal criminal justice system

  1. Yeah, meanwhile I know people who've had threatening messages from abusive exes coming from Parchman. Clearly cell phones aren't hard to get over there and yet they don't do shit about death threats from within. But god forbid you accidentally have one, then it's 12 years.

  2. I love the state of Mississippi, mainly since I’m from here, but the politics and bureaucracy of Mississippi is horrible. In the past few years, it’s made my view of the world and people as a collective group so much more pessimistic than it ever was. I’m working on trying to change that pessimism or at least turn it into something positive and constructive.

  3. I would say we have to vote but we see how that went with the weed thing. So I don’t know what to do other than move 😂😂.

  4. Makes you wonder how many other things the citizens will vote on and then be overturned by our dictators that run the state government. I'm sure that we have nothing to worry about at all, now that all illusions of fair play in our democracy are gone. Just keep swimming! :-)

  5. “not grossly disproportionate.” I’m curious as to what disproportionate would be? 13 years? 15? 20? It’s such subjective bullshit for something that small that was more the fault of the guards than him. Our justice system is broken.

  6. and I have been in holding due to a old ticket before and was told to just use my cell phone to call family/friends for bail.. such a messed up state

  7. Going to need more than some words typed out from some anonymous source. Where’s the link to actual media report that this happened? I’m not saying it isn’t true, but I’m finding it hard to believe. I need more than this to convince me he is being put away for 12 years for having a cell phone in jail. Otherwise this comes across as just another attempt at baiting people to say “Fuck Mississippi”or “Fuck the judicial system”.

  8. Not that I’m saying any of this is right, ethically and equitably speaking, but here are key points the journalist failed to consider/understand:

  9. Almost none of your explanations make any sense. Most importantly: a cellphone can‘t be compared to a weapon. A judge has to consider the circumstances. Obviously didn‘t happen here.

  10. Thats the worst thing I ever heard. Imagine having to spend 12 years in prison because some OTHER person didn‘t do their job. The USA is definitely the most fucked up western country. Your system is completely broken. So glad to come from europe where this shit doesn’t happen.

  11. Alot of people hate this state too, and for good reasons, but if you leave then it's less likely to get better. Vote. Often. The marijuana initiative was proof that we are ripe for change.

  12. I don’t believe this report as written. There has to be something left out in this reporting for such a harsh sentence. The ACLU and SPLC would be all over this. Could it be Fake News?

  13. “The state Supreme Court affirmed Nash’s sentence earlier this month, noting that the lower court judge, Duncan, “based his sentencing decision on the seriousness of Nash’s crime and evidence of Nash’s criminal history.”

  14. Mississippi Supreme Court is filled with some of the worst human beings ever. They go out of their way to be evil. I guarantee in nearly every state in the US this would not hold up. It clearly breaks the 8th amendment and they even say it's an excessive punishment.

  15. I know someone who was charged with murder then took a plea for involuntary man slaughter and got 11 years. 12 years for a cellphone that does not make sense this should be appealed to the United States Supreme Court this will be overturned.

  16. This state is completely backwards. If could afford it I would move. I'm so done with this state and it's "conservative" laws. Fuck mississippi. Yea. It's not even worth capitalizing. That's how shit it is.

  17. Meanwhile pedophiles walk the streets and run our governments. While people who get caught with a little weed or drugs rot in some corrupt shitty mississippi prison.

  18. Is the sentencing too harsh? Probably, but if you take the time to stop uttering how much you hate this state for 30 seconds and look it up, it was not the innocent mistake this screenshot makes it out to be.

  19. Here in the not so great state of Mississippi we hate freedom we despise Liberty shut up sit down and do as you were told.

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