1. It didn't. People have just found his weaknesses which are his lack of grappling skill and fragile legs. His move up to LW and stance switch are also big factors

  2. If he gets a title shot next time he fights the ufc should just get the Paul brothers signed because both would be an absolute joke and a half kinda like the way Dana white acts when the fighters he wants to win loses and he throws a fit.

  3. I'd also like to note that Prime McGregor was never elite. he was a weight bully who cut weight to fight dwarf featherweights and lost every fight against guys his own size outside of Old-Man-Cerrone and a Split decision against diaz after being finished the first time. Prime Conor, Motivated Conor. or whatever conor. Every version of conor (this includes 205 mcgregor) loses to Poirier, Khabib and every other top 10 lightweight today. downvote me conor fanboys. wont change facts though

  4. you didn’t mention him going up in weight and dismantling the champion with an essentially perfect performance

  5. Funny how you coincidentally forgot to mention the fact that he moved up to 155 and beat Eddie Alvarez, who was the champ at the time

  6. I also think conor's previous style was tailor made to suite smaller opponents, he would always be just outside of their striking range while they were in his

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