Got whooped so hard he turned into an NFT

  1. It could mean they face hard competition not that they arent what they used to be. Irespect their love to the sport and you should too.

  2. The front kick should connect only with the part below the fingers. A lot of fighters have been taught wrong and they just throw the whole sole and lose A LOT of strenght and penetrability that way.

  3. I’m happy for him, I was actually scared for Tony for a couple minutes till they showed him back up on the stool tho lol

  4. I mean not really. He dropped him in the first round and was looking great. But Chandler took him down and was landing shots at the end of the round. Was still all to play for as they say

  5. Tony fans are fucking SEETHING in the comments, stay fucking mad, dickriders. Wasn't that good to begin with, honestly

  6. If you expose a face to a sudden acceleration of many g's it's gonna happen to anybody, no surprise here

  7. I hit my chandler by KO in the sun first parley but still feel so bad for Tony. I thought he was going to be permanently damaged, glad to see him get back to the stool.

  8. At the end of the fight when chandler was getting his hand raised you can see Tony looking all around like he has no idea where or who he is. Chandler tried to say “good fight” or something to him and he looks insane and confused

  9. Up until that takedown in the first, it looked like Tony was going to make short work of Chandler. But then the takedown, the GNP. Second round, kicked in the fucking face. As a fan of TFerg, it was hard to watch. I really hope that's the end of his career. We don't need to see him go the BJ Penn route.

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