If this game freezes my PS4 one more time I’m taking it to the range and destroying it.

  1. Sledgehammer games is awful they cannot and should not be allowed to make CoD games. They finished the MW original trilogy with MW3. Good story mode but the multi-player for me was very forgettable. Advanced Warfare just made me get into Titanfall and it was awesome. CoD WWII was a joke and made me reminiscent the World At War Days and now Vanguard. The worst World War II game to date and I rather play the History Channel or National Geographic World War II game or hell play Wolfenstein and go Texas Chainsaw Massacre on them Nazi fucks

  2. Do they have anything to do with MW or Warzone? If he was talking about Vanguard I would understand this take but I'm pretty sure they have basically nothing to do with any of this.

  3. Might have to comment on everyone bitching about this game bc I took a break for a hot minute and come back and nothing works. So upsetting grinders this game for so long warzone and multiplayer

  4. It's so funny how these fanboys are always trying to soothe over shit for the devs. FIX THE FUCKING GAME AND WE WOULDNT HAVE ANYTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT. How hard is that to understand

  5. Hey man, a game i’d suggest is Insurgency : Sandstorm. Its kinda like cod, but with cool and better attachments, and almost every gun is a 2 tap. Its really realistic and non buggy

  6. Yeah I’m on that as well. It’s harder though yall. It’s a tactical shooter. (Slow and realistic). And it’s still a work in progress. The devs are cool and do updates

  7. Thanks for the suggestion. Ive seen this on playstation store and wondered what is was like but I didn't give it any more thought then that because I was so into MW. If they don't fix MW soon then I will definitely try insurgency.

  8. I just checked on PS4 and the deluxe version ($80) is on sale for $39 - same price as the base game at regular price. if any Playstation homies are considering buying, now would probably be the best time

  9. I never played the campaign and I figured I'd try it since multiplayer is acting up. Guess what? It doesn't work! They are selling a game on PSN that doesn't work and no one is doing anything lol

  10. Ok it’s been an hour. Don’t need an update because I know the answer. when are you going to the range?

  11. Does it bother anyone else that the character in the center of the screen is completely ignoring the foregrip and is gripping almost the end of the barrel?

  12. Dude Take my advice and don't play it..it started doing that to my PS4 and it ended up corrupting my entire 1tb hdd..I lost everything on it and had to buy a new one (just wait until they release some patch)

  13. The game is a total loss after the update. I got a black screen with a flame skull and a data bar that never loaded. Does anyone know about this?

  14. Honestly boys, I just started playing Phantom Forces on Roblox. I loved when the newer MW came out because it got rid of the unnecessary jetpack stuff, but an update every week for a game mode I didn't play that just kept increasing in size is what led to me deleting the game. Phantom Forces isn't as good as MW when it came out, but it takes up no space at all and doesn't force you to update warzone.

  15. It's not like it's the PS4's fault. Just delete the game from the hard drive and download 5 other games that aren't broken.

  16. i hardly buy any CoD Series (except BO4 and BO3) but when it was on sale, i think wth and i went to purchase it. regrettably it turns out my most regret game purchase (even more so than CP2077)..

  17. I can understand. I think every time a new cod is released they don’t function properly maybe because they’re releasing games to early and not fixing the bugs right away.

  18. This is the most American post I’ve ever seen. Shoes in the god damn house, on furniture, and once he gets mad the solution is to shoot it.

  19. Haven’t been able to launch a Warzone game since the last week of Verdansk. After a week and a half of communicating with SHG, this is their response: basically, their reply is… “Sucks to be you, now Fuck Off”.

  20. I know this is the Modern Warfare subreddit, but I genuinely can’t tell if you’re talking about Modern Warfare or Vanguard it’s seriously that hard to tell

  21. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? I couldn't so much as launch the game without it completely freezing my console, but after two weeks I decided to reinstall the game. It's only froze on my twice in a little over a week now, which is an improvement considering.

  22. With those boots on Shouldnt u be at a brewery drinking bread and overpaying for bar food with cute names?

  23. The range? Like the cheap store that sells garden furniture and stationary… strange but u do I bro.

  24. Same here it’s getting ridiculous, ever since the new map. I am thinking about giving up completely on Warzone or whom ever fault it is

  25. I won't be buying any more of their games unless they fix the ones they've broken I love me multiplayer but can't play it anymore. This will assure me if they fix them then they will fix later releases

  26. So just to ask. Is it warzone or just modern warfare in general that’s freezing the console? I haven’t played for a couple months and would like to but it always makes me trip when I hear the shit is once again fuckin up consoles

  27. When it freezes on my Xbox 1 x I used to have to restart my console. Then I figured out I could go Home.. then the options menu for the game... and there's a "quit" option. It kills the game and I can restart it right then again. Saves all the rebooting my console for freezes. Maybe PS has the same thing ?

  28. It does, this fucking game is just super broken. We shouldn’t have to resort to this type of bs

  29. if it makes you feel better vanguard shut my ps5 off yesterday from overheating :-) cant have anything nice anymore

  30. If I ever feel the urge to play a WW2 shooter, I literally just install WW2 on my console. There's no excuse for the BEST SELLING cod to be broken. I know cod has a shelf life of a year but Christ, you can still play any older title on PS4 without any of the bugs you see right now.

  31. Just bought a ps5.. Finally. And this game has been TRASH. I either get booted, freeze in buy station or loadout and die, or the entire game freezes and it forces me to close out the game and re-enter...


  33. Having similar issues, can’t even play 3 games of multiplayer before it freezes. When I try to close the application, it doesn’t let me. When I try to turn my ps4 with the PlayStation button on my controller, my system freezes. I then have to unplug to completely shut off. Anyone else having the same problem?

  34. I keep hearing the game is broken but every time I go to play it, it works just fine for me. I am playing multiplayer mode and not Warzone so I don’t know if that makes a difference but I don’t get it. I wonder what the hell is going on!?

  35. modern warfare 2022 is probably gonna be better than modern warfare 2019 because of better technology and it’s been in development longer

  36. What exactly is going on with this? Are they just not fixing it? Has there been any responses from the devs?

  37. Can they plz fkn fix this game. Where tf is all that money going. This shit legit a virus now, had to uninstall cause it freezes every other game

  38. Here’s an idea how about nobody plays the damn game. I mean it’s already garbage and not very fun unless ur friends are playing….so my question is why do we keep making this shitty franchise think it’s okay to put out shitty games? It’s bc no matter the quality they produce people will still play it

  39. What in the fruit loop fuck is going on with this game? I have a ps4 and have loved playing cod but now it freezes and lags so bad I have to hard restart my system all the time. Fuck why cant we just enjoy this game without constant updates and cross play?

  40. I can’t even play it on ps5 the game just deletes all the data packs so I have to re-download every data pack every time I go to play

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