Javier Baez has been the worst hitter in all of MLB by xwOBA so far

  1. I feel like some of y’all are overreacting a bit 2 months into a 6 year contract. He hasn’t been good by any stretch of the imagination but I also remember guys like Justin Upton looking completely lost at the plate and then being the best hitter in baseball for 2 months. He can still turn it around.

  2. People are also likely discounting the fact that he changed leagues. The difficulty of that adjustment depends on the player.

  3. I’m disappointed with his offense so far but am very willing to withhold judgement on the contract until the end of the season. The back of the deal is going to be pretty bad, so a lost year at the beginning could make the whole thing look miserable.

  4. Just a quick glance at the other high profile shortstops: Semien, Seager, and Story are all batting in the 220s so not a huge bump up (expanded stats may tell us more) Correa has only played 35 games, but is at 279. Basically, the jury is still out. It’s been a weird season, BA/HR are down all around. Javy had an early injury that may still bug him a little and he’s in a new league. Yes, he looks god awful with those chases. But even just looking at shortstops, there aren’t any of the sought after free agents that I’m like, damn we really missed out. Nobody on the Tigers is getting out of the park, it’s just mystifying

  5. wOBA is weighted on base average, which is a metric kinda like OPS in that different ways of reaching base are given more value.

  6. Its the most predictive statistic in measuring a hitters performance. If you look at it year over year, it is good at eliminating luck from the equation and identifying good/bad hitters. Its the stat that we used on the team mostly.

  7. xwOBA = expected weighted On Base Average. Basically how often Baez is expected to get on base and taking into account of things like parks (like the Coors Effect) and how much the balls are flying in other games.

  8. xWOBA, is a Statcast based stat that ignores the actual outcome of the at bat, but rather predicts outcomes using the Statcast measured launch angle and exit velocity, plus the batters sprint speed.

  9. This is not the type of stat you're going to hear the play by play guys talking about, but this is a very popular stat among the crowd following advanced baseball statistics.

  10. This is largely why I have no idea what I’m ever reading about anymore. I appreciate that the analytics people like to keep track of this stuff but it’s kinda too much for me…

  11. His statcast page is truly awful. So bad, in fact, that I am concerned. I understand he has a track record. I do. And, I expect him to perform better. But the question I have is what happens if this is a skills decline at the plate? His plate discipline is abysmal already. If his bat speed slows or hand-eye coordination deteriorates slightly then it would be a huge problem. That is the main reason I didn't want Detroit to sign him. I think his contract could be awful in his 30s. I mean, it might be awful already. Lol. I'm not ready to declare this over. I'm waiting for him to find something. But, I've run out of patience as a fan. He sucks ass right now. He's a poor fit offensively for this lineup too.

  12. i really wish we could as a collective just be cool. Not saying we cannot have discussions or disagree, but its either feast or famine here.

  13. Trevor Story meanwhile is on pace for around ~5 fWAR this season with the Red Sox. He's the exact same age, exact same price tag, the details of his contract are even more favorable for the Red Sox, so why on earth did we sign Baez instead of him?

  14. There were reports he turned down more money from the Rockies because he wanted a chance to win (oops). We can't just assume hed have taken a similar offer from the tigers. The consensus was Story was going to cost more. He either took a deal, or got played in the market.

  15. Absolute mystery to me. If it was the reason other teams stayed away from Story, it was because of the disparity in his home/road splits from having played in Coors. However, Baez's career wRC+ as of today is 101 whereas Story's current wRC+ playing on the road is 99. It's not like there was a huge downgrade, if any, going from one guy to the next. However, the holes in Baez's offense were apparent for anyone with eyes and could read a stat line. The guy has been doomed to be a liability from the plate, and while I think he's better than what he's currently doing, nothing about his offense was going to be sustainable over the length of the contract

  16. A key part of it could be the shift to 2nd base though, something the Tigers couldn’t really do because they’d still have no SS.

  17. Because Al Avila has no fucking idea what he's doing, yet some people will still defend his 7 year rebuild that has gone nowhere

  18. The same Trevor Story who started off ICE COLD. Stats tell a story…but not the whole one. You need to put it in context. It’s not like Story was producing from Day 1.

  19. Lmao his actual wOBA is EVEN WORSE, how does this support your argument in any way? I was actually doing him a FAVOR by using the expectation versus reality.

  20. The worst part is how fucking obvious it was, there's a reason he was seen as the worst of the FA SS and the guy that everyone was terrified of signing because of how badly he'd age

  21. Just another guy on the roster that strikes out way too much. When they falter; with no walks, inability to move runners by hitting behind them or even bunt you get “nothing” with a player like this.

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