Game Thread: Blue Jays @ Tigers - Sat, Jun 11 @ 04:10 PM EDT

  1. So bad today. Want that scorecard to show the +1.2 to the Jays, so that their sub, which referred to the Tigers pitching as “cheeks” is proven to have effectively held the Jays to negative runs.

  2. Man ever since Soto figured out his slider he has been absolutely unhittable. When you have a 100+ mph fastball with an offspeed pitch that's working for you.. holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. I really like the broadcast from right field. Seems like they are so much more relaxed and having more fun than I’ve ever heard on the Bally broadcast since the chair incident.

  4. I got into arguments on Twitter earlier that Victor Reyes is ready and Riley Greene isn't yet. Victor Reyes was definitely ready to come back

  5. I had no doubt his bat would be ready, but last time he came up after just a few rehab games he got hurt immediately.

  6. Hey guys, I’m Robbie Grossman, and I play Right Field for your Detroit Tigers! And I’m here to tell you that you can too, if you start every day with a hearty breakfast from McDonalds. Like the new Sausage/egg McGriddle Value Meal, available now for a limited time for under five dollars. Remember guys, real champs eat at McDonald’s. I’m lovin’ it!

  7. Why is Javy leaning home off a line drive? Dudes a big league ballplayer. If it gets through you walk home. Bad base running imo

  8. I'm fucking HEATED. I put $50 on the Twins after the first inning when they were down 0-3 and the odds were +300 or something. The bet went through so I closed the app. I come back after the game... bet nowhere to be seen. Fucking draftkings.

  9. I’m beyond thrilled with his poise. He’s gotten into jams and worked his way out of it. Both him and Faedo have a ridiculous amount of poise for rookie pitchers

  10. Brieske has done his job well today. Saved the bullpen and honestly I didn’t expect him to do this well today.

  11. Honestly, even I'm getting tired of the "weren't the 84 Tigers great" talk, and they are the team of my generation.

  12. Didn’t you know that the 1984 Tigers is the single greatest team in not just baseball history but the history of organized sports? I know because everyone who was alive to experience it has reminded me every summer for my 31 years on this Earth

  13. Since the Bally broadcast is completely ignoring the game in favor of the interview now… how is that runner not out, when the throw hits him while he’s running inside the foul line?

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