Top to bottom (majors thru minors) and in all aspects of operations (not just wins and losses), are the Tigs better off now versus the Tigs as they were in 2015? This is not meant for any support or non support for Avila. Just a general question.

  1. The 2015 team was better but this team is better off. In 7 years you'd like to see much more progress but this is where were at. Still rebuilding....

  2. I think the rebuild teams would beat this team, but this is also now a rebuild team, whatever point is this team is a disaster.

  3. They also had a losing record despite the 4th highest payroll in the league FWIW. At least if nothing else we have some prospects who might pan out currently.

  4. Agreed, basically we are just waiting for the hitting development to catch up to the pitching development.

  5. I agree with this 100% and have discussed with a few people how the pitching depth can be flipped for position players. That said and trying to tread lightly saying this as I have been patient with Al and definitely understand the organization he took over is 2015, but I am real nervous about him being the person to make such trades. At this point I believe a lot of importance will be on these type from pitching depth for position players.

  6. For me giving some thought I do think the organization all things considers is ahead of where it was in 2015. I guess it's very difficult to think that though considering how completely pathetic this team is this year Think as one person pointed out is the lack of real progress to date is frustrating. Just the fact that in 2015 the team had zero organizational depth (not even a single roll player or two in the minor league pipeline) and a complete bloated payroll made up largely in past their prime players. So zero ability at the time to spend money to improve the roster plus zero players on their minor league system was a very bad combination. While I agree that once Greene graduates to mlb status, this organization has little legit minor league talent. Do think there are roll player types though. But even with the disaster that is the Baez contract, the team still has financial flexibility in comparison to where it was in 2015 to add to the recently graduated to mlb status (Skubal, Mize, manning, Brieske, faedo, Lange, soto, etc).

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