An Historically Bad Offense Is Just One of the Tigers’ Problems

  1. Tough read but idk what I expected. The apathy is what’s pissing me off. Like the numbers are here, you can see how hard most of the lineup has fallen off and how terrible of shape were on and like…nothing has been done like NOTHING. No firings, no adjustments, no trading, no signings like nothing. Al has thrown the mud hens at em and AJ doesn’t even feel like he’s trying and like they themselves publicly came out and said they’re “trying” this year. Like how do you plaster that at the beginning of the year, fall to 24-38 in June and just go “welp gots to see it through my brutha”. That’s why I gave up watching this season, they clearly don’t care to improve the product actively so why support them right now? The stat that really got me is that all the teams our record is better than are actively trying to lose/tank. Like we’re “trying” and like a game or 2 better than 2 teams who dumped their payroll…like how the fuck can anyone sit in that FO and not feel the heat

  2. At this point ownership is trying to keep some profits coming in until they sell. It is easy to not change course. Hinch is the only competent person that could get an equivalent job in another organization.

  3. I don't think the Illich family will ever sell the team. Maybe we'll just get lucky that one of them turns out a baseball fan.

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