Rosenthal: Tigers' mess of a season is the consequence of multiple failings by the organization

  1. I'm blaming the pandemic. And the whales are covered. And it's the Chinese Year of the Tiger, which has put added pressure on the club. And Casey Mize wasn't breathing through his eyelids.

  2. I truly wonder if Chris even likes baseball like his father. Is this just a money making venture for him or is he actually passionate about the Detroit Tigers

  3. Just an FYI about The Athletic - I received a free sub with my NYTimes sub. This website is pretty good, worth the price of my NYTimes sub for sure. I dont know what The Athletic wants as a stand alone, maybe not worth that price but paired with NYTimes is a great deal.

  4. You can also open the articles in reader mode in Safari to get around the paywall. I read a lot of Stavenhagen that way.

  5. I’ve been subbed to the athletic for a few years now. It is fantastic. The writers are much more reliable than your average beat writer. From what I heard, a ton of writers are wanting to get in with the Athletic due to their proper treatment of employees and also the credibility of their name.

  6. A lot of good points but almost all of them point to the failures of three or more years ago. The process the last couple seasons has been much better, even if the results aren't what we want.

  7. For the Tigers, the 2022 season amounts to a series of harsh reality checks, one stinging slap after another. By now, the lesson is clear: A rebuild does not end with the signing of one or two free agents, or the promotions of one or two top prospects. Even the best teams continually chip away at their deficiencies. And only through proper evaluating and deft maneuvering can a middling club like the Tigers ascend to elite.

  8. “I’m as angry as anybody, more angry than anybody,” general manager Al Avila said. “We’re all angry. And we’re all accountable — including the players. Right now, we’re re-evaluating and scrutinizing everything in the front office, player development, scouting, our staff and our players. When this happens, it’s not person or one department or one player. This is team-wide.”

  9. No one could see that Mize and Manning would go down for the year, or the Rodriguez was going to have a breakdown (no offense but that is what is happening)...that Baez was going to shit the bed both offensively and defensively and that Meadows was going to get hit with vertigo. Hell when Greene went down we all thought, just give it time...There is no blame was just a bad hand we were dealt.

  10. Great article. The Tigers’ organization is inept from top to bottom and things will not change until everyone involved is replaced. The owner, GM, scouting, analytics, coaches, most players, etc

  11. That article was pretty rough. I don't read all of Rosenthal's articles but I don't remember him going after another GM in this way before. I wonder if there is some bad history with Rosenthal and Avila we are unaware of.

  12. Make no mistake. These Failings started long before 2017. Why? Because EVERY DETROIT ORGANIZATION THOUGHT IT WAS BETTER TO ADMIT THAT IT WAS BETTER TO POSTPONE A REBUILD RATHER THAN JUST GET IT DONE AND OVER WITH! Tigers. Bad. Pistons. Bad. Lions. Their rebuild is almost complete and they look different while finishing up. Red Wings. Let's not even start.

  13. Pistons really fell apart when Davidson died and the widow had the team up for sale forever and didn't want to complicate the sale. Really tied Joe Ds hands.

  14. I'm sorry. I've watched and listened to them and their ups and downs since 2001. In the same time of the red wings since the 90's, the best of the detroit teams, the tigers, pistons and lions all made playoff appearances at least twice. The pistons won it all in 04 and lost the next year to the spurs, then aside from a miracle appearance in 2015 or 2016, nothing. The tigers have two world series appearances and were a game short in 06 or 07 to Saint Louis. Made a second appearance in 2012 and we lost 4 to 1. And then the lions. Last division win 1993. Last playoff win in I dont know what year. Last two appearances marred by the referees blowing game deciding calls.

  15. Everyone already knows this but the owner. That is the problem. Somebody tell Chris he owns a baseball team that is heading towards 62 wins in his GMs 7th year..

  16. "Winning teams excel not only at evaluating players with other clubs, but also their own. The only reasonable conclusion to draw from the Tigers’ mess of a season is that they are failing on both fronts."

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