Do you still believe in the Detroit Tigers as a team that can build on last year, or does this year just feel like a lost cause, and the games aren’t worth watching anymore

  1. The season is a lost cause, but you might still enjoy watching the Tigers if you forget about Ws & Ls and focus on specific players. Can Torkelson sort it out? Will Riley Greene continue to be a big offensive/defensive plus and maybe start hitting for power? Can Skubal bounce back and build on his great start? How many more people will Miggy pass on the all time list? These are the questions that keep me interested in the Tigers.

  2. There are promising players in the system that could be valuable to whatever front office takes over, but the overarching direction of the team is a lost cause with Avila handling things. The fact they’re about to let him conduct another draft and trade deadline is absolute madness.

  3. I just find it so incredible that this organization can’t develop hitters and it’s been that way for a very long time. The Tigers organization is where hitters go to die.

  4. Avila MUST go before I invest anymore time or money into the Tigers. It's been seven years and we're no closer to competing than we were back then. Other teams have peaked, torn it down, rebuilt, and been back in competition in that time...and we're still spinning our tires.

  5. Beyond terrible would be how I’d describe Al Avila’s tenure as the Detroit Tigers GM, fire his ass for the love of baseball Gods.

  6. This season is lost to me. The roster is bad and the injuries to the pitching have killed any chance at being competitive with a bad offense.

  7. I think it's unproductive to imagine that what people do in a few months is always what they will do, especially when they are injured.

  8. As long as Chris Ilitch owns the team, it will be a lost cause. Unlike his father, he doesn't care at all about trying to win a World Series. He's happy to collect his MLB shared revenue and call it good. I get it, we all loved Mike Ilitch, both as the Tigers owner, but also as the Red Wings owner...we loved his desire to win, his willingness to whatever it took to give Detroit winning teams.

  9. Injuries have been devastating. Badoo blowing up hurt. In fact, being competitive with the entire starting staff down with injuries does give hope. The fact that our prime players all slumped at the same time was unexpected. Relieving has been a bright spot. Who expected the stars of the future to fail like Tork?

  10. I would like to add just for total Transparency that I thought the Meadows trade at the time was a good idea, and that after 2021 before this season began, I was willing to give Avila the benefit of the doubt that he had finally turned things around. A few months later the start of the season, and here we are.

  11. Wow. How about the team has suffered an unusual number of injuries and players underperforming that has nothing to do with the gm?

  12. How about all of Avila’s amazing moves that he has made throughout his 7 year tenure? Not trading Fulmer, not Trading Boyd, Trading JV to the Astros for 3 guys 2 of which are not relevant, 1 of which is out of baseball entirely, Trading JD Martinez for 3 nothing burgers. Signing Jordan Zimmerman to that ridiculously bad contract, signing E-Rod for way too much money, signing Javier Baez, signing Mike pelfrey to a bad contract, singing mark Lowe to that terrible contract, and on top of that we are no closer to 500 then we were last year, in fact we are even further away. My point is a majority of Al’s tenure on this team has been a massive net negative and change needs to happen if this franchise wants to ever be competitive ever again. Then we get to look at his awful draft choices, such as passing on Mayer and Lawlar so he could take a highschool pitcher who won’t be ready until 2025 in Jobe and Ty Madden who I kid you not, I watched pitch 92 mph at his maximum velocity in West Michigan.

  13. I never said I wanted people to stop watching. The poll is do you think this season is a lost cause in terms of building because Avila is here, or do you think there is still hope we can build on last year. When I say build, I mean, can you go 500? Thats what seems like the goal should have been going into this season after winning over 75 last year. People are free to continue to watch or not watch anymore at their own peril, my question is simply do you believe that the team that is currently out there on the field is any better than last year.

  14. We have so many injuries this year I made a joke that we compared to the 2018 49ers (that year they were riddled with injuries). I mean some of our starting pitchers are AA pitchers. However this season is a huge disappointment to me I though we would’ve been at least a .500 team (I’m also a positive thinker so maybe I set myself up for failure there). Happy to see miggy play better and Greene is just an electric player that is a joy to watch. Right now though I would just like to see improvement and see if we can build some momentum for next year.

  15. Don't forget dealing a guy who could have been useful in the immediate (though not at all really a part o the team's future) - Thompson has provided some good looking ABs for the Dodgers since he was sent over there to shore up their outfield depth, continuing from the hot streak he started with the Hens.

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