[Petzold] Christopher Ilitch on the #Tigers at Derek Lalonde's news conference: "I'm very pleased with the progress. Despite a very slow start this season, there's actually some good progress happening with some of the young guys that have come up and developed and so on and so forth."

  1. To who? I’m genuinely curious if there are viable potential owners out there wanting to buy and/or spend money to evolve the franchise. I’ve not heard of any but I don’t live in Detroit any longer.

  2. Chris is a fucking moron. He's so lucky that Yzerman wanted to come back here otherwise the Wings wouldn't be having a bright future either. The Wings are trending upwards DESPITE the piss poor ownership.

  3. I think people put too much stock into owners. I will concede his lack of spending is concerning but the real problem is the fact that Al Avila is still the GM... who Chris should fire immediately... fuck me.

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