Your thoughts on entering the bidding for Juan Soto?

  1. Maybe I’m in the minority here but I would happily include Greene in a trade for Juan Soto-Soto was the best player on a championship team at the same age Greene is now. Obviously I love Riley but we’re talking about a chance to acquire an arguably top 5 player who is still only 23. As others have said, we’d obviously need an extension first.

  2. With the Tigers? He wants to play for a team that is actually capable of doing things in the near future. He turned down 440 million because he knows the Nationals suck right now and doesn’t believe they will do anything anytime soon. An extension with the Tigers is out of the question for 2 reasons. Reason A) Chris Illitch is a cheap bastard who wouldn’t want to pay what Soto would ask for, and Reason B) Soto doesn’t want to play for another basement dwelling baseball team.

  3. It's also that the team had been to a world series two years prior to the move and was loaded. Cabrera was put in the middle of a good lineup.

  4. I just don't see a trade like that happening for Detroit. I'm sure Soto wants to go to a contending team. Tigers stand to really not move a lot at the trade deadline because we want to hold onto our prospects at this point. I can imagine us Tigers fans would be livid if we made a trade with our top prospects at this point. Can you imagine the dumpster fire if they traded Riley Greene? I'm probably wrong but I really don't think the Tigers have anyone worth trading for someone like Soto.

  5. Yea, no trade for Soto happens unless we end up trading Greene, a couple of our pitching prospects, and maybe even Skubal and a bullpen arm. I’ve seen people try to argue that we could find a way to keep Greene, but we really can’t keep Greene and get Soto.

  6. Completely agree, we shouldn't be trading off all our prospects who are finely starting to develop. Maybe in a year or two when we're hopefully looking scarier and need that missing piece. Not worth it right now.

  7. Ain't happening. I think if it was remotely possible we'd trade away nearly all the worthwhile prospects and it would be a huge backward step for the team. Also, as much as Soto is probably the best young in the game right now, it's totally unnecessary for a team with a similar record to the Nats.

  8. i'm not sure if our farm is deep enough. it might start at greene & tork or greene & skubal plus whatever else and that would put us in a weird spot

  9. There isn't anything close enough in our system to even entertain a trade for Soto. The asking price is going to be beyond enormous.

  10. I'd deal for Soto in a long as you are absolutely sure he will ink a long term deal. Soto is a generational player. Just look at his comparables by age on Baseball Reference. The list is full of hall of fame members or locks to be, including Miggy.

  11. I’d do whatever it takes. Any player or prospects should be available. Soto is pretty much prime miggy and players like that hit the market once in a generation. When that happens you do whatever you can.

  12. My thoughts? There is an infinitely higher likelihood that the sun will explode tomorrow then Al Avila and Chris Illitch even attempting to trade for Juan Soto, and an even lower likelihood that they sign him because spoiler alert, I doubt Soto wants to play for another loser. That’s why Soto turned down 440 million, because he knows the current situation of the Nationals, and he wants to play for a winner and a team that is actually capable of do things in the near future I.e definitely not the Tigers.

  13. The conversation starts with if he would sign an extension in Detroit. If no then it’s not even worth discussing. If yes, then the asking price sky rockets up (I’d imagine). They likely want some proven talent as well as prospects; that means one of Greene or Tork and likely Skubal plus some lower level prospects/talent. In my mind that doesn’t really make the tigers better long term. Sure Soto may be a generational player but it leaves the team pretty bear around him. Idk he’s a great player it’s hard to just say NO, but i don’t see a way it works with where the team currently is.

  14. Brother, if we were hanging out at 2nd and 1st place I would say let's go dicks out and do it. But the fact that we're down soooo bad I would say let other teams feast because Soto ain't fixing this shit bird. Plus I couldn't bare all the takes about Soto when he comes here and sucks like everyone else seems to do

  15. Best case you get Mike Trout like numbers for ten years and give up your best half dozen prospects. So, a decade of + or - .500 ball. This isn’t the way to win a championship and it won’t happen anyway, so let’s move on.

  16. That isn’t at all the path the Rays have taken for the past decade. Spending replaces organizational wisdom, which we lack tremendously.

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