1. I concur. I feel like this whole thing just came from some clickbait-y headline indicating that Al will listen to offers for everyone (typical GM speak). He’s our ace and i look forward to him pitching game 1 when we make it back to the ALDS

  2. It is high on the dodgers one, but you gotta shoot high since we don’t have to give him up at all this year

  3. We don’t have to trade him so if we do better get an assload in return. If he doesn’t get that then Al needs to be forcibly removed from office by the fans.

  4. I would think maybe Skubal could be a piece in a trade for soto although unlikely. I just like the story line. Biggest player on trade market since Miggy. Miggy contract off books when soto is due. So as I fall asleep and start to dream, would Skubal, Tork, Dingler, Jobe get it done?

  5. I do not trust Avila to make that move. Though I fear loosing Skubal since I think he could be one of the top pitchers in the league moving forward, I could stomach it. I cannot stomach the thought that Avila is the one to deal him.

  6. Mariners fan here. I suggested Arroyo (our #1 prospect by some), Brash, Dollard, Miller,Stoudt, Toro for Skubal over in our sub. Thoughts from tigers fans?

  7. I would love Pages in a tigers uni. I watched him a lot when he was with the Loons, dude has a good bat and a rocket launcher for an arm.

  8. Trading for more prospects or players that aren’t absolutely rock solid additions to a team trying to make the post-season is crazy. We could get Soto. We would have to give up much more than Skubal, but we could do it.

  9. The only way I would trade him is for one everyday bat and two good bat prospects. We have a lot of pitching but we can't roll with scoop and baddoo and the castros. Need more bats.

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