[Morosi] Sources say #Tigers taking similar approach with Tarik Skubal and Gregory Soto: They will engage in trade talks if a team offers multiple high-impact players, at or near the @MLB level. If that doesn't happen, the Tigers are happy to keep both.

  1. I want to keep Skubal but more than anything I don't want Al to be the one to make the trade of Skubal. Probably will get a utility guy and two lifer AAAA players

  2. Sounds good. They're both great and I'd love to keep them, but they're also replaceable if you get a great offer. If we've learned anything this year, it's that we have a ton of pitching depth.

  3. Soto is replaceable but losing Skubal without a big haul is not easily replaceable. A lefty who's advanced analytics show he is the real deal is not something that grows on trees. Not to mention a cheaper price tag than the FA market and under team control for a long time still

  4. I would not be upset to see Soto go because he’s got three or four solid guys behind him and truthfully he shouldn’t be a closer anyway. But I don’t think we have THAT much depth in starting pitching, particularly a lefty this young in his career.

  5. I am not a fan of Soto. I would like to trade him for position player pospects with excellent speed, good defense who hit for high average.

  6. I wouldn’t mind keep Soto as he’s one of the better lefty relievers in baseball and has electric stuff. I would listen to any package that involves a upper level hitting prospect

  7. The Soto hate is so weird to me. Teams like the Rays and Twins would kill for a closer like him. Top 5 save percentage last two years. Yeah but his Xbhopb is -103, who cares, he just wins

  8. Welcome to the Tigers subreddit, where people feel the need to freak out over mundane news just for the sake of freaking out.

  9. Wow, nice comp. Looks like weaver had a 3.18 era with the tigers that year too, after a few decent years with some promise. Moral of the story, you never know how trades will pan out.

  10. So we either overvalue our guys and get nothing or we trade our guys and probably get fleeced, either way we are screwed! Fire Al and Co!! They can’t evaluate or develop talent!

  11. We have reached a point where our front office is so incompetent they would rather trade good players under team control in hopes of receiving prospects with unknown potential that COULD be good or bad. Al Avila and co. is a clown show

  12. It would have to be an earth shattering trade for me to be happy with trading skubal. No prospects, I want instant upgrade superstars in an unfair trade.

  13. am I being naïve to think that all big things like trading Skubal and when to start and stop a rebuild comes from the owner?

  14. Some of y'all. I swear. I'm not an Avila homer but you're pissed no matter what he does. A few years ago y'all were pissed he got fleeced in trades. Now he's not doing that and y'all are still pissed.

  15. I don't understand why this headline/tweet is so controversial. They should always listen to offers, and require a great package to give up certain players.

  16. Still in the sell off mode. 6+ years of rebuild. Still near the bottom of MLB. All levels of farm clubs average or below. Prospects not being developed properly. Lack of success at highest levels and injury prone.

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