Are race inspired helmets good for upright riding?

  1. If I was touring I'd be more interested in something with an internal sun-shield like an RPHA 70 but there's no reason you can't tour in an Exo R1 or RPHA 11.

  2. I have a more racing oriented helmet (X-lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon) and I can’t recommend it at all for street riding. Upright position is not the issue at all but very poor sound proofing. That thing is loud!

  3. Since you're already looking at scorpion, I'd say go for a ST1400 instead of a r1. About the same price, really comfortable, has 40mm cutouts for comms, build in retractable sun visor, and has a pinlock visor out of the box. It even has the AirFit system in it.

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