Android 12 for Edge 2021!!!

  1. Just got it on my Edge 21 as well. Other than the visually changes (Lock Screen looks very plain with big buttons, icons are more rounded, and Notification Center icons are much larger) it seems the same? I did notice the phone feels slower than before, maybe it’s still optimizing or indexing or whatever.

  2. Yeah I'm about 12 hours in and am noticing some lag time opening up apps and general slow down when scrolling through long web pages, but nothing super bad. I haven't done any reboots yet so it might just be the system normalizing after the update. It is a nice visual update though

  3. I had this same issue, phone was super laggy, thought the same thing. Now I'm kinda screwed bc the screen decided it wants to hang all the time and became unusable.

  4. No but what I've been seeing, some people have been having serious issues with this update... I'm sure it'll get better tho eventually tho. But I'm still stuck on Android 10. I have a Motorola One 5g ace.

  5. Not sure where to ask this, but I used to be able to turn on/off the data usage by app. I think this was before this update. Now I can't find that setting and I'm stuck with an app always not using data (which happened to screw up an activity today). Any ideas how to deal with this?

  6. Try swiping down from the top to access Quick Settings and tap on the "Internet tile" for all your Internet connection/disconnection options.

  7. I got the update and now I can't switch which network type I want to use, which means I can't get to 5G anymore, and that's a huge problem for me.

  8. I just updated on 05/05/2022 and everything seems to be working OK so far. It'll take a bit of getting used to the layout/settings, etc.

  9. Android 12 is nothing to ride home about. Few things visually I don't even notice a difference otherwise except there's more stuttering and lagging. If your on A11 your not missing out on much

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