What is the worst piece of dialogue that you have ever heard in a movie?

  1. Burying the lede on so many good lines from that movie. It literally ends with her telling the guy "Just tell me you love my you pussy."

  2. In Freddy vs. Jason: “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. Do you know why they sing that? Because that’s when he comes for you.”

  3. In Volcano, when Tommy Lee Jones’ daughter is playing rock paper scissors with the little kid. “That’s not paper, it’s lava! What beats that?” “My dad”

  4. I lose it when the geologist says the glowing, flowing lava-like substance moving down the street is lava, and the firefighters look at each other in shock. OMG LAVA? ... Weren't we taught about lava in 3rd grade? What else could it be?

  5. That line is a crime against the english language, like seriously you're a writer and never heard of synonyms?

  6. "You better hold on tight, spidermonkey," is one my sister and I still say to each other. Twilight.

  7. "I was playing around with our mom's names, Renee and Esme. And I was thinking, Renesmee." Brilliant

  8. For me it was the scene between Jacob and Mike at the cinema. The interaction is just so ridiculous.

  9. I put on Twilight for my niece and daughter at a sleepover recently. They’ve never seen it. They absolutely died at that line and were still saying it the morning after to each other and laughing.

  10. "From now on, I'm Switzerland" is probably the worst line. Robert practically broke character looking at her like "Wait did she really just say that?"

  11. It’s also such a dumb line within the context of the movie because he knows it’s an egg, it’s only in the movie because they need to preserve the “twist” that the stone was actually an egg. A twist that I don’t think literally anyone was surprised by.

  12. If you ask me, "fantastic" is such a rarely used word now, it's going to sound strange in any script, just like how the MCU has managed to leave "Incredible" out of the script when describing Hulk.

  13. I like to point out that that scene is the only time The Thing and Sue interact the entire movie. Outside of this cringeworthy dialogue, they literally have no relationship.

  14. "He's got space dementia!" - Armageddon. I love William Fichtner, but the poor guy can't do anything with that line. Of course, Michael Bay probably made his actors say 100s of other terrible lines in the Transformers films, but lucky I can't remember any.

  15. Best line ever. It is so terrible and so random and so funny. Why is a 5 year old boy finding out he has a life destroying disease from a Texas Ranger?

  16. I love the buildup and then Conan's reaction when they first showed that clip. One of his greatest moments.

  17. There's this terrible, terrible horror movie we watched called the Pyramid. The group have found themselves trapped in a room and one of the characters proclaims:

  18. That movie is absolutely wild. Sometimes I'm not even sure I actually watched it or had a dream that I think was the movie

  19. “I used to know a girl, she had a dozen guys. One of them found out about it – beat her up so bad she ended up at a hospital on Guerrero Street.”

  20. I love how John Barrowman just did that as a joke to get a reaction out of his costar and they kept it in the movie.

  21. I used to watch the edited for TV version of that movie and thought it was hilarious. When I worked at Hollywood Video I'd recommend it a lot and one day put it on in the store. When that scene popped up I just about died.

  22. Recently learned that the expressions and blasé nature of the protagonists were due to directors notes. They were instructed to avoid strong or negative expressions, 'cause those were the ones the plants used to kill.

  23. Chon is a killer. Two tours. Iraq, Afghanistan. And he came back with a Iot of cash, but no soul. He's always trying to fuck the war out of himself while fucking me in the ass. I have orgasms. He has war-gasms.

  24. I'll never forgive this movie. I truly believe as a grown-ass man that Avatar is one of the best fantasy stories/ worlds we've got. I can forgive an honest attempt gone wrong, but this movie was so indifferent to its brilliant source material. They couldn't even be bothered to get the names right.

  25. Time is running out. Psychologist:”we all need to talk about this and everyone needs to have their say” bitch you just got a year older wasting time saying that!

  26. I still can't believe that after he destroyed the first X-men franchise with the terrible Dark Phoenix story they let the same guy make the same movie all over again and destroy the rebooted franchise too.

  27. From my favorite bad film, The Dungeons And Dragons movie. Villian: “you thieves are all the same, always taking things that don’t belong to you”

  28. I'll never forget when I asked my friend, who saw it before me, what he thought of the movie. A dark shadow crossed his eyes, he closed them to hold in the pain for a moment, then met my eyes and said solemnly "it's amazing, as long as you ignore every scene with Anakin and Padme."

  29. Ya although I have my issues with Christensen's portrayal the last time I saw attack of the clones I said out loud some of his lines to myself and although I am far from an actor I don't see how even the greatest thespian in history could save some of them. They just sound so ridiculous and something that no human would ever say, some of the problems with the prequel movies go far, far beyond Christensen's acting ability.

  30. If you want to be a killer you have to be smart, which I will demonstrate by openly murdering a stranger with my huge gun in broad daylight in front of a crowd while also being a minority in 80s America.

  31. What bugs me more than bad dialog is terrible exposition. It kills me. I can't remember any off the top of my head but stuff like "You know that ever since our father died mysteriously I have been having nightmares of clowns?" "I hope you know that if you were not the son of the most powerful man in the world I would fail you from this test that only few pass with their lives"

  32. I love when this trope is done intentionally for laughs though. Specifically the exposition in action satire Big Trouble in Little China:

  33. That line alone isn't actually that terrible, but the fact that the subject is never brought up again is pretty hilarious.

  34. "Do you know what happens to a toad when it's struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else." - X-Men (2000).

  35. You ever really sit back and think about that scene? There's this big race, where everyone has a $3,500 buy in. So whoever wins is looking at a $10,500 profit. Of course, Paul Walker in his GTR "wins", but does he really win?

  36. from the Mandalorian : it says you are from alderaan? you lose anybody?. i cant help but to laugh at this line and i don't know why

  37. For me, up there in terms of most cringeworthy lines from TROS is Rey, staring at that boring old Sith dagger: "Terrible things have been done with this!"

  38. It’s really no wonder why WB forced Arrow to get rid of their Suicide Squad. Because they knocked that scene out of the park.

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