Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness | Official Teaser

  1. Just a heads up, the whole plot of this movie has already leaked. So be warned, if you rummage through internet discussions you're likely to run into information/surprises hidden from the trailers.

  2. Same trailer shown in No Way Home post credits for those wondering! (There's also a mid credit scene though).

  3. I’m psyched for Dr Strange 2, but I was letdown by the post credit being a trailer that we’d just get on YT in a week. I was hoping for extra scenes of No Way Home, maybe clips of the other Spider-Men in their universe, seeing the after effect in their worlds of the villains being turned good/neutralized. Honestly, it was such a fun movie that I didn’t want it to end.

  4. Yeah, to be honest, I was a bit annoyed that they just shoved in a trailer for the post credits "scene". I tend to avoid trailers because they're very spoilery, I've never seen an MCU movie do this before

  5. Looking at the upcoming Lego sets, its supposed to be Gargantos. No idea, why Marvel made him look exactly like Shuma Gorath tho.

  6. I saw No Way Home yesterday and when this trailer hit at the end I absolutely lost it when I saw Shuma Gorath

  7. People saying this doesn't have any of Raimi's style have never watched a Raimi movie outside of the Spider-Man trilogy.

  8. I was starting to think I was crazy. Everything about it screams Raimi, from movement to blocking, this trailer alone more so than Oz did in its entirety (when discounting the transformation scene in that) hahaha

  9. It would be hilarious if they let Benedict Cumberbatch use his natural accent for the evil Dr Strange to make some joke about how British people are always evil in movies.

  10. Could be an alternate universe where Dr Strange, Spider-Man, Wong, Eddie Brock, Dr Octopus all use their original British accent.

  11. If you've been watching them since Ironman came out in 2008 it's really not much. A few movies a year is hardly tough to keep up with. You can skip all the Netflix shows, that just leave a couple of shows in the last year, which all only have 1 short season each.

  12. So excited for America Chavez's debut, I loved her in the 2015 Ultimates book, hell I'd love for that team to get their own film somehow as well

  13. They're pretty good with exposition in their movies to get everyone up to speed. Even in the trailer strange mentions westview.

  14. I mean it's a teaser trailer, there's tons of things we can't make sense of. TV viewers have more of an advantage at this point, but it's not necessarily a big deal. Besides, Westview may be a lock but we can't be certain yet that "evil Dr. Strange" is actually the same Strange Supreme from What If?, unless that's been confirmed somewhere outside of the trailer.

  15. Well if they watch only movies, they should be comfortable by now with the multiverse notion and can easily appreciate "Oh shit, dark/evil Strange."

  16. I mean, it looks like there's not going to be much follow up on Wandavision besides that Westview mention and Wanda officially being the Scarlet Witch. I don't think someone has to watch the show to understand that.

  17. The shows get fired in the 1.5-2 million range I believe. That’s no where close to the tickets sold by these movies so most people won’t be familiar with them

  18. I’ve actually really enjoyed the latest batch of marvel movies (minus eternals). Shang-Chi had a good villain, no way home did nostalgia right, and it’s looking like this movie won’t be afraid to be weird.

  19. Will be interested to see if they have the balls to make Wanda a genuine villain in this and not try to redeem her or make her super morally gray. I think redeeming her after the events of WandaVision is already a stretch.

  20. There’s rumours a lot of the reshoots were to significantly tone down Wanda as the villain because test audiences didn’t like it

  21. Wanda is a great character because she's a fundamentally good hearted person who keeps fucking up in unintended ways. She's kinda an Anti Villain, doing bad things but has good motives and sometimes its a result of her own trauma and lack of control. Making Wanda a remorseless villain isn't who she is.

  22. i don't see why she can't exist in the area of super morally grey. i'm not saying everyone should forget what happened in wandavision, but it's peanuts to the mistakes doctor strange is about to make. are we going to stop considering him one of the heroes because he messes up?

  23. Disney didn't have enough balls even in WandaVision so I doubt that they would do it in a huge blockbuster. Also previous director left(replaced) because of creative differences too.

  24. I mean, she is morally grey. She shouldn’t be a villain because he’s not a villain. She doesn’t do things to intentionally hurt people. The entire events of WandaVision were beyond her own understanding or control.

  25. So what, she'll just be full on evil after this going forward? I'm fine with her being a morally grey character. She's had villainous moments throughout her character history but she's fundamentally a hero. Changing her into a villain kind of goes against the character.

  26. At this point, it feels like Marvel is just using Doctor Strange the way that sci-fi writers use the word quantum. I'm looking forward to Raimi directing but I'm disappointed that in the MCU Strange has thus far just been plot glue, and yes NWH is included in that even if it did make everyone happy.

  27. what if... and loki are both awesome entries into the multiverse phase of marvel movies! very different from some of the earlier (kinda trashy) marvel spinoff series, imho.

  28. I think that the movie we get is going to be completely different from the one it was supposed to be at first.

  29. They never said this would be a full on horror film, just that it would have horror elements in it. Which there are a few moments that give it a bit of a horror vibe in this teaser. Plus, it's just the first trailer.

  30. Hoping for more of Raimi's style to come through in the actual film, cause this teaser (stylistically) did not give much.

  31. Yeah a lot of the camerawork seems a bit bland compared to his previous work, which is a bit disappointing to see. Maybe the trailer just didn't show it, but I'm a little cautious because my biggest worry was that the producers would try and tone down his style.

  32. There were definitely a few shots and set designs that gave me heavy raimi vibes, those shots of the decrepit sanctum at least seem very evil dead/spider man 1

  33. Will they make Wanda a villain? Because they wanted to make her sympathetic on Wandavision ... while ignoring the obvious mental torture she caused.

  34. Don't forget she didn't just cause mental torture. She also basically destroyed half the town with the final fight, and potentially cost people their jobs or worse since she cut them off from all reality for multiple weeks. You got imagine some of the people in the West View an elderly relative to live outside of town, that they would sometimes go and visit or even help with housework. Well, when does Westview citizens were brainwashed and detained for a month oh, maybe grandma died two towns over? Maybe this mall antique store three Towns over there was run by the family and Westview went out of business? Maybe there was a three-year-old in Daycare Two Towns over that was never picked up by Mom and Dad oh, because they were mind slaves?

  35. Definitely agree. The multiverse stuff can be used to introduce any number of call backs or fan service. Each marvel movie is just a well made commercial for the next, and they always have been.

  36. The most disappointing thing is that this looks like more MCU bullshit instead of something unique, which I thought was the goal by hiring Sam Raimi.

  37. I don’t quite understand what you mean by that. If it’s a Marvel movie then aren’t I signing up to watch a Marvel movie? When Ragnarok was coming out that was still Marvel bullshit but it changed the game for the character. Doctor Strange hasn’t had his own movie in 6 years so we really haven’t had a chance to see where his own story is heading. Either way I’ve always enjoyed the fiction in the comics and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the 3 hours of how they continue this universe. And technically they softened us up with a taste in No Way Home so I’m almost positive we’ll see something unique in the next step. Right?

  38. Yeah, it looks like just another Marvel movie, nothing really screamed Raimi to me. Sort of underwhelming after all of the talk about it.

  39. The thing about these marvel movies is that they are wildly predictable. Even with the addition to multiverse shit and the possible variety it gives, they still went with the corniest play by making dr. Strange himself an antagonist.

  40. Jesus Christ can we have one stand-alone film that doesn’t cross-integrate other characters as a part of a massive branding campaign. I just want to see Doctor Strange.

  41. Or something with literally any style that's not just Disney gloss and wardrobes that look like they are real clothes as oppose to every single character in the MCU using the same tailor lol.

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