Official poster for 'Uncharted'

  1. I'm looking forward to playing it on an in-flight entertainment system and then backing out after the first 10 minutes to watch a non-sequential episode of a TV show.

  2. I know I'm old when I was more excited that TBS was doing the Back to the Future trilogy than I was when it came out on streaming. It was low pressure with plenty of breaks and ended just in time for Wheel of Fortune. I'm 38.

  3. He was originally going to be portraying Nathan Drake (which would've made this movie even worse than it's going to be), but aged out. There was a big uproar when, years ago, he was chosen over Nathan Fillion. Fillion, was the inspiration for Nathan Drake's name, appearance, and personality, so a lot of people (such as myself) were doubly pissed they'd go with Wahlberg.

  4. Generic movie poster that long term uncharted fans would barely recognize that it’s about uncharted.

  5. I'll accept the downvotes, but let's be honest, Uncharted has a very generic story, so it fits the game (the gameplay is fun though).

  6. I'm not gonna say this poster isn't generic as fuck, but the uncharted series is hardly a bastion of unique ideas. The protagonist is completely forgettable, theres no fantasy or original scenarios/lore, it's not even the first game franchise to re-boot Indiana Jones.

  7. You know when like a new Transformers movie comes out and some way off-brand studio like The Asylum releases like TRANSMORPHERS or ROBOCARS or some shit?

  8. This feels more like The Asylums Lara Croft. For Indians Jones it would be like “Montana Smith and the temple of the brass Cranium “

  9. Isn't that basically what this is? Uncharted was a video game take on the movie Indiana Jones (and that genre overall) and now we have a movie that's a take on the video game Uncharted.

  10. I don’t know much about the series, but Holland looks miscast, too. Should have stuck with a Nathan Fillion-type.

  11. This was my thought exactly! For those that don't know who Drew Struzan is, check out the Indiana Jones posters as an example.

  12. I love that the lady on the left is holding a torch because that hasn't been done before so this poster is fresh and original.

  13. It’s even better when you realize there’s a brighter light source coming from the opposite side of the torch.

  14. This firmly belongs in the same category as Dragonball: Evolution and Shyamalan Avatar. I want to complain about it so I need to be able to know what I'm talking about, therefore I'm going to sail the high seas to skip throught this once and then go on to watch dozens of hours of YouTubers ripping into the damn thing.

  15. That's why Henry Cavill was so well-cast as Superman. He not only got the look right but seemed to build on Reeves' version. Cavill was SO well-cast that, until the Witcher, it seemed he would be stuck to that role and people wouldn't be able to see him as something else.

  16. Agreed. To me, Nathan Drake will always be Nolan North. No one else. Tom Holland is just a young actor who only got famous because he donned a very popular superhero suit.

  17. Honestly, I can't wait for this movie to flop both critically and financially. Sure, it seems like a good idea to turn into a movie, but the problem with Uncharted is that they're already epic movies but with gameplay elements. Take the gameplay away, and it's just another National Treasure, Indiana Jones, and The Mummy type film.

  18. Apparently they aren't either - they only put two of the actor's names on the poster. Isn't that Antonio Banderas in the middle? And the lady on the left looks familiar too. Didn't want to put them on the poster?

  19. Tati Gabrielle was the best part of Sabrina, at least tangentially interested to see how she does here because she deserves a breakout.

  20. All those guys in the boats look like they're standing. Some intern probably cropped out their legs and placed their upper halves "inside" the boats. I love it.

  21. By the look of the trailer they've squeezed in all the games, which makes no sense, what are they gonna do if they want a sequel? Fuck sully doesn't even have a mustache in poster, by the end of the trailer it has growing into one...

  22. We got your blue! We got your orange! We got your collage of actors with the major characters physically larger than the minor ones! We got circles! We got rays of light! Now come see the damn picture!

  23. People got so vocally pissed about Sully not having a moustache that they ended up adding a scene with him and his moustache into the theatrical trailers just to show they understand the lore of the game. This movie is going to be a mediocre action movie at best.

  24. I think the mustache issue is just where people start to point out problems with how miscast/poorly-envisioned/mark-missing it is. It would have been an easy way to help bridge the gap between the games and this movie, but the studio couldn't even be bothered to do that.

  25. Looks just about as generic as can be. Really, everything about this movie just screams 'GENERIC MEDIOCRE ADVENTURE THAT PEOPLE WILL FIND ENJOYABLE, BUT WILL FORGET THREE HOURS LATER', which is disappointing, coz the Uncharted games are amazing.

  26. That's the movie the Uncharted games were always trying to emulate. They only stand out because they're different from other video games.

  27. He did such a good job uplifting the Transformers franchise tha..... sorry I can't continue I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  28. God such terrible casting for Sully. When I think of Sully I think of a brash, boisterous, but ultimately wise father figure. Not a dude bro who happened to beat a Vietnamese man to near death and never apologize for it and also said that if he was on one of the 9/11 flights it wouldn’t have happened.

  29. I legit dont know how he still gets so much work. He hasn't made a good movie in... idk how long. The last Whalberg movie I liked was Pain and Gain and that had to have been 10+ years ago at this point

  30. Mark whalberg as sully is the worst casting choice they could have made... Even swapping Antonio would have been better, where the f*** is his moustache!!

  31. I would love an Uncharted movie, but Tom Holland looks way too wimpy looking (currently) for me to find him a believable Nathan Drake.

  32. God... that looks like horse shit. Even Bollywood movies had better posters than this shitfest. After I saw 'flying ships' I lost my all hope...

  33. This will bomb so fucking hard. It looks dogshit. They couldn’t even get Sully to have a moustache. It’s like the producers looked at one trailer from the entire trilogy and said “alright, got it, thanks.”

  34. Literally every young man in a big movie over the last couple of years has been portrayed by either him or Timothée Chalamet. It breaks the immersion for me when they’re in that many different movies.

  35. Of all the young white guys in Hollywood they could have chosen for this role, why Tom Holland? Terrible casting in my opinion. I’m guessing Sony promised him another franchise role so he would keep playing Spider-Man.

  36. I hope this movie flops. Whalberg is terrible and I’m so tired of the Holland hype. I’m convinced playing a Marvel role is one of the easiest assignments in Hollywood as you instantly gain a loyal fanbase that will die defending your acting agility.

  37. It’ll either be a surprising sleeper hit and make a pile of cash just off brand and name recognition, or it’ll just about break even on a home entertainment deal and they’ll shrug it off and reboot in less than 10 years with a properly aged Nathan Drake.

  38. I always reserve judgement till I've actually seen the movie but I still think Tom Holland looks too young to play Nathan drake

  39. I wouldn’t even know it was an uncharted movie if it didn’t have the name Uncharted. You could say this was Fast and the Furious 28 and I’d believe you.

  40. Co-written by a guy who has zero respect for the fan base and source material of his projects. What could go wrong?

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