Which science fiction movie gets your perfect 10/10 rating?

  1. The fact that the ending of The Thing is so perfect too really makes the movie a 10/10. Just perfect through and through

  2. The Terminator (T2 gets a 9.5 I'm sure many will disagree with me) I loved how it was man vs machine not machine vs machine and Sarah wasn't hardened warrior but scared normal college girl. Kyle had to get her to believe his "crazy" future stories all the while running from an unstoppable killing machine.

  3. T1 over T2 for me too. T2 is a masterpiece in action and definitely a classic, but the gritty 9l80s almost horrorlike feel of T1 wins for me

  4. I liked T2 better because it seemed like they had a plan to save themselves (although in Sara's case she didn't really think it through that killing the lead engineer might not erase all his work).

  5. T2 is the only movie I cry while watching and more I see it I cry harder it's crazy, the moment when t800 is going into lava willingly with this music. Oh god tissues. Seen it like 50 or 60 times now.

  6. Why did I have to scroll down so far for this? Anyone who disagrees should have their Multipass revoked.

  7. You all need to sit down and watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) a movie that makes you a fly on the wall and never holds your hand or explains what's going on, doesn't hit you with exposition and respects your intelligence.

  8. We watched this in high school bio class when we were studying genes and I’ve been wanting to watch it again ever since. Def gotta put this toward the top of my list

  9. The pacing is slow but this movie is utterly perfect. The actors, the helix staircase, the sort of slow reveal of the world, everything about it seems intentional. One of my all time favorite movies.

  10. I love the world building in this. Their life way down is so great and lived in. Like the guys in Alien, they are just normal dudes in extreme situations. It’s thrilling and adventure.

  11. “I’m okay to go”, repeated until it becomes like a mantra, that she’s not just talking about the status of the ship but about herself. She’s ready to go into the unknown to meet an alien intelligence. I’d watched it several times before that occurred to me. I find that haunting.

  12. The climax of the book would have been, for lack of a better term, anti-climactic on film. It's an extremely creative intellectual idea, but nothing you could put on the big screen with any impact.

  13. Glad to see this so far up the comments, as it was my first choice too. Just has all the right elements for a perfect SciFi, for me at least.

  14. Loved district 9. I wouldn't consider it 10/10 a far as general films go but it's my fav sci Fi film save for the original star wars trilogy but that's another ball park I think. Was pretty stoked when I heard there was finally a sequel in the works for district 9, I suppose that's probably on hold now though.

  15. Yes yes yes! I had never even heard of galaxy quest and saw a comment on Reddit something along the lines of "don't research anything about galaxy quest, just watch it". If you, reader, have not seen galaxy quest.... Please just go watch it and don't look it up before hand. It's an absolute blast.

  16. Brudle Fly after that last teleport has freaked me out through 4 freaking decades and counting. It's sooooooo good. And now I'm seeing plastered on my brain screen....

  17. Every one of these I nodded to and thought "great choice" except for Planet of the Apes. I've never seen Planet of the Apes, and based on this list should really get round to it! Are the sequels worth it or is there a sensible place to drop out?

  18. A straight up perfect movie. Every element of it works and it has no fluff. One of the leanest and sharpest scripts I can think of.

  19. What makes it so great is that it knows EXACTLY what it's doing and all the choices serve a purpose, even the gratuitous nudity. Amazing film.

  20. Same! Even as a stupid teen I got what Verhoeven was doing. That movie works on multiple levels. Also, it was the first time I’d seen NPH since Doogie Howser, so it was jarring to see him playing a Nazi scientist.

  21. The soundtrack to this movie takes this from a great movie to an AMAZING movie, really wish I could go back in time and watch it again for the first time. The

  22. Annihilation, Aliens, Terminator 2, Bladerunner, The Matrix, Interstellar, Dark City, Edge Of Tomorrow, Starship Troopers, Back To The Future, Stargate, Children of Men, Total Recall, Sunshine, Pitch Black. I really like Sci-fi.

  23. Can't believe I had to scroll this far for Sunshine, thank you. Stargate is a 7/10 for me but it gets a bonus for spawning the tv shows.

  24. Don’t see Dark City mentioned too often, I love it! I do like the Directors cut as well, definitely a little different movie rather than the standard “put some deleted scenes back in” treatment that most directors cuts get.

  25. Ex Machina was a movie i knew i should watch for the longest time and i finally watched it last week and i feel like a fool because theres this 10/10 movie just sitting there that i never bothered to watch

  26. One of the best movies ever. Such simple problems all woven together. Getting Marty back to the future without plutonium, saving doc, saving the parents' relationship, etc. Biff as one of the best bully characters of all time. Just mean and physically imposing. Marty with all of Michael J Fox's charisma. Also really enjoyed the mentor/mentee relationship with him and Doc Brown.

  27. I have to put my two cents in and my perfect sci-FI is Event Horizon. Some may consider it a horror but I can watch this movie over and over again. Absolute fave.

  28. LETS GOOOOOOO !! “Oh my God… what happened to your eyes?” “ Where we’re going… we don’t need eyes to see” legit just bought a poster for this movie last month

  29. I was blown away by this one. I thought it was going to be some cheesy movie about old friends gathering together or something. Then things started to get weird.

  30. I recently rewatched Aliens and I honestly felt by the end that I might’ve watched the greatest film ever. It’s truly perfection. It’s one of those movies that will undoubtedly question your all time movie list (at least it did me, lol). Great choice.

  31. Subjective, obviously, but Children of Men is the best film I’ve ever seen. And it gets better with every year that passes.

  32. The baby walk scene through the battlefield when everyone ceases fire was fucking powerful. I still get goosebumps just thinking about it.

  33. Bladerunner, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, Paycheck, The Man in the High Castle and The Impossible Planet are also based on PKD stories. He really was a great writer.

  34. Either everyone else in this thread hates Jurassic Park or we're the only two that consider it Sci Fi.

  35. Having read the books I was expecting something very different, but the movie was great and mostly did it's own thing.

  36. And that John Newman song from the final scene and credits is one of the most satisfying end credits songs ever, given the lyrics and the movie’s story.

  37. That movie was bomb. Sit down thinking I’m watching a shitty movie with my buds, next thing i know I’m putting my beer down so I can concentrate.

  38. I'm not normally one to point out typos but it's gattaca, notable because it's only got C, G, A and T in (for cytosine, guanine, adenine and thymine, 4 bases in DNA)

  39. Annihilation. The alien scene under the light house just shakes me. The effects and the music. The whole movie is disturbingly beautiful.

  40. Inception and Arrival are 10/10 easily. I would like to put dune (2021) and interstellar up there but they both have some things I dislike despite being two of my favorite movies ever. War of the worlds (1953) too. Despite it being almost 70 years old next year, it holds up for me.

  41. I agree, based on the script alone Inception is one of the most creative/unique/fresh ideas for the genre ever while also acting as a phenomenal heist film/spy thriller.

  42. I think the only one I've ever seen that deserves it(and I'm a great lover of scifi) is Arrival. I consider it flawless and incredibly moving. I think Ad Astra is incredibly unique and special too, but me and my sister agreed coming out of it that it's barely a movie and feels more like a moving poem.

  43. Idiocracy - a massively underrated and stupid film that I thought was great. Is it science fiction if most of the events in the film are actually happening?

  44. THE FOUNTAIN. Sometimes a movie just resonates with you, and this is it for me. Best way I can describe it is that it’s the most “deeply felt” sci fi movie I’ve ever seen. From Arronofsky’s script and direction to Jackman’s performance. Visually and emotionally stunning.

  45. Honestly I really love Sunshine. I love how it turns from a kind of Apollo 13 space mission disaster movie to a kind of cosmic horror slasher exploring some huge themes. It’s shot beautifully and the sparse dialogue and score are so fitting.

  46. Annihilation. I wasn’t the biggest sci-fi fan but this movie blew me away and truly opened the door for me when it comes to sci-fi movies. I like them a lot now.

  47. Tenet. But with captions. I watched it in the theaters and thought it was ok. I missed so much dialogue because of the sound balance. In one scene, they had a whole exposition conversation on a racing catamaran and felt the rushing wind was more important. When I watched it at home I turned on captions and really enjoyed the movie.

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