The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022 Movie) Official Red Band Trailer – Nicolas Cage

  1. the trailers have barely showed him playing some of his movie characters so I guess they're holding back. That's a take on his Deadfall character at the end right?

  2. The part where he has to climb over the wall and then about to pull over Pedro pascal who then just walks around is hilarious too me. Definitely want to watch this.

  3. It’s also “I star in a show that I basically just do a voice over for and show up once a year for a half day of actual filming”.

  4. I mean, it was inevitable. Lots of the older actors, over the last years, made references or jokes/parodies about their kind of stereotypes. That they always play the same role, that the get old and so on. (I love R.E.D. btw.) and Nic Cage .. well you can not "joke" that way about him, the only way to pay real tribute for Nic Cage, is a movie with Nic Cage being Nic cage.

  5. It is THE absolute smartest move he could make for his career right now. He might not love that that’s the case, but his agent(s) should get fat raises for encouraging/convincing him to lean into the memes and people ragging on him. That is the ONLY way people will ever come around to him, is if he shows that he can be down to earth and laugh at himself.

  6. I shared an elevator with Mr. Cage at the Four Seasons in Toronto. Just me and him (and my brother). I wanted to talk to Nic so badly; but he was on the phone (or at least was pretending to be on the phone, holding it up to his ear). So I let the poor bugger be. He gave me an iconic look and nod as he got off the elevator first- kind of like: "thanks for not making it weird." That is my Nic Cage experience.

  7. He filmed some really shitty movie in my hometown. Word was that he would hang out at this pet store that sold reptiles and handle the snakes.

  8. Me and some friends were in an elevator with John Cusack and we just stared at him until he said, yeah it's me.

  9. I used to work at William Morris Talent Agency in Beverly Hills. I had access to their entire archive of scripts. I printed out like 20 of them a month and read them in my spare time. Reading scripts is great because you know exactly what they cut out when you eventually see the movie.

  10. Real talk, this is what bums me out about Nic Cage. There will only ever be one. There will be lots of actors come and go. Some more memorable than others. Pitt's great, Hanks is great, but fuck me there will ever only be one Nic Cage. A truly once in an existence figure.

  11. I’m surprised how mainstream this looks from the two trailers. From the description I would’ve expected more of an A24/ Being John Malkovich feel

  12. maybe it's just the trailer. I remember trailers for Blade Runner 2049 only shown action sequence which was about 5% of the movie

  13. Cage is here in New Orleans filming Renfield and I just want to bump into him and tell him how awesome it has been to watch his sort of "comeback" with films like Mandy, Pig, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (and now this)

  14. Neil Patrick Harris is distracting here. It's like when Curb has Larry playing himself, Ted Danson playing himself, Richard Lewis playing himself, and Vince Vaughn playing... some guy.

  15. As if Nic Cage alone isn't enough, they've added Pedro Pascal into the mix?? Now this has shot up my most anticipated films list. It looks hilarious, and out-there. Plus, Pedro Pascal seems to be perfect for the antagonistic role. He has the comedic chops, and can actually be menacing too.

  16. Saw the trailer in front of The Batman on Friday and if it's half at fun as it looks it should be a hell of a good time

  17. I'm trying to avoid hyperbole but this might possibly be the most incredible film in the history of the galaxy and we should just stop making movies now.

  18. Have...have we all been getting Joaquin-Phoenixed by Nic Cage all these year? Have the last 2 decades all been leading up to this film? IS HE A SECRET GENIUS WHO HAS BEEN WAITING FOR THE PERFECT COCKTAIL OF GEN X/MILLENIAL NOSTALGIA AND IRONY?

  19. This trailer makes the movie actually look good. Also poor Ike Barinholtz, not getting a shout out in the trailer even though he had the funniest line.

  20. This might be the finest thing to ever grace cinema. Or it could be a complete dumpster fire. Whatever - I'm in

  21. He’s been on a upswing for like 4 years at this point. The movie industry has really shifted to allow decent weird movies to get made.

  22. Really looking forward to this movie. I hope it's gonna be good or, at the very least, that there will be many opportunities for Nic Cage to "cage-out"—otherwise what's the point.

  23. I’ve loved all his new movies - Pig, Mandy, the one with the animatronics. Made me watch some of his older ones, like the one with John Cusac (s?) as a serial killer. Epic stuff. I’ll go see this one for sure.

  24. Is it just me, or does this title seem like they read, "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" and were all, "Damn, that's a funny title. Too bad we can't steal it."

  25. The movie we don't need but deserve. I completely forgot I watched The Batman. I need this movie right now!

  26. The joke at the beginning of the trailer about Cage going to the Island to be some kind of sex toy for Pascal intrigued me. I’d watch that movie.

  27. There's just something about this movie that means I'm going to see it. I don't simp for movies really at all...usually wait for them to come out and see the it like a year later..maybe.

  28. Just like Everything Everywhere All At Once, this movie is right in my wheelhouse. I can't wait.

  29. Seems similar to a few movies. The new Guy Richie, JCVD, The Interview. But like you say, Nic Cage means it’s going to be its own thing. Looks like a good quality one, too!

  30. Not really! There’s a huge part of the plot that hasn’t been mentioned or alluded to in any of the promos. Source, I’ve read the script.

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