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  1. I have a question about the multiverse in this movie. It was implied that Jobu Tupaki exists in every universe, right? That she is everywhere, all at once. So, in the universes where Evelyn and Waymond didn't end up together (the kung fu universe, the hot dog fingers universe), does Juju Chewbacca exist? I'm leaving out the universe where there are nothing but rocks because even though we only see Evelyn and Juju Tabootie there, it was never confirmed that Evelyn had another lover in that universe. So their existence together still could make sense. So how about in the kung fu universe and the hot dog fingers universe, specifically, does Joy exist? Because if she doesn't, then those universes are safe, no?

  2. I've seen the movie a few times and I find that the most satisfying interpretation is that the multiverse things are all figments of Evelyn's imagination.

  3. It was established by Gon Gon that if you kill Joy in a universe it gives her one less universe to travel to. So there’s a lot of universes that Joy can’t travel to because Waymond & Evelyn didn’t end up together. She is still experiencing everything everywhere all at once, because there’s still an infinite amount of universe where she exists and an infinite amount of universe she doesn’t exist.

  4. It's still in some theaters so you still have a chance. I plan on going one more time this weekend.

  5. Right?! I bought the BluRay and it was INCREDIBLE. I do regret missing it in theaters but it www still an amazing experience.

  6. It's going to depend on the specific theater. If I were you, I'd call the theater and ask them.

  7. I had the pleasure of watching this wonderful film today. What a magical achievement! Everyone involved in this film should be immensely proud. Truly amazing.

  8. Just watched. Loved the Sci-fi Kung Fu Hustle vibes. Better multiverse than MCU, better Matrix than the new matrix.

  9. Terribly chaotic film which was way too ambitious in its story line and ended up as this joke of a narrative

  10. Finally saw this today, on a whim when I saw it was still playing at my closet theater. I’m glad I didn’t miss its cinema run, for the visual spectacle alone!

  11. are you sure it wasn't just written as 'round (contraction of around) and you mistook it for quotes? It does kinda sound like a reach honestly.

  12. I really wanted to like it after hearing rave reviews about it. It was fine but it started to lose me halfway through, I understand that too much was going on at once but I wish that the movie was more grounded in reality. The humor only got a few chuckles and I felt that the action scenes in the last third of the movie and everything about the multiverse was dragging on. I think the movie could’ve been more focused on fewer themes, shorter, and less chaotic.

  13. It was about an hour too long. The best way I've heard the movie described is that it was a 3 hour long Super Bowl commercial.

  14. Just got out of the theater. It was a trite plot that would have been thin in a short that was bloated nearly beyond recognition with stupid jokes and fight scenes that felt like a parody (not call back) of the old HK movies. It was also about an hour too long. Some combination of immigrant mother/first generation trauma/women's emotional labor has been done in dozens of other movies, but hey this one beats someone to death with dildos so apparently that makes it brilliant.

  15. You will get down voted to hell but I'm with you, It was a classic family drama bloated with unnecessary random stuff. The movie has some fun moments and some visually pleasing scene but they diluite the rest too much, the result is kinda a mess

  16. Well yeah, pretty much everything sucks if you boil it down to it's absolute most bare bones components. That might be what this movie is about, but it's not remotely all that this movie is.

  17. No one will ever read this probably as I am very late, but I just watched it finally and man I am in absolute tears and just a wreck and also really confused and I don't know the last time I felt all these different emotions together at once. I love this so much. Intergenerational trauma is rough.

  18. I agree with the comment below, this film is an absolute masterpiece. Original to a tee, absurd, funny, hits like an emotional truck and the message it carries is a biggie. Loved Loved Loved it.

  19. I understand the hype. It takes philosophy into another level, somewhere both shallow and deep at the same time? At times they used the language of man, but laced with generational wisdom.

  20. I went to see this movie with a lovely person I just started dating, and when it was done, they mentioned they noticed this:

  21. This is the first time I have ever cried during a movie. That was such a powerful scene. The rocks made me chuckle so much

  22. This movie moved me in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined. I laughed, cried, smiled - the range of emotions I went through had me feeling like I ran a marathon. It put such an interesting perspective on life - and the lens that we choose to look at it through. I lost my father close to three years ago, I moved across the country to pursue a new opportunity, and all of these massive life experiences always made me wonder what if the opposite happened. Would I be happier in a different life? Who’s to know. I feel more at ease knowing that the life I have chosen is for me - and as long as I continue to have a positive influence and outlook, then I’ll be okay. Man, what a movie. 10/10

  23. Boring movie, full of cliches, couldn't wait for it to finish. No clue what people see in it

  24. It's amazing how the human experience can be so incredibly different, might sound pretentious but it makes me think of the movie so much. You hated it while I consider it the best movie I've seen in my life, even more, the best piece of art I've experienced.

  25. Couldn't agree more, movie is complete ass the reason I stay until the end because my sister liked it so much

  26. Because, in the resolution, when Evelyn talks about Waymond being the other half that makes up for what she lacks, he is her kindness, and Becky is implied to be Joy's kindness

  27. Just saw this yesterday. Broke down 3 times during the movie. The dynamic between Joy and Evelyn and them talking about just being a bunch of people who don't know what they're doing, along with Waymond talking about how he fights using kindness. Just got to me real fucking good. That being said there was a few points I couldn't understand what was happening. Even then, I had a ton of fun. 9/10 but it's really close to a 10 for me.

  28. In the scene near the end, when Evelyn is talking to her "daughter" (after the party, by the car), do you think it's Joy or Jobu? And why?

  29. I just watched this film and it’s easily one of my favorite movies. It has elements from Paprika and Matrix in a way, but it’s such a touching story about choosing to love and finding meaning. I’m ready to talk about this movie to everyone I meet for the next 3 weeks. Such a wonderful mixture of absurdity, happiness, sadness, anger and the choices and connections we make - the life experience. I cried 3 times.

  30. One of the creators has said he was upset watching Rick & Morty because of the multiverse themes. Into the Spierverse too.

  31. It was basically a silly-multiverse movie with a pro-LGBT theme which is very nice I guess. The plot was pretty terrible and didn't make much sense. It was kind-of feel good and had nice art? 4/10

  32. I cried during the racoon scene too and thought I'd be the only one, nice to see more people found that scene touching as well as others

  33. There was a moment where Evelyn and Joy were represented as 2D animation… and I at first thought it was a homage to “It’s such a beautiful day” but the animation style seems a bit different. Does anybody know if it was a reference to some other 2D animation?

  34. The circle represented the big black circle the IRS drew around the tax deduction for a karaoke machine. This was threatening to destroy their laundromat business and their family and thus symbolized an evil cult in within the schizophrenic dream she was having.

  35. I think that alpha joy corrupted people, then taught them to verse jump into the bagel verse, then, when she needed troops, they would verse jump into the relevant verse. And yeah, it's the effects of nihilism as the other guy mentioned

  36. Wayman (Waymond?) had some strong "Jerry" vibes a la Rick an Morty. Being the goofy, loving, optimist.

  37. Ignorance is bliss. But choosing to to be optimistic, to seek love and joy and have faith in people, is not naivety. It is pragmatism.

  38. I had the amazing privilege to finally take my wife to see this wonderful film earlier this evening. My second viewing of it was just as good, if not better than the first. Waymond has left me sobbing both viewings. I think this is one of my favorite movies, full stop.

  39. I seem to be somewhat alone in one of my interpretations - the multiverses as a symbol for social media? Joy was consumed by all of the things she ‘could be’ - the thought first came to me when the screen splits into all of her different versions. Her mother bought into it as well, just as older people are getting almost more addicted than their kids… she was in this middle ground where she was tugged by her duties and obligations in one way and by a world of possibilities in the other way. She was stuck between two worlds. Then good old Waymond was relatively unperturbed by it all and wanted to bring her back to the good, simple moments in her life. It’s what initially got me so emotional, the scene where he says in another time, I would have loved to have done laundry and taxes with you. I feel like it’s a spectrum or continuum of the degree to which external influences have permeated their satisfaction with their lives, going from Waymond to Evelyn to Joy. For Joy it’s just too much and she doesn’t know how to just be herself, not just because of her what-ifs but also because she doesn’t feel accepted regardless.

  40. Late reply but the directors have said the multiple universes idea was influenced by the internet, and how you can just hop from one crazy world to the next. With everything at your fingertips, what even matters?

  41. I don't think it needs the social media connection to work, we're all plagued by doubts about where we're at in life from time to time and wonder if another path would have worked out better

  42. I don't think it is a reference to social media, specifically. Imagining your life differently is a tale as old as time. Not knowing how to be yourself and not being accepted, again, I believe is timeless.

  43. Also, Evelyn assumed her father would not accept or approve of Joy's lesbianism and it was driving her (literally) crazy on how to deal with it. In the end, of course, Gong Gong was accepting and supporting of his granddaughter.

  44. The only thing I disliked is how it spun to being loved and accepted by your mother, which is a luxury not all of us have. Nothing about the movie at all, it just hit my inside ouchie bullseye. Gorgeous, entertaining, thought provoking, funny, shocking. I would recommend it to everyone, everywhere. Lol

  45. my favorite new genre of jokes is parents slightly misremembering the names of movies, i loved it when it was a small joke on Dave when Lil Dicky's parents repeatedly called it The Shape of THE Water and I loved it here when they were so adamant it was racacoonie...and then this damn movie just spun that little joke off into its own entire universe and plotline complete with CGI raccoon 😂😂😂

  46. Fun fact: the raccoon wasn’t CGI…it was literally being controlled via remote control! This movie is a perfect example that practical effects can be just as good as CGI!

  47. So I'm a little confused. Was the universe at the end the one we originally started the film with? I only ask as the one with the Chinese party seemed pretty much like the original, just a little later in the day.

  48. No. I think the original universe might be the one where the donut black hole killed alphaJoy. The one we ended in she didn't punch the IRS agent, didn't show up before 6pm, trashed the laundromat, and made amends with the IRS lady, her dad, and Joy

  49. No, it's just a universe that is very similar, very much like the universe she accidently jumps to when she messes up professing her love to Deirdre.

  50. But did you like it or dislike it? Saying something is overrated doesn't actually speak towards the qualities of the film itself, it's a criticism on other people's ratings.

  51. An absolutely stunning movie. The action is fantastic, the comedy hilarious and the emotional drama made me cry twice. Such a beautiful masterpiece.

  52. What a sad movie. That poor woman. In my interpretation, this is the story of an immigrant woman on whom any and all responsibilities fall on.

  53. I disagree with you on one very important point - her husband. Her husband is coming for her no matter the universe. Her husband is winning through "kindness." There are multiple scenes with her husband where she is happy and with their daughter and him where she is happy. Her husband is obviously helping with the business - wooing the IRS agent, pleasing upset customers, moving laundry around, etc.

  54. I finally had my Chinese parents watch this since I loved this movie so damn much. My dad made an observation on the Chinese title "天馬行空" that is displayed alongside the English title at the end of the movie. It's a Chinese idiom meaning something like a "horse flying in the sky" which means something impossible and existing in imagination. Kind of like English's "when pigs fly" but more in a daydream kind of way with less negative connotations.

  55. One of the best jokes in the movie. I was the only person in the theater laughing (granted there were only 3 other people but come on!)

  56. just realized that when alpha waymond was eating the cream cheese everything bagel, evelyn asked what if she just stayed in the kung fu universe. upon hearing this, waymond spits out all the bagel in order to tell her to resist the temptation.

  57. Am I the only one who sees this film as thinly veiled Chinese propaganda? Chinese couple move to the west and become pseudo subservient. They owe taxes (are indebted to the west), rebel against their ownership by inflicting pain upon white bureaucracy.

  58. As a Western-born chinese from immigrant grandparents (and father) who grew up in the 90’s I don’t think it’s Chinese propaganda at all. I see more reflections of Asian American lifestyle than any kind of Chinese anti west propaganda. Your mind might be in a anti east mindset rn in this period of your life

  59. The version that you claim shows her succeeding is not one where she remains in China. It's obviously echoing her real life and Yeoh has never lived in mainland China.

  60. i think the "do something random" mechanic might be inspired by the heart of gold from the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

  61. I had the opposite interpretation. She achieves enlightenment and is able to see through the veil of reality for what it really is. She overcomes her nihilism and is able to find meaning and joy in everything. She's the least crazy person in the movie

  62. i loved the movie but i didnt like all the sexual jokes. am i being a prude or is it an united states’ sense of humor that im not getting? (im from latinamerica)

  63. I kind of get you. The dildo part didn't do much for my humor. The buttplug battle however I did think was a fun payoff.

  64. Amazing movie, but i do not understand one thing... Joy is so obsessed on her mother issues, despite having a loving girlfriend who is always at her side. A true connection made by choise, unlike family bonds that are just random. And she completly forgets about her girlfriend on her quest for self-destruction? Are she even in love, if she neglects her loved one so easy, and does not remember about her existence until the ending? Did she thought about Becky's feelings at least for a second? Seems like not. And that makes it hard to symphatise Joy.

  65. Might help to remember that trauma damages the mind to the point where it becomes a disability and rational thinking might not always come out on top. This actually made me sympathize with Joy that much more (thinking about how broken she was). It felt like her despair had overtaken her. People who are suicidal often need help.

  66. I think you have to recognize that Joy is an omniversal being, and there are probably countless multiverses where Becky is not a part of her life, just like we see multiverses where Waymond is not a part of Evelyn's life.

  67. My cousin and I just got back from watching it. It was basically a private screening considering it was just the two of us. Absolutely fantastic. I can't imagine another movie making me FEEL like this one did. I came home, hugged my wife, and started crying like an idiot telling her how much I love her. The movie theater is 45 minutes from my house. What other movie is going to do that??

  68. just saw the movie, incredible - and does anyone else think that “I…am…your…mother!” was a clear reference to hereditary? might be a known thing but i haven’t seen anyone talking about it

  69. Decided to watch this movie after seeing all my friends praise it all at once. Went in completely blind; didn't even bother reading the synopsis. Haven't seen a movie in theaters for probably 4 years or so? But this is the first time I've ever wanted to go back and see a movie again.

  70. I just finished it and it made me feel warm inside in a weird, chaotic way. Even the randomness of Juju Chewbacca's costume managed to escape that feeling of "Lol random 2009" because it made sense in the lack of sense, and I mean, even the pig had meaning! It wasn't actually random.

  71. Truly loved this film. To me it was clearly a labor of love, and I loved the delivery of their message. No matter what world or universe, however mundane, or downright crazy your life is, however fleeting it may be, seeking out joy within the darkest circumstances has such power

  72. Everyone was crying ;; sniffles everywhere what a wonderful movie so glad my friend and I chose this over Jurassic Park ;; I'm still sniffling even tho now I'm in my train omw home omg ;_; exactly what I needed so beautiful and wholesome sob

  73. Just saw this and expected my theater to be pretty empty, but it was actually about half full. So it wasn't empty, but besides me and my partner, it was dead silent! We were fucking dying with laughter with the hotdog fingers and kung fu buttplugs, and literally nobody else was laughing. It was so weird! The movie was so genuinely touching and surprisingly shocking even though I expected it would be off the wall. The papercut scene hit me so hard! 5/5

  74. It hardly seems like anyone mentions how Absolutely(Story Of A Girl) by Nine Days was referenced SO MANY TIMES in the movie. No one picked up on it in my friend group and I was the only one losing my mind at how awesome/hilarious the references and remixes were, so I'm going to list them all here.

  75. The multiverse canard just never results in a great movie. Literally anything can happen and no particular universe matters, so there are never any dramatic stakes. Everything in this movie was good except for the writing. The characters were set up well, they introduced the multiverse concept, and then there were a bunch of random set pieces where weird multiverse stuff happens, then "love conquers all, the end." No story, no real dramatic tension. 4/10 meh.

  76. 100% agree. No substance, which can be okay with some movies, but I also didnt find thier sense of humor funny and the sequences were repetitive as f*ck. Only redeeming qualities were it’s originality and a great performance by the lead middle aged lady. 4/10 indeed

  77. I wanted to like it. Really. But it felt so obvious. There was not a lot of subtlety. The slapstick and comedy was funny until it was like an SNL skit that runs too long and it’s a bit embarrassing.

  78. i enjoy reading comments from subs like movies and sort by controversial, because i kinda agree with you on this. some of the choreography were too absurd

  79. I kinda wish there was an explanation for how they transported matter across universes since they explained everything else about traveling between universes.

  80. Hi, just finished the movie for the first time and can barely see from all the sobbing but I'm feeling very passionate right now so I apologize for the length. All times listed may not be exactly on the mark because of different video players and all that

  81. It seemed to me that only Evelyn/Jobu could do that, so it relates to breaking free of universe constraints through the process they both underwent, somehow.

  82. Me, Asian American, sitting in the movie theater only with my dad and uncle, and not with my mom because we're heavily estranged, tearing up after seeing hot dog fingers and other absurdities. Thanks to Waymond reminding me of my dad and then seeing myself and my sad, confusing, hurtful relationship with my mom in Joy and Evelyn. Sheesh. I am right there with you on the rating.

  83. I loved how easily they slipped in and out of mandarin and English, the way I imagine a couple who spent half their lives in two different countries would. Which felt to me like a microcosm of the multiverse

  84. I’m very late but it’s exactly how me and my wife talk. I’m from the U.K. she’s from China and we constantly mix up the language we’re talking in, especially when we want to talk privately.

  85. That's a great observation. Being split between two worlds, two identities but somehow interacting with both fluidly.

  86. Finally saw it, unfortunately not in theatre because it hasn't even come out yet (no idea if it ever will) in my country.

  87. It’s really unfortunate you didn’t get to see it in theater. I didn’t even know about this movie until I kept hearing about how good it was on a podcast and saw there was some last showing at the local theater. I went in only knowing it had something to do with a multiverse. I wish I had known less. I agree on the pace of the movie the first 30-40 min. After that it was awesome. I haven’t had that much fun watching a movie in years. First time I’ve left a theater and texted all my friends that they need to see it before it leaves. The range of emotions I felt was wild.

  88. The scenes where Evelyn starts fighting the same way Waymond does; through stupid silly ideas and then the confrontation with her daughter in the parking lot

  89. Literally everything after the credit fakeout. I was bawling, laughing, back to crying, smiling. This movie hit me man.

  90. This movie reminded me a lot of Mother! in the sense that oftentimes the plot/characters take a serious backseat to the message it's trying to push. I enjoyed Mother! but maybe that's just because Aronofsky has a way with things and the actors in that movie are pretty great and the plot is more simple. Also, that movie was far more cryptic. I really hate it when movies spell out their message.

  91. so, fun film, enjoyed it, but like a lot of other films that throw out really crazy concepts, it didn't seem to have an ending, it just kind of finished with a cheesy thing where everything was sort of fixed with a few simple words.

  92. While I agree with your take, I think Jobu’s biggest point of pain was that good things always end, and her mother fought so hard to show her that she would always be there, and throughout all the infinite universes, this finally surprised Jobu enough to shake her out of her despair

  93. I took the bagel to maybe be more like depression, but of course that is linked to suicide. I may have not picked up on some things, I will need to rewatch soon.

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