'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' Review Thread

  1. I didn't watch Wandavision but I could sympathize quite a bit that Wanda was so brokenhearted to losing Vision and the family she could have built with him. But being too fixated of being a mother that she wreck havoc everything gets old very fast. Girl, you can marry and have a family just like the other universe's Wanda.

  2. That fucking line is almost as dumb as that one from WandaVision when monica rambeau tells Wanda, "They'll never know what you sacrificed for them". Like tf, Wanda basically hold them hostage in a warping reality kind of shit.

  3. something about the massive reshoots and how much this film was pushed back makes me think that this synopsis was more accurate to the original plot. If you look at a lot of the scenes with Wanda in, Strange isn't actually doing anything, he's just kind of standing there, suggesting to me that Wanda being the villain was actually added later. Take the fact

  4. Yeah the post credits scene for spiderman no way home implies the spell was what he cast in Spiderman. But in reality that spell never comes up but for a quick mention of it.

  5. The horror aspect was so great, there was some Evil Dead influence 4sure! The hand rising from the ground was great. Also I got some Hobbit / LOTR vibes during the steep mountain part along with Danny Elfman on the music and large drums.

  6. I just finished watching the movie, although it had some really high points, there was just so many low points in DrStrange2, it was really hard to get immersed into the movie when it was a borefest outside of ScarlettWitches scenes, 6.5/10

  7. Scarlet Witch scenes were a 9/10 for me. Everything Strange focused was just a 6/10 at best, with much of it being worse than that.

  8. If that’s the last scene we see Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier on screen, it’s a real shame. He deserved better.

  9. Good movie, a little bit disappointing. But good nevertheless. I liked Cumberbatch’s performance as the different Strange’s. It definitely seems like he had the most fun making this movie. Elisabeth also had a great performance. She absolutely carry her character in this movie. Scarlet Witch was basically like the Terminator. The actress that played America Chavez was great. I can’t wait to see her future in the MCU. Other things I liked was the Illuminati cameos and the magic fight scenes.

  10. Nah bro the way the Chavez actress delivered her lines felt so forced. Took me out of the movie everytime she spoke.

  11. I thought the kid who played America Chavez did absolutely horrendous 😑 the two little kids acted better than her…

  12. I 100% agree on the comparison. It didn't make sense to me. What Strange did was the only thing he could do to make sure they defeat Thanos at that point, he did it for entirely selfless reasons. Where as Wanda wanted to take the life of a child so that she could get her children. Stranges plan brought people back to life. He never sacrificed anyone unless you consider Vision dying but at that point I think that was always going to happen if Thanos wasn't going to be defeated in the other possibilities in their path. Such a flimsy comparison to make, idk how they thought that could work. Also Strange doesn't even try for a second to have a,"we are not the same," moment there. He just sort of let's that dumb comparison live as though it made any sense

  13. Just saw the movie, it was good but definitely not the greatest one like the others saying. In my opinion the first doctor strange movie is way better.

  14. There is something feels lacking, I'm expecting something as big as at least Spiderman NWH, but this feels like something... Different. More like a horror movie.

  15. The first doctor strange movie had sequences that were actually interesting as ideas. I walked out of this thinking, it was good. But I have no inclination to ever watch it again in my life.

  16. That was a very strange choice. The photography and aesthetic looked very nice! I really appreciated how some scenes were shot in this movie. But the context and timing was so bizarre.

  17. I kept whispering to my friend "This is so stupid. Why are they doing this? This is so fucking stupid." It looked and sounded cool, but within the context of the movie and the scene it made no sense whatsoever and shattered my suspension of disbelief completely

  18. I just watched this movie in the Philippines since it released in May 4 here and I kinda agree with what the Variety reviewer said. There are moments where Sam Raimi goes ham with his style and it's perhaps the best parts of the movie, but has to put a brake on it because he has to insert this MCU stuff. It happens often in the movie.

  19. Many reviews in Germany are saying there are two movies in here. One from the studio and then a smaller one from Raimi. Way more than half of the movie is a bit boring and a standard marvel studio action movie with some short scenes where you can see Raimis influence (light splatter/violence and sounds) but only in the final (last 10 minutes) can you really see his work.

  20. Hmmm that is actually the opposite to many super hero films. Films like The Wolverine and Black Widow got praise for being smaller scale and intimate, but it is in the final act when things fall apart because they introduce zanny superhero ideas like flying bases and giant robot boss battles.

  21. The fans that wanted this to be a cameo-fest, and the fans that wanted this to be an Endgame-Level scale flick will be sorely disappointed.

  22. It's mad that Wanda had six hours of TV setting up her understandable motivation, and then this film just turns her into a cartoon villain.

  23. My interest for the MCU died with Tony Stark. I’m a diehard fan of the Infinity Saga but even I’m starting to feel the novelty of these movies beginning to wear off. The fact that the grand story of the Marvel Studios movies is being splintered off into shows (which are alright at best imo) didn’t make it any better. I’m glad tons of people still find joy in these movies but I feel like I won’t ever be as excited for another the same way I was for Infinity War and Endgame.

  24. Just saw it in Denmark tonight. Quite disappointed since it did not lean that much into multiverses and madness after all. Its essentially just a follow-up to Wanda Vision dressed with Sami Raimi easter eggs everywhere.

  25. Just saw it in USA tonight. I'd beg to differ. Quite literally two characters go mad...and they go through a good 5+ multiverses. The title was pretty spot on lol.

  26. I love Sam Raimi but these reviews are giving me Moon Knight flashbacks were a bunch of reviews kept building up how “bRuTaL” and “vIoLeNt” it was when it’s actually pretty tame. “No way bro, this time Marvel means it. Multiverse of Madness is so sick and twisted and brutal! Totally dude!” I don’t really believe it. I do like Moon Knight though, not tying to bash.

  27. This one is genuinely disturbing relative to the MCU fanfare. There is no gore but Raimi executes it in a way that makes it so that its grisly, for the average MCU viewer of course.

  28. Most Moon Knight episodes are practically action free so far. He almost never brings out the suit. Most of the time it's just people running around talking.

  29. Yeah agreed. Watched it last night and I wouldn't call it a dark or violent (outside of the usual MCU violence) movie in any way. It has much more camp horror elements, not dark. There's a couple of scenes which can be considered "brutal" by MCU standards but we've definitely seen much heavier shit in Infinity War and End Game. I think the marketing kind of did this movie dirty. As someone who loved the first one, it's a meh from me unfortunately.

  30. Any marvel movie that doesn't have morbius in it will fail from this day forward because I won't go see it

  31. I am sure this movie is going to be good in an over the top kind of way. No Way Home taught Marvel that lots of cameos and surprises will create a huge buzz, but you gotta have a good plot to sustain multiple views from the audience.

  32. Everything, Everywhere, All at Once is a multiverse film but not made by a big soulless corporation. Definitely recommend it.

  33. I generally like the theme of multiverses because they provide a lot of plot flexibility but I do think sometimes it turns into laziness. When you can’t make things work logically just use the multiverse to fix it. When you want to kill off key characters without real consequence, use the multiverse. When you want to edgelord the audience on a counterintuitive outcome, bring it back to a traditional happy ending with the multiverse. I think it can make for lazy storytelling if misused.

  34. It's... okay? It's fresh and really stylish and that's what entertained me. I felt a little bit dissapointed in the first arc of the film because I was expecting a bit more cohesion im some stuff, but then I just turned off my brain and ejoyed it. It's a movie you have to not think about much otherwise you maight start disliking it.

  35. So the main complaints are the cameos and fanservice. Which is good actually because the supposed cameo list had waaaaaaaaaay more than the confirmed one.

  36. Hearing that it's not cameo loaded makes me more excited to be honest. My biggest concern was this movie was just go to be a mess with cameo overload and forgot to tell a good story.

  37. They had the Council scene as a CGI rendering for most of the test screening process. They cycled through a few fake appearances to suppress leaks but I don’t think enough people put it together that they saw different characters in the same role.

  38. Marvel movies used to be like Tony Stark fighting terrorists to Captain America dealing with multinational threats to everyone fighting Thanos to save the universe. Now, the stakes and power scaling have been raised to a level that affects the entire multiverse. Sooner or later they're going to have to hit a power ceiling or pull a Dragonball z

  39. A film with a massive budget that is all about raising the stakes even more beyond “the universe is in danger”.

  40. The movie cost a lot and has higher stakes than other movies in the same universe. 'Exercise' as a noun seems to imply a lack of passion or quality, or that the movie wasn't particularly excellent, just because of the phrasing, as far as I can tell!

  41. my no spoilers 2 cents review: an average movie if you aren't an hard time mcu fan, with very good visual and stilistic elements ( you can appreciete the touch of raimi), but an other no sense calderon full of plot holes and bad writing movie if you are into the mcu. it seems for me that after endgame marvel just decided to focus on the "wow" element, instead of actually caring about the plot and the general connection between movies. i was once a ultra mcu fanboy, but after this one i decided to skip all the minor mcu movies and just focus on the very big ones ( i'll see thor 4 anf gotg3 but not the others or anything sony related)

  42. This movie hinges on how much you like Sam Raimi and how much you like the MCU formula because it's about 50% of each. If you like one but not the other you'll think it's okay, like em both and you'll like it alot.

  43. They had their big finale with Endgame so it's frustrating that they seem so resistant to change. They've finally got the chance to bring on filmmakers with a specific vision to do whatever the hell they want but they're still funnelled into the same studio system so they can make safe crowdpleasers that set up the next big story event.

  44. Kind of makes me sad. I actually felt like Doctor Strange was a slightly different tone and feel from the rest, and was hoping for more of the same take. It seemed to have more in common with Men in Black than the MCU (normal unsatisfied person gets dragged into a giant funhouse of stuff outside their awareness). Feels like the more he gets pulled in as a Deus Ex the more his stuff feels like the rest of the MCU (but with magic!).

  45. I feel like they've been much more willing to take genre risks with their TV shows (e.g. Moon Knight, Wandervision, Loki) than with their movies. It is also interesting (but unsurprising) their most MCU formulaic TV show was their least well-received (Falcon and the Winter Soldier).

  46. The Christine x Strange stuff falls hella flat and really did the movies no favors. Raimi reduces America Chavez to a walking MacGuffin.

  47. This is the biggest problem, Raimi is bad at directing women (except Lucy Lawless). Olsen went from her amazing performing in WandaVision to a straight up Maleficent bitch just like Kirsten Dunsts portrayal of MJ in the trilogy.

  48. Jeez did anyone else kinda get lost watching this movie. It felt like i had to really pay attention to keep up with it and even then is was getting messy.

  49. The Hollywood Reporter blurb kind of sums up my biggest issue with these films. I honestly haven’t left an MCU film feeling satisfied in years, because they’re always dangling another carrot on a stick. It always feels like what I’m seeing is less important than what they’re promising next, but all these films are so homogeneous that they’re never actually that exciting.

  50. I’ve been trying to understand why I’ve gotten tired of these movies and I think this is exactly it.

  51. It’s the lack of stakes for me. The reason Endgame was so satisfying was because there were FINALLY some meaningful deaths. I’ll give No Way Home some credit for

  52. I’ve been saying this to my friends recently. Most of the MCU (and some DCEU to be fair) feels like the point of the movie is to make you want the next one, rather than want this one.

  53. I think the Tom Cruise spoiler ruined it for me cz I came to the cinema expecting it but it turned to be a hoax. There’s few other cameos but it just like eh? and fell short… 7/10

  54. Hell they spent billions of dollars trying to create a multiverse over 20 films and into the spiderverse comes along and does a better job in one go

  55. Just finished watching MoM, also having watched EEAAO a few weeks ago, and I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment!

  56. I already know EEAO has ruined this movie for me. I've seen it twice already with the second viewing being even better....it's my favorite movie of all time. I'm sure Dr. Strange will at least be a fun mindless watch

  57. If I've learned anything from the Spider-Man No Way Home reactions, it's I shouldn't have any preconceptions of whether I'm going to like any Marvel films going forward based on the general consensus.

  58. In NWH, I didn't understand why they thought they can cure all the villains in their apartment and let May stay with them. It has no logic at all.

  59. Oh! Did you also think No way home was not very good? I was very disappointed by it and thought the first 2 were much better.

  60. Just watched, there's definitely a few scenes in there that will have you going "Yup, that's a Raimi movie all right."

  61. I would probably be more excited for this if there wasn’t such a Marvel overload in the past year. After the pandemic hiatus I watched Wandavision, FatWS, and Loki. Then I got busy with stuff and since then there’s been 4 movies and 3 shows.

  62. I agree, idk if it just took me a while to notice, but I just find the rate they put stuff out overwhelming. Last year we got Black Widow, Shang Chi and then Eternals.

  63. Just saw it and I'll give Marvel some credit for doing things a little different, it just wasn't for me. I'm sure there's some that will love it.

  64. There were some awesome scenes thanks to Raimi’s signature style but it was overall held back probably by Marvel’s rules. If Raimi had complete control this movie would be a full fledged horror movie lol

  65. Just left the theater. God damn it. I'm quite positive in general about MCU movies, I think they are entertaining and have good production which don't make look cheap. But this was unfortunately not entertaining at all and felt really cheap, messy and inconsistent. The movie feel way too long for what it has to narrate. And the CGI, good lord, was really disturbing at some points. Sometime you see the style of Raimi, but it never really feel consistent with what you see.

  66. If I didn’t watch Everything Everywhere All at Once, I might love this movie. However, Doctor Strange 2 is not really a movie about multiverses, heck, it’s not even about Doctor Strange, it’s Wandavision: The Movie. The reason I said that is because my friend who followed me to watch this movie has no idea what is going on as he didn’t watch Wandavision. He was like “Wanda has kids?”, “Wanda killed Vision?”, “Wanda enslaved a town?”, etc. Marvel used to make movies for the masses who never read the comics but not anymore. I’m pretty sure diehard fans would love this movie to death but for people like my friend, it’s a “meh”. Another flaw of this movie is that it’s a setup movie, even more egregious than the previous movies. It doesn’t have much substance except for Wanda’s plan to reunite with her children. They don’t even travel to the multitudes of multiverses, the movie tells us there’s a multiverse because we are bombarded by a CGI montage of them being thrown through different multiverse in a total of like 20 seconds. I expect madness but what I got in the end was maddening.

  67. Exactly my thoughts. EEAAO is superior and made the flaws in this more apparent. Everything is so much more impactful, dramatic, funny, fun, like no contest at all.

  68. The reviews make it sound like what Raimi does it great, but Marvel’s controlling hands seem to drag it down. Which, at this point, is just frustrating

  69. I think what the movie lacked is the portrayal of powerlessness against wanda/scarlet witch. The battle between the you know who's would have been better if they made the other's against wanda show fear after being put down one after the other.

  70. "Though unsatisfying in some respects, the film is enough fun to make one wish for a portal to a variant universe in which Marvel movies spent more time exploiting their own strengths and less time trying to make you want more Marvel movies."

  71. How much is writer Michael Waldron to blame? I reckon a lot, D+ Loki’s writing was terrible, and if you really want to know how godawful a writer he is,

  72. The writer is definitely to blame but I think Raimi is to blame too. I say this as a raimi fan but some of his directing choices were just weird.

  73. I've avoided spoilers, but if this movie turns into another "most powerful woman goes mad" tale I'm going to be so annoyed. Dark Phoenix and the GOT ending should be the last use of that stale storyline IMO.

  74. I must say, the best part about the movie without any doubt, absolutely no contest was the trailer for Nicholas Cage's new movie where he plays the main character. Grateful 🥲

  75. So I've been wondering if dreams mean you're watching your variant from another universe, did people in the sacred timeline dream when the TVA was around pruning each timeline?

  76. Exactly, the whole TVA "Sacred Timeline" makes no sense if theres a multiverse with infinite earths and timelines. It only makes sense if theres only one earth

  77. THIS. I just saw the movie, and he script jus didn't make much sense. Every twist felt so forced, non consistency, some useless "back an forth" in the resolution of the story made me feel like this movie should have been shrunk to 1h30m.

  78. John Defore hits the nail on the head here. None of these movies are as interesting as they could be because they are tethered to every other marvel movie.

  79. Think DC has finally learnt this, after years of chasing their own MCU with poor results, their best movies of the last few years have been standalone experiences like Joker, The Batman and The Suicide Squad.

  80. Going by most of the reviews being in the 3-star range I think the score will drop quite a bit once non-premiere reviews hit.

  81. RT is 80% with 103 critic reviews counted (though I refreshed and it's at 81% with 99 now). I don't see it dropping too much beyond that at this point. How many critic reviews are even counted in these things?

  82. This movie is a total mess. I feel it was trying to be like LOKI, in a way, but then they tried to make it dark and horror and as a result, it ends up uneven.

  83. The actress who played America Chavez was distractingly not good at acting. The script didn’t help. Can I say this?

  84. I just watched it and it was an absolute mess. Sam Raimi needs to figure out a new way to stage scenes because referencing Evil Dead for the millionth time is getting old (and yes, it has Bruce Campbell punching himself in the face). The whole thing was a tiresome muddle of exposition with some fights shoehorned in.

  85. imagine judging the quality of a movie based upon how many fan cameos there are. Marvel fans are truly insufferable lmfao

  86. The women fighting was definitely rushed and Carter trying to fight against wanda was a little too much. Besides that, we needed to see more of Captain Marvel vs Scarlet witch. That was so quick, and the way Cap Marvel died was lame. But I believe that was just the movie not wanting to spend time on it, which is a shame.

  87. Dr. Strange and Wanda very much split screen-time in this movie and the juxtapositioning of the two is established very early and deliberately. But, I'd say the movie clearly leans more towards Strange. Strange finds out what makes him

  88. So many comments comparing this movie to the Marvel franchise, and all I care about is how it compares to the 1st Dr. Strange....... I don't give a f about the franchise as a whole when I'm considering a particular character's storyline.

  89. Holy shit what a shit show at the fuck festival. I rolled my eyes so much I think I’ve done permanent damage. The writing was truly awful. That yello submarine/snow plow edition was a tie for lowest point with “go back to hell”. I really miss avengers 1 and endgame. SO MUCH.

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