Official Discussion - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness [SPOILERS]

  1. Wong seriously just gave Scarlet Witch a fast pass to her throne & Darkhold backup - that she didn’t even know about - simply because she was going to kill like 4 more sorcerers? Right after another sorcerer literally sacrificed herself to destroy the first darkhold? Right after Wanda had killed dozens and dozens of other sorcerers? What the fuck? That was the weakest piece for me, I don’t get it. One moment they’re like “Wanda could destroy the MULTIVERSE, we can’t let her have access to the darkhold!” And they accomplish it!! And then a simple threat of killing a few extras has Wong like “anyways fuck the multiverse”

  2. And it's not even consistent with his characterization later in this movie where he tells strange to kill America to save the multiverse.

  3. Strange was pretty quick to dismiss getting help from the archer with a mohawk, but once Wanda was revealed as the villain Hawkeye was actually one of the only people who might have been able to get through to her.

  4. I was pretty shocked at how gruesome and how many horror elements it had for a marvel movie. Like it was had some legitimately scary moments and psychological thrillers. That mirror attacks scene was straight from the ring and running through the tunnel was a classic slasher chase. Even stranges universe was very silent hill-esque. I remember reading Rami wanted to make a full fledged horror film and marvel made him dial it back, so if this is what made it I want to know what he was trying to do.

  5. The takeaway for me is that the chances of seeing Quake and the rest of the AoS gang again just increased. If they're willing to acknowledge the worst Marvel TV show, no way they ignore one of the longest running and popular ones, right? (Netflix shows aside)

  6. I feel bad for the actors who end up in those failed projects. They get so much shit from hardcore fans just for being in a show or movie with a bad plan.

  7. I mean, Strange did almost destroy the universe because he wanted to help Peter with a relatively unimportant problem. What Wanda did was horrible and cruel, but it didn't actually destroy the universe. And again, this isn't that far off from the comics where Wanda is presented as being actually mentally ill. It takes her forever to learn her lesson because she is simply too sick to fully appreciate what she is doing is wrong.

  8. I think the Darkhold book made her crazy. It amplifies emotions and turns them into obsession. Like it did for evil Dr. Strange making him extra cray cray about Christine. Like he wasn't even viewing her as an autonomous human being anymore, just a possession he must obtain.

  9. Also these ultrons' "personalities" were so lifeless and mechanical, lacking Spader-Ultron's Stark-based wit, meaning they were more like the comic versions (and perhaps built by Hank Pym)

  10. Doctor Strange 2: Traveling between universes takes incredible, evil magic, and only one being across the entire multiverse has the natural ability to do so.

  11. No way home was supposed to come out after this movie with America being the one who messes up the spell which makes a lot more sense.

  12. Anyone else think it was hilarious when they first pitch the idea of The Book of Vishanti to Dr. Strange and his immediate reaction is "That's not real!!!" like my man do you forget the fucking bonkers world you live in???

  13. It's wild that a movie set in the MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS...was straight up boring. You had like 1 trippy sequence to justify the name...and that was fuckin it...then it was just a horror movie in 2 universes. A couple of fun moments didn't make up for how little they did with the concept.

  14. No one is talking about that 4th wall break! When she looked into the camera after possessing the normal Wanda the first time I almost screamed!

  15. They go to the sorcerer temple and there's just one guy whos a bull for some reason. lmao. There's like no other weird wizard beasts, just that guy.

  16. Not super familiar with Scarlet Witch, but is her power literally just "reality-warping"? What the hell does that even mean? She can remove a dude's mouth one moment, but the rest of the movie is just red lasers? Idk seems like her power is whatever is convenient at the time, and imo a super boring way to do magic.

  17. You are not wrong, the problem with the magic users in the MCU is that they don't have defined powers they have what the plot needs them to have at that moment sigh...

  18. Tbf Charles is a bit of a Worf who usually exists to be beaten down by other omega mutants or other diffrent baddies.

  19. If you were to google, "Top 10 most powerful marvel characters" she is probably on like 75% of the lists. Comic Wanda is no joke.

  20. Black bolt's death was like it was out of suicide squad and I loved it. He got the awesome "I'm sorry" scene and I wondered, "Well wtf he actually used his powers how's he gonna go down. Oh he blew up his own head hehe classic."

  21. That part actually kinda scared me. You could see the panic in his eyes. Like he knew when he drew that breath, he was committed to it.

  22. That scene really shocked me for an MCU movie, never seen anyone really die in such a weirdly morbid way like that. I knew this movie was going to have some slight horror aspects to it but damn. That and Mr Fantastic being shredded and his head popping.

  23. I loved it because a magical fight should be a little more than just throwing energy balls and beams (wandavision final fight) same when Stange fought Thanos, they were throwing black holes and doing different shit than the same old beam vs beam

  24. Seriously I’m glad that they didn’t make Wanda and Strange team up at the end to defeat another threat.

  25. Avengers really should have invested in therapists because so much of what happened with Wanda post-Endgame could have been prevented if she had someone to talk to.

  26. When they said that I figured they had some countermeasure cooked up, but their plan was really just to beat her up, lmao. I guess it makes sense considering their Wanda seems to have retired before reaching her potential.

  27. There are going to be parents bringing their kids to this movie to see Jim from The Office shredded like paper.

  28. Wanda really straight up murdered Black Bolt, Reed Richards, Captain Carter, Captain Marvel, and Charles fucking Xavier, was she the most powerful being in the universe?

  29. You’d think most universes with an Illuminati, knowledge of multiverses, and an Ultron army, would have SOME kind of failsafes or last-ditch strategies when it comes to god-level/galactus -level/multiversal threats, but apparently it’s just “fight the threat one at a time.”

  30. Probably. If Reed's kids find out how their dad died, Franklin would be a problem. Or maybe even Valeria. She's supposed to be smarter than Reed and actually looks up to Doom.

  31. I absolutely loved Wanda’s first dreamwalking stint, with the picture in the frame going from laugh to looking and staring was absolutely diabolical.

  32. I don’t think stealing food from a street vendor and then make him punch himself for three weeks is a very hero thing do so :s Steven truly was the villain

  33. 3 weeks was a long time. I think the joke would have been funnier if it was like 2 days. Something long enough to be very frustrating, but not long enough to be excruciatingly cruel

  34. Really happy with my decision to not look into this any further into this movie after seeing the first trailer. I saw a mild spoiler that Patrick Stewart was in it as Charles Xavier when I was looking up the release date (damn you, google auto generated cast list for movies!), but had completely forgotten about it by tonight.

  35. One complaint i have is Wong seemed really underpowered as 'The Sorceror Supreme'. Does him having that title imply he's stronger than Strange? Or is it just a title since Strange was blipped for 5 years?

  36. I definitely agree insofar as Wong's abilities are wildly inconsistent and need to be made more concrete. He is just as strong or weak as a scene needs him to be, which makes the fights feel stake-less.

  37. I was grateful there was proper closure to the on-off romantic interest between Strange and Palmer. That felt like a good send off and allows him to grow closer to Clea in a future adventure.

  38. This film ends almost exactly the same way as Raimi's Spider-Man 2. The antagonist overcomes the thing that's corrupting them (Doc Ock's arms, the Darkhold) after an intimate character moment and refuses to die a monster (destroys the reactor, the temple), incapacitating themselves in the process.

  39. So they didn’t think to remove America from Kamar Taj until Wanda was INSIDE? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen on screen.

  40. In my screening a woman in the audience yelled out "THAT'S RIGHT" when Wanda blamed Strange for giving Thanos the time stone. Had the entire audience laughing.

  41. I've heard that the Illuminati were gonna die but I did not expect them to go the way they did. Captain Carter's death most especially was the most unexpected one.

  42. chavez's caused the missing of her parents by a little bee landing on her hand, the theater erupted in laughter. that was hilarious

  43. I might be alone here but when the street lamp ripped the eyeball out of the giant squids head, It made me think of Neversoft

  44. Pretty sure Strange possessing a dead body of his multiverse doppleganger that he laid to rest in his own universe and using the souls of the dead as wings was peak Raimi

  45. The movie lacks a moral grounding. There's pieces of one in it, Strange learning that saving one life is as important as saving trillions or Wanda coming to understand how whacko her plan is, and Stephen learning that being happy is more than...whatever it implies he's parading around as happiness. The script doesn't dwell on any of these ideas. Each is shoved onto the board, but then ignored.

  46. Actually surprised at how much they allowed Raimi to let loose stylistically. Those transitions, those dutch angles, the practical zombie, Wanda acting like she's straight out of a J horror and holy shit that water mirror shot from Evil Dead!!! I'm happy.

  47. Loved it when Wanda came out of the giant gong all contorted. They seriously made her out to be an absolute badass who should not be underestimated.

  48. Feige know that people want things to be more different and Disney at this point straight up don't care as long as it make money they probably still only hesitant about R rating

  49. Wanda’s line to Reed about his kids having someone left to raise them was absolutely cold blooded, and I loved every second of it

  50. “We aren’t worried about a little scarlet witch”….whole team gets obliterated in like 3 minutes

  51. People calling themselves "illuminati" (literally "the enlightened") and having some supreme council that dictates their will on the multiverse having a giant amount of ego and hubris and underestimating a threat seems a pretty easy conclusion to draw lol

  52. I thought they did a great job of not spoiling too much in the trailers. I was really expecting the plotline from Loki to tie in, but I guess they're saving that for season 2!

  53. When she said “know that they will be loved” to her with regards to their kids… and Wanda just breaking down

  54. Was that the same actor? I'm so glad he got to reprise his role. Terrible shame about the Inhumans show since I find those characters so interesting.

  55. Nice nod to WandaVision when Wanda breaks the fourth wall and looks directly into the camera after possessing herself

  56. I thought it was pretty funny when Wong shakes his fists and yells, “FORTIFY YOUR MINDS!” Right before Wanda picks the weakest link.

  57. Honestly think she carried the movie. So glad they committed to making her the villain for the whole movie.

  58. Did anyone else notice Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - another Disney movie with a villainous witch - on the TV set when Scarlet Witch arrived at the home of 838-Wanda and the children?

  59. The Illuminati massacre was definitely the standout brutality wise, but I have to say some of the sorcerer kills in that first battle were pretty brutal for marvel too. I mean, she disintegrated a mutilated guy desperately trying to crawl away, and there were a number of charred corpses.

  60. Was the whole DS1 Mordo cliffhanger storyline relegated to backstory all of sudden? It was very jarring how Strange was like “oh, the Mordo from my universe was all evil, too!” when we didn’t even see him realize that anywhere in the films.

  61. Rumours before release were that there was a scene that was cut which was meant to be at the very start of the movie, where MCU-universe Mordo confronts Wanda and tries to take the Darkhold from her, but she decapitates him. I guess they cut it because Wanda chose violence in the rest of the movie.

  62. I thought that too, and it suddenly turned up the gore too like the omni-man fight, I loved it. Wish they had a little longer presence, but it was still awesome to see.

  63. When Strange told America that "Wanda made it right in the end" I imagined a quick cut away to a group of devastated looking EMTs trying to find all the pieces of the Illuminati to fit in the body bags.

  64. Man Sam Rami got his way when it came to the gore. Never expected to see that in a Disney Marvel movie.

  65. Agree! I really love how his horror roots were shown in this film so well especially in the hall chase scene with Strange, America and 838 Christine against 838 Wanda. There's shots that are reminiscent of Evil Dead too with Strange possessing his other self's corpse.

  66. Loved the scenes where Wanda really did witchcraft. Summoning monsters, invoking fear, possession etc. Hated that this accounted for 10% of her overall ability. Every thing else was pew pew iron man bullshit laser go!

  67. Can someone explain at the end, why are people manually building and restoring Kamar-Taj? Hasn't it been shown that Strange and others can just repair buildings/take things apart/etc with their magic? Heck, he opened up that rooftop to place the dead body of the other 'Strange' in and then closed it up again. Why couldn't they just do that to repair all the buildings?

  68. Had some cool concepts and ideas, but felt weird throughout. The ending felt so unsatisfying and idk if it's because the BS sudden change of heart of Wanda, or Chavez's sudden BS ability to control her powers, or them just casually walking in the temple like nothing happened.

  69. Weirdest part of this movie, is Wanda has her own sorta 90’s mtv unplugged tribute doing a seance surrounded by candles.

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