What movies are arguably not bad, but are just misunderstood?

  1. The Ghost and the Darkness. The critics despised it, the director disavowed it. But the end product somehow ended up as an entertaining tale of a multicultural group of men in a harsh environment with limited resources, trying to deal with a malevolent force of nature they don't understand.

  2. This one is shocking to me. I always thought it was an enjoyable visual retelling of the big game hunters- the story of the Tsavo Man Eaters that Patterson hunted. Having read Patterson's journals, the essence of the story is in the film if not fully experienced. But then, what book is ever faithfully adapted to the screen?

  3. This was a masterpiece. Used to terrify me as a kid too. The part where Val Kilmer’s character is dreaming that his wife comes to visit him and then is attacked by one of the lions … leaves me shooketh every time haha

  4. Ah, a man of culture. I grew up with “Hey, Vern, it’s Ernest”, and Scared Stupid, Ernest Goes to Camp, and Ernest Saves Christmas will always have a place in my heart.

  5. I just watched this movie for the first time and was blown away at the level of satire + criticism of the music industry. I told my wife if they hadn’t co-opted characters from Hannah-Barbera it would’ve been considered a cult classic.

  6. Great movie. Great music, some legit bangers on the soundtrack, written by Adam Schlesinger, who also wrote Stacy’s Mom, That Thing You Do and other great stuff for movies and TV.

  7. I love how the band from Can't Hardly Wait are basically the band at the start of this movie. I think it's the same director too

  8. I had to double check the fact that none of the brands gave permission because that seems super doubtful to me. There's no way a brand would be OK with a major studio movie implying they were part of some evil subliminal message plot without their permission. (Wikipedia gives that claim a

  9. This is always my pick for highly underrated movie. It was a silly kind of clever. Never took itself too seriously. Soundtrack is a favorite of mine.

  10. Glad somebody mentioned it! This and The Burbs would be my suggestions for sure, both fantastic films that got forgotten somewhere along the way

  11. Last Action Hero was really ahead of it's time as a meta commentary on action movies and their tropes. Audiences today are a lot more equipped to handle something like it.

  12. LAH wasn’t knocked because people thought it was serious, they just didn’t think it succeeded in its satire.

  13. I knew the kid in that movie Austin O’Brien growing up. He was a good friend for a while right up until he got cast for this film. Good memories.

  14. People were very much aware it was satire and poking fun at the genre lol literally nobody took it at face value, they knew what was going on they just did not think it did a good job

  15. I saw the reviews for this movie and always thought “Maybe it was just nostalgia that made me think it was good”. But then I watched it recently, and it was just as awesome as I remembered it to be as a kid

  16. My mom had to hide the vhs tape from me for years because I apparently got "too hyper" when watching it. It's still a fun movie!

  17. This was a fever dream movie for me. Didn't know it was real until a lot later in my life. Same with Warriors of Virtue lol

  18. I think the problem with Godzilla 2014 is not that they don't show Godzilla, but that the human characters failed to invoke interest when they do arrive on screen. I thought it was clever, in theory, to constantly tease the fight about to happen only to cut away at the last second and move on, therefore building up suspense for the final fight. However, since the humans character (with the exception of maybe Cranston), failed to invoke interest either in their acting or what they were given in terms of writing/direction, people notice is more clearly.

  19. Godzilla 2014 is amazing visually (*if watched in the dark on a good screen) and if they'd just kept Brian Cranston as the main character it could've been a really good movie. There was a man committed enough to make up for Gareth Edwards fumbling around with what his characters are supposed to do when action and cool visuals aren't on screen.

  20. Idk about misunderstood but I really liked Jumper with Hayden Christiansen. I feel like the hate for the Star Wars prequels boiled over his other movies and was overtly hated. I was really disappointed to hear there would be no sequels

  21. I caught this one on TV years ago on a lazy weekend afternoon and had fun with it. I expected to dislike it (admittedly because of Hayden) but it worked for me. Was also disappointed it never got sequels

  22. So what’s funny is my family goes to the Indy 500 every year (they’re from Indiana before moving west and I was born in the 80s)

  23. Oh man, this movie made me go from "What a stupid concept for a movie" to "This is bonkers and I love it". The effects, as outdated as they are, are really fun, and there are so many crazy, stylish moments that it genuinely delivers by modernizing the original show.

  24. I watched it on DVD after it bombed and was panned so I ex ected nothing and I was blown away what a fun beautiful movie

  25. That's one of those movies where it may not be your thing, which is fine, but it's a kid's movie based on a kid's anime. It's supposed to be over the top and colorful. Hating it for being exactly what it's attempting to be seems kinda pointless. I thought it was good considering the source material and my 10 year old nephew frigging loved it.

  26. That is PEAK CINEMA. Everyone and everything in that movie were hitting full stride and it just didn't click at the time.

  27. I remember when Harlem Nights came out the critics had no mercy bashing that movie. Seems like everyone assumed it was a bust before it even came out. Years later I saw it on cable and was surprised how wrong I thought the critics were. It is a good movie that holds up pretty well.

  28. I remember it being blasted for having fragmentation of communities as a main danger and the establishment of communication as a vital way out of crisis - which to me was one of the most realistic ways to tackle such a scenario.

  29. This was the movie I was going to post. It has a great storyline and intriguing characters. Plus, Tom Petty plays himself as a Mayor. It's a great movie.

  30. The Cell - one of my favorite movies and has some phenomenal performances in it. People were looking at it as a quasi horror rather than the cerebral masterpiece it truly is and one of the best set design and cinematography of the 90-00s.

  31. Seen The Fall? Same director, same visual masterpiece. Little less creepy of a story (more melancholy if anything)

  32. Ooh man the cell was hardcore. So hard to watch the child abuse parts and then the monster that became of it. Amazing graphics and an awesome movie. Even a non comedic role from Vince Vaughn!

  33. I feel Peter Jackson's King Kong people didn't like or at least overlook. I thought it was amazing with some of the best CG I've seen at the time (and still holds up well). I guess people hated the first hour, but I liked it... It built up a reason they're going to skull island and also we know the characters a bit better. If we didn't care about anyone who lived or died it wouldn't be very compelling. Then once in the island it's half action half horror movie and it's really entertaining. And Kong vs tyrannosaurs rexes were some of the dopest fights I've seen. What's not to like!

  34. So true. OGF was clearly a very personal project for Nic Refn, there’s very deliberate uses of a lot of religious and spiritual symbolism, that I think didn’t connect with mainstream audiences which was a big reason why it performed poorly. People where expecting an action thriller, not an art house surrealist drama.

  35. I'm conflicted about this movie,I used to like it when it first came out. Then I re watched it like 2 years ago and saw a lot more flaws than I remember. Maybe I was looking for faults a bit too hard due to years of criticism from everyone. I guess I need to watch it one more time...

  36. I straight-up love this movie. The prophetic road sign, his “art project”, him pre-taping weather reports, it was all perfect for capturing LA. The fountain of youth scene is beautiful.

  37. Cloverfield is more than a shaky monster movie. It’s a reflection of 9/11 and it’s imagery and their impact on our social construction of the world.

  38. As a huge horror fan, I think Cloverfield is amazing. Found footage can get overdone in the genre but they did a fantastic job, especially since they were very sparing in showing the actual aliens. Imo that made it so much more real and frightening.

  39. I remember watching this on theaters and being freaked out about the first 20 minutes resembling so many 9/11 home movies

  40. It’s the only “found footage” type of movie that I think is actually good. I usually skip the crap party at the start until they run to the roof though.

  41. Cloverfield was really well done. Plus it gave me a nickname for my daughter when she was a toddler. After eating, she would walk around and little crumbs would fall off of her everywhere. “Cloverfielding” became a verb in our home.

  42. Clockstoppers (2002) If you ignore the DJ contest scene (don't ask), the film handles the Time aspect really well for a kids movie. yes it's cheesy but it is peak 2000s vibes and very straightforward but a fun time for everyone.

  43. Oh man loved Clockstoppers as a kid. The idea and special effects of the time stopping blew my mind.

  44. Terminator Salvation. Not sure why people hate it exactly. My guess is a sorta "No Arnold, NOT MY TERMINATOR" mentality.

  45. I've seen Salvation criticised for not looking like the future war as we see it in the first three movies - no chrome machines, no fields littered with skulls, and no plasma weapons.

  46. In the words of Kronk (Emperor's New Groove) to the angel on his shoulder, "No, no he has a point."

  47. I think something that should be said is that there seems to be a large amount of people who don’t understand why this go made, or why anyone signed onto it:

  48. People said the same thing about the book even though the main character spent the entirety of the book hating the military and everything it stood for.

  49. 500 Days of Summer. It’s not bad at all but it seems to somehow be misunderstood. I saw it when I was younger and have seen it countless times since then and it’s amazing how the dynamic flips when you see how many negative fantasies Tom was projecting on Summer. Straight up she said she didn’t believe in love and he was hurt when they slowly drifted apart. He had this ideal fantasy for both of them, while she was just along for the ride enjoying it, not expecting anything out of it. He’s mad she moves on and is now married. The expectations vs reality scene and the final conversation they have where she says she found something she couldn’t find in him are devastating but absolutely vital for some people to experience.

  50. I know so many people who profess to having no interest in seeing this film and are turned off by it because they saw like, one trailer and, "That Zoe Deschanel just plays the same goofy nerd in every movie and guys just think it's so cute"

  51. It's ironic that this movie gets misunderstood so often, since the opening scene directly tells us Tom's entire outlook on love stems partially from a total misreading of the film, "The Graduate", when he was a teenager.

  52. There should be a law that requires everyone to watch this, Eternal Sunshine, and When Harry Met Sally before being allowed to be in relationships. Such great movies with incredible messages behind them.

  53. This is a great answer. Walter Mitty was just such a wild adventure. I still randomly think about that longboarding scene every so often.

  54. As someone who once had an irrational loathing of Ben Stiller that was only once overcome by Tropic Thunder, I was not expecting to love The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as much as I did.

  55. Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. It's hated on RT and I've heard stories of people leaving the theater while it's still playing. I watched it in middle school and LOVED it and went back to it recently with its criticisms in mind and I STILL loved it, it's Def dated some but still a fun movie.

  56. I laughed so hard when I first watched it and was excited to show other people. Over the years I've shown it to several friends/family members and they all look at me like I'm fucking crazy.

  57. Seen the movie a bunch of times. Love it. But the cow scene really fucks the flow of the movie, and overall just seem unnecessary for the low value it provides.

  58. MacGruber. Probably the funniest SNL Studios films, and yet everyone says it's awful. I found it to be perfectly acted (c'mon, Val Kilmer was phenomenal), the jokes to be sidesplitting, and the satire to be really smart.

  59. I avoided this movie for years because everyone said it was awful. Finally got to watch it over the summer and I laughed my ass off. All the haters take life way too seriously if they didn’t at least chuckle a little

  60. I love that film. "No no no no, you're okay, you're okay!" The graveyard ghost sex scene is downright hilarious "hnnngh hnnnngh hnnnngh"

  61. Con Air - Nick Cage, John Malkovich, Steve Buscemi, Dave Chappelle, Danny Trejo, Ving Rhames, and a super doe-eyed John Cusack make this both the most thrilling and most cleverly acted Bruckheimer production through ludicrously hilarious action setups and the over the top emoting from the ensemble cast. One of the best action movies since Face Off, lol

  62. Who thinks Con Air or Face / Off are bad? They are their own kinds of batshit crazy, but 100% hit the target they were aiming at. To deny this is not a simple misunderstanding, but a complete lack of sense of fun that would seem to imply a deep inability to relate to other human beings like a normal person.

  63. Con Air is my ultimate litmus test for movies. People who dislike Con Air because it's "stupid or corny" are usually boring ass chums and I will not get along with them.

  64. The Wolfman with Benicio Del Toro. I remember people hating it for not being deep, but It doesn't try to be anything other than a standard monster movie.

  65. The movie equivalent of going into Baskin Robbins and asking for a scoop of every flavor. Every single King cliche in one movie.

  66. I admit, I only went to see it in theaters to watch The Final Flight of the Osiris, but I found I did enjoy the movie. Looking back, it’s still one of the okayer King adaptations. But I mean it’s better than maximum overdrive and the langoliers…

  67. Wild Wild West. I don't understand the hate. It's a deliberately campy buddy action comedy that's ridiculous on purpose. I watched it a lot as a kid and a couple times as an adult. I enjoyed watching it every single time. It's funny, it's entertaining, and I laugh my ass off for the whole movie. I don't know why no one likes it. It was never trying to be something to take seriously, it's basically a spoof and yet people just love to hate on it. Will Smith even apologized for it a while back. Idk.

  68. I loved the steampunk western aesthetic. So much that my dnd character created a mechanical slider familiar that I straight up told my DM resembles the big movie spider in miniature. It’s how I cast all my artificer spells.

  69. This movie doesn't deserve any hate imo. It is hilarious from start to finish, and brilliantly hilarious at that. It has every type of comedy. Also, the plot doesn't teach us anything new, which is a valuable movie to have exist.

  70. I’d say actually your example. Godzilla 2014 in my opinion is far superior to the sequels. It was very well made and had a sense of scale not seen before nor since.

  71. Gareth Edwards clearly understands scale, one of my biggest complaints from the latter entries is the sense of scale is all over the place, at times Godzilla is the size of a skyscraper next scene he's no bigger then a two story house and while I guess that's the issue because they needed him to go against Kong and somehow make it an even playing field.

  72. That scene where the paratroopers are dropping down into San Francisco with the red smoke streaming behind them is haunting. And awesome.

  73. See my issue was I don’t think the writing was good enough to hold Godzilla (2014) up, the general approach was fine, the story just needed to have more compelling characters.

  74. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Decent philosophical look on religion and interesting dark sci-fi but not a Final Fantasy. When you ignore the FF tag, it’s a lot more enjoyable. Not perfect but not bad, just misunderstood.

  75. It's one of the most fun movies of its time. The way SFX, the art design, the lighting, the editing (etc) were a part of the comedy was just terrific. It was immersive and joyously goofy.

  76. Scott Pilgrim is a really interesting time capsule of “nerd” culture right on the cusp of when being a nerd went fully mainstream. I enjoyed it a lot at the time and still love the aesthetic.

  77. King Arthur, Legend of the sword. Making King Arthur a urban fantasy was a great move different from your usual roundtable tale, excalibur really feel like an overpowered sword, and making everything 100% realistic then going to a more magical world little by little (the darkness world, the sword, the lady of the lake, then the dryads...) was a cool idea.

  78. Very controversial on this sub, but Tenet. And I don't mean because of the mechanics of the reverse entropy thing. Because people seem to criticize it as something it is clearly not trying to be.

  79. I actually do think Spidey 3 is misunderstood. Peter Parker’s arc in that film and how the symbiote plays into it is kinda brilliant imo. It’s ballsy for the movie to take the Spider-Man character in that direction and it’s an arc that I haven’t come across elsewhere.

  80. Con Air is an American Masterpiece of Cinema. It ended up influencing a whole new age of cinema, the Michael Bay era

  81. I like Con Air, but The Rock was more influential, came out a year earlier, and was actually directed by Bay. You watch The Rock, you see a lot if the same comedy beats, tropes, etc. that are staples in action blockbusters today.

  82. Yeah people were complete babies with that one. In Alien you don't see the creature for 50 minutes or something, and it's all the more effective for it

  83. Im confident the entire project spawned out of a skit of goombas dancing in the elevator and its the most important scene in the entire film.

  84. I watched Green Lantern recently, and honestly I don’t think it was that bad. Cool space stuff, giant monster, lots of cool aliens. Honestly I just think Ryan Reynolds was mis-cast. I like him and all, just that wasn’t the role for him. Once he was in place they tried to give everything this comic tone that just wasn’t quite right.

  85. Spider-Man 3. Or more specifically, the scene in Spider-Man 3 that everyone uses as the example of why it is terrible: the "emo Peter Parker" scene.

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