‘The Toxic Avenger’ Remake Rated “R” for “Strong Gore” and “Brief Graphic Nudity”

  1. Boobs are not graphic nudity. Penis and vagina are graphic nudity. We are def getting a close up of Peter Donglage hanging his dink.

  2. I got my dad to buy me that movie outta the VHS bin at King Soopers when I was like 6? Then let me watch it unsupervised and I 100% attribute it to the toxic sludgy half human man I am today.

  3. Loved this cartoon growing up, only realised it was based on one of the most gratuitous movies ever when I was about 16, then fell in love with that too.

  4. Calling Troma films "R rated stuff" under-sells just how NSFW they were. I brought Tromeo and Juliet to a work "bad movies" night once... once.

  5. Finding this out at 10 when your older cousin let you rent it while they're watching you overnight was a hell of a revelation, let me tell ya.

  6. RoboCop was a perfect storm. Campy yet had a serious message behind the tone. Great performances. A pretty good story. And one of the most amazing theme songs ever put on film.

  7. You don't go into a Troma flick expecting high class cinema. You go expecting monster cock, kids getting graphically killed, terrible puns, and a lot of boobs.

  8. I will be disappointed if they don't show the villains brutally murdering dogs and children.

  9. I haven’t seen those movies since college, I used to love them. I need to go back and check them out again

  10. Elijah Wood, Julia Davis, Taylour Paige, Kevin Bacon, Peter Dinklage, and Jacob Tremblay lead the cast of Macon Blair’s The Toxic Avenger, being called a “contemporary reimagining.”

  11. To be fair, I think he only kills one guy with a mop in the original. He kills a guy with his own arm at one point, punches a guys guts out and stuffs them down his pants, throws a guy into a deep fryer.... I can't remember the rest; I saw it when I was 7

  12. If Elijah Wood is attached then I have faith it will be faithful (sorry about the wonky sentence). He is a HUGE horror movie guy, so he probably grew up watching Troma movies.

  13. If this isn't over the top camp then they missed the entire point. Please don't try to do grim dark Toxic Avenger.

  14. It's being directed by Macon Blair, who did "I Don't Feel At Home in This World Anymore" which I found to be pretty over the top in a good way.

  15. “A contemporary reimagining of Troma Entertainment’s successful 1984 low-budget action-comedy hit, The Toxic Avenger is steeped in environmental themes and subverts the superhero genre in the vein of Deadpool."

  16. I want it to be grim dark to start off then go completely off the walls parody of it. That would be fantastic

  17. It's hes basically just a normal avenger but kinda gaslights people and makes everyone a bit sad.

  18. When I was younger there was a show called Toxic Crusaders. It was a cartoon based off the movie. They had toys and everything. Toxic Avenger played on TV one night and I thought it was a live action adaption of the cartoon. Whoops. It definitely shaped my taste in movies because I love Troma, but I'm pretty sure I was scarred for a while after seeing that movie far too young.

  19. Hopefully there's no chicks. Women just slow action films down. I don't need some hot nerd making me feel worse about myself.

  20. The dude getting his hand minced in the VCR and it somehow being shown on the tv is one of those scenes that has stuck in my head for decades.

  21. This is the film I'm most excited for this year. I've been waiting for it for like 10 years.

  22. I mean, they made a Saturday morning cartoon based on the original back in the early 90's, so this particular property has always had an uncharacteristically mainstream appeal to it.

  23. I am not a comic book collector, but for some reason I do have Toxic Avenger #1. He's a weird one, but I kind of like him.

  24. This is cool news and all but I can’t but think why they’re remaking this… or any Troma flick for that matter? Iirc, isn’t the entire point of that studio to not be AAA?

  25. I'm always worried they'll ruin one of these with a PG-13 Rating. It's nice to see that's not the case. We need more unapologetically R-rated movies. Not everything has to be for kids.

  26. Some movies should/shouldn’t be remade. One perk even if the remake sucks is that streaming services start streaming the originals again so for that I’m kinda for it.

  27. I live in the town where the original was filmed! The scenes from Sopranos when Vito ran away to New Hampshire where also filmed here

  28. Two questions. Why remake it? And second question was Melvin supposed to be a “struggling everyman” in the movie? If so that is not the impression I got.

  29. Ok so my ex was the art director on the original version of this. We weren’t meant to be, but she was a goddam artist, and that’s why there will be a remake. Here’s to the people that make this shit happen. They’re the best.

  30. So they are dialing it back? What wimps. I do not think 8 year old me was meant to see the Toxic Avenger in the 80s.

  31. Man toxic avenger is so good. There’s a bar by my place that plays live punk, has fantastic drinks with names like Demon Semen, and plays Troma on repeat. Unfortunately closed down during the pandemic, but it was my favorite bar. Loved drinkin some Demon Semen served to me by a nice goth lady while I watched Tromeo and Juliet

  32. I know they had Toxic Avenger cartoons when I was a kid but I also know the OG movie was a very, very hard R and would expect nothing less in a remake...

  33. Normally I would be worried that this is a soulless cash grab using a cult property( and it still might be that), but Macon Blair freaking rocks. He routinely shows up in some of my favorite movies (Thunder Road, Green Room, etc.), but he has also directed my favorite Netflix original film, I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore. Truly one of my favorite dark comedies in recent memory.

  34. Considering the current world affairs, a new Toxic Avenger movie may make everything better for-me.

  35. So tired of all the PG-13 movies. The movie industry has swing too far in that direction. Everything is made for kids or adults who think like kids. Disney will probably make a PG-13 Deadpool movie soon.

  36. I mean that's kind of like a no shit Sherlock the original was gory and had nudity this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone

  37. They still have new stuff coming out and even have their own streaming service. None of it is as good as the Toxic Avenger of Nuke 'Em High movies, but there are a couple things here and there worth checking out.

  38. If it retains the tone of the original, I'll probably watch and enjoy it but wonder what the point was of remaking an absolutely flawless, certified banger of a film. If they try to inject it with social commentary, I'll pretend it doesn't exist.

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