Willem Dafoe never receiving a major acting award is a insult to the art of acting.

  1. And that's bullshit cause Dafoe is a pure power hitter and nothing else, his skills on defense are marginal at best, his consistent home run hitting is the only thing keeping him employed at a major league level.

  2. I read that and was like "I get what they meant, but damint the thought of Willem making a diving catch to save a world series is so damn appealing."

  3. What’s his outs above average? The Dodgers need some outfield depth right about now. Could be a good pick up

  4. He was amazing in all that but in the most recent spider-man .. straight up nightmare stuff. He goes from innocent, homeless, scared, confused guy to maniac beating you through 20 floors within a second.

  5. Yes! I would vote for The Lighthouse hands down. He is soooo good in that movie. His last monologue is the best quote in the whole movie. Besides of course: Defoe: “Yer too slow. Are ye a dullard?” Pattinson: “No.” Defoe: “Fooled me.” Got em.

  6. “I’m sick of your laughin’… your SNORING!.. and your goddamned faaahrts… your goddamned… GODDAMN YOUR FARTS!”

  7. My adult son and I watched The Lighthouse this past weekend. I had seen it previously, but he wanted to watch it.

  8. It’s such a shame the Lighthouse came out in the same year as Parasite, Joker, 1917 and Jojo Rabbit. Between them they swept up every award for every genre. Patterson and Defoe both deserved Oscar’s for their performances in this experimental masterpiece!

  9. A bit off-topic, but I love how The Lighthouse subverts the usual trope of confession being good for the soul. Normally, it’s the first step in a character’s redemption, but in The Lighthouse, it’s twisted into something ominous and evil. Really the beginning of the end for Thomas Howard.

  10. I forever will treasure the day and moment he was giving me an autograph in 2019 and I told him "I loved your performance in The Florida Project" and he looked at me and smiled!!! that was priceless!

  11. Totally Mandela Effect’d this in my mind. Could have sworn he won for Florida Project, but that was Rockwell’s year.

  12. I really love the scene he gets with the guy who's creeping around the apartments. Really fun watching him pretend to be concerned to practically abusive. Also the short bit with the cranes was apparently unscripted lmao

  13. Yep. If he was gonna get one, that was the one. Unfortunately I struggle to pick out many true Oscar-worthy performances in his very accomplished career

  14. That was the movie that made me stop watching the Oscars and realize the whole thing is a scam. Fantastic movie with fantastic performances, not only by Defoe, but...it was an indoe about white poverty set on the outskirts of Disneyworld to show us the contrast between oppulence and misery. A big no for the Academy despite deserving all the praise.

  15. This should be higher up. He's an outstanding actor and very well recognised outside of the big names. The Oscars are extremely political, strange and at times downright pandering.

  16. He's one of those guys, like Philip Seymour Hoffman or William H. Macy, that makes every project that he's in better. But awards are a bit of luck, really, in addition to talent and opportunity - he needs the big showy project at the perfect time and it needs to capture the zeitgeist of the moment. He seems the model of what the Brits call "the working actor" - go look over his IMDb at the vast array of films he's been in. I think he enjoys or finds challenging the small roles - I just hope he strikes gold for one of those superb supporting portraits one of these days.

  17. Can I add J.K. Simmons to that list. I threw on a movie called the All Nighter one night. It was not a good movie but the difference he made to all of his scenes just showed how talented he is. It's nothing for a good actor to work with great material, but a great actor really effects material that is only so-so.

  18. And like both of those guys, Willem isn't exactly the prettiest to look at. Surprised Steve Buscemi has won so many awards.

  19. I hate the idea of being “robbed” based on prior history, ideally voters would just look at it in a vacuum each year and not resort to reputation when casting votes, even though I know it’d never happen.

  20. It’s because The Lighthouse was way too idiosyncratic to appeal to the mass voting bodies, and that A24 has been relatively bad at awards campaigning ever since Netflix stole their awards campaigner.

  21. I'm with you on this, if you aren't the best in a given year you just aren't, doesn't matter you've been 2 for a lot of years.

  22. These awards are all about internal Hollywood politics. From the interviews I have seen, I do not think Dafoe plays those games. It seems like he just wants to act.

  23. he doesnt need it. He is acknowledged as a great actor and is treated as such within the community. He is sought out by high status directors for roles that suite him perfectly. More importantly, from the many interviews of him ive watched he seems incredibly fulfilled by the work hes done. I doubt an award would bring him something he doesnt already have

  24. I loved how he played Klaus. I know he’s done other amazing roles, but I’m so impressed at how funny he is in that role with such subdued acting.

  25. "For a few seconds, this place was Armageddon." Bleeding Through sampled this at the start of one of their songs back in the day and it was just so epic to teenaged emo me

  26. People talk down Boondock Saints as a sub par movie, but to me it is perfect entertainment. Good actors, good storytelling (especially with the crime scenes), well-dosed comedic relief and a good plot twist. I love this movie so much and Dafoe carried it in parts. His facial expression when his disguise is blown - amazing.

  27. I once saw a quote to the effect of "If you had Dafoe, Neeson, and Goldblum naked in a sauna together, there wouldn’t be room for anyone else."

  28. I think my single favorite line, out of his entire career (and he's one of my very favorite actors), is, "you ain't a firing squad you piecea SHIT!"

  29. Wild at Heart is perhaps my pick too, along with Boondock Saints. He's such a treat in any movie and he's been a superb supporting actor in so many great ones.

  30. His 'fuck me' scene with Laura Dern is one of my favorite movie going memories. The whole audience was holding it's breath, terrified of him, as it kept ramping up. Then his line and everyone was just freaked out. People were nervously giggling and cringing at the same time. He was something else in that role.

  31. I mean, it's not weird or unheard of really. Great artists in the film industry not getting awards happens ALL the time, it happened to Roger Deakins for ages, it happened to Thomas Newman (who is tied with Alex North for the most academy award nominations without a win, at 15 nominations) and it happens to a lot of other great artist in the industry whom you have never heard of.

  32. Completely agree with all of this. Plenty of Newman's scores are worthy of oscars in my opinion but I wouldn't consider his career any less complete for not having won any. Gary Oldman is another example of an actor with an incredible resume who didn't win until recently and still only has three nominations. I think Dafoe will be remembered well enough!

  33. Also there are a ton of great actors out there but only a few can win each year. Sometimes you just get unlucky and end up getting nominated at the same time as some obvious winner

  34. Oliver Platt is also great in Shadow of the Vampire and another “overlooked” actor that’s had a great career with great roles a d awesome VA/VO work.

  35. Glad to see someone mentioned Shadow of the Vampire. I watched that as a kid with my dad and we loved that movie so much.

  36. There’s a close up when he’s in the mob house dressed as a woman. He fires a shot at one of the mob guys, then the camera does a little closeup on his face, his lip quivers, just the expression on his face showed fear and confidence, it was unforgettable.

  37. Television. Television is the explanation for this - you see this in bad television. Little assault guys creeping through the vents, coming in through the ceiling - that James Bond shit never happens in real life! Professionals don't do that!

  38. I scrolled so far For this to really Realize his sheer depth and Range xx bravo William xx may you be blessed with an Award 🥇

  39. He absolutely was, and I love Dafoe. But that was the definition of chewing the scenery, which is not something they give awards for. I can't imagine the movie with out him playing the role like he did of course, so he definitely gets my award for that.

  40. I disagree. The man's career has lasted for decades and he's still going strong. He's played everything from the Green Goblin to Vincent Van Gogh. He is, no question, a legend, and some stupid statue is nothing compared to the status he has in the acting world.

  41. I’ll never forget Willem telling a talk show host he was going to be that character, and I flipped because I thought he’d be perfect! Then they put him in a mask! I remember thinking what?! He can be freaky enough without much makeup, he has this amazing look- and they put a helmet over his head. I couldn’t believe it.

  42. Man, the lighthouse snub bothered me so much. Dafoe not even being nominated made me realize the academy wouldn’t know a good performance if it sat on their face.

  43. It's a fantastic movie. It certainly won't appeal to everyone but I'm of the opinion that it's better to be an incredible experience for some than a good experience for all. Settling for the latter creates a sea of average. The industry is big enough that opting for the former means that everyone will find a few gems that really do it for them. The lighthouse has terrific direction, excellent cinematography, incredible performances, great sound design, bizarre visuals, and interesting themes.

  44. He was so good in Boondock Saints. He was the entire scene any time he was in the script. Such a damn good character. Starts as a badass federal detective, then slowly sides with the saints, then the scene when he is in drag is so damn good. Putting the moves on, then 5 seconds later puttin two straight to the dome. And this is one of his more forgettable roles. The guy can pull off any role, I compare him to Gary Oldman.

  45. the Lighthouse blew everyone away obvi but award shows don’t give any merit to ‘horror’ movies, which is a joke. however, i was definitely surprised for no nod for his portrayal of Vincent Van Gogh in At Eternity’s Gate. it was a hauntingly beautiful film only made better by Dafoe. i mean jesus, don’t the Oscars love biopics ?

  46. He was nominated for at eternities gate. And he should’ve won it. Rami Maleks performance in Bohemian Rhapsody was simply, fine. It wasn’t mind blowing, it didn’t move me. It did the job needed.

  47. He's a bloody legend. Platoon, Last Temptation of Christ, American Psycho, Boondock Saints (he killed in that dress), and The Lighthouse are probably my favorites. He was amazing as Green Goblin too

  48. Wasn’t even on The Academy’s radar, but his performance in The Life Aquaric with Steve Zissou was, imo, supporting actor worthy. Too many comedies & comedians are overlooked. DeFoe is a great dramatic actor, but his turns in comedy? Genius.

  49. His role in ‘The Northman’ was made for him. Willem Dafoe just has that presence on film where you always know who is but never who is going to play or how he is going to appear.

  50. You can put out phenomenal performances year after year, but all it takes is one guy to put up a better performance.

  51. He is so genuine about his roles too! I was watching an interview and he takes roles that interest him. That he's like ahh this is different but I think it'll be great I wanna help these guys out! Him taking the role in spiderman was just that. I love that about him. He isn't an award chaser, kinda like how Samuel L Jackson said "I'd rather be Nick Fury than chase (awards) " he listed off a couple of awards there. He's someone who's in it for the art, which in my eyes makes him a true actor. <3 Award chasing is so overrated.

  52. I can't think of a bad thing I've seen Willem Dafoe do. He always brings his A game. That being said, I think it's less of an insult to acting and more indicative of the state of acting awards. He doesn't really pick roles in films that are engineered to be Oscar picks and he certainly doesn't pander for awards so it's no surprise he doesn't win. The Academy Awards (especially) have been complete trash for close to 30 years now. Pretty much right around Crash was the nail in the coffin for Oscar credibility. That was the bottom of the slope after Shakespeare in Love beat Saving Private Ryan. They really need to start considering more popular movies. It seems too, as if they've shunned anything box office hits and don't know what to do in the time of superhero movies.

  53. -People just don't recognize his greatness. If Spider-Man was released today he would win something for his portrayal of the Green Goblin.

  54. I loved his nerdist/id10t interview where he had been doing press for what sounded like all day, and was tired, so he was giving pretty standard Q&A. But Hardwick's interview style proved he was serious and Dafoe opened up and gave such a great sincere interview about his craft and the hard work he puts in.

  55. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Acting awards are completely useless and don’t define an actor in the slightest.

  56. I recently went back and watched Platoon again. I forgot what a good actor Charlie Sheen is, but goddamn Willem Dafoe is a revelation. He makes every one else look like they are acting, even if they are doing it very well.

  57. He should have won for "Last Temptation of Christ", of course. And he would've gotten it, too, if it weren't for those meddling kids Christians.

  58. Honestly I think at this point it’s almost a compliment. Look at the Oscars these days. They’re basically popularity awards. They have been for a long time. It’s tons of money spent by the studios and producers on marketing and advertising, because an award above the title on a DVD box makes it more money.

  59. Without a shred of irony, he should have received an award for his portrayal of Green Goblin. He is so good in Spider-Man, he balances the campiness of playing a big green man with the "seriousness" of the role really well. The mirror scene is the best acting in the entire trilogy and it isn't even close, but that isn't a one-off; his performance during the Thanksgiving dinner scene is legitimately unsettling and scary.

  60. Fortunately awards are just industry marketing and don’t really matter from a critical pov. His filmography speak for itself and will stand the test of time.

  61. To this day I can't believe Al Pacino didn't win for his role as Michael Corleone in the Godfather Part 2, either. It's just weird how sometimes great performances are well commended but may not be well rewarded.

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