‘Furiosa’ Synopsis Details Where Prequel Movie Fits in ‘Mad Max’ Universe

  1. Honestly this line is very strange. Not only is he dead, but Mad Max has never been very focused on continuity I think, Miller had said something about how the timeline can be variable and it’s basically supposed to be a telling of "the legends of a man called Max" to justify how Max and Joe don’t age as much between their two appearances.

  2. How old is Furiosa in Mad Max? The same age as Charlize Theron or maybe a bit younger. Lets say 30-35. I am a bit confused as to how many years they are going to set it back where they are going to use completely new actors.

  3. Ya know, who cares? If he can still pull it off, why shouldn't they cast him. I think you are just prejudiced against dead people.

  4. In the Mad Max world you can do anything. Look at the timeline between one, two and three. You can diverge anywhere. However, you need ridiculous cars with huge blowers and nitrous to make it work.

  5. The first one wasn't even like the apocalypse, then fury road was full on post civilization with crazy shit going on. Max was a police officer.

  6. This one has a "biker horde" which I'm very much looking forward to. Lots of fun custom bike stuff to play with.

  7. I still maintain that the entire Mad Max timeline is solved by making Max inexplicably immortal. It fits all four movies and the game together perfectly.

  8. The franchise lends itself well to using over-the-top costumes and prosthetics to hide an actor's age. Hope he has a nice mullet or something.

  9. I’ll be upset if Chris Hemsworth isn’t playing Inmortan Joe. He was great as a cult leader villain in El Royale.

  10. How is Ana Taylor-Joy a good replacement for Charlize Theron? She wieghs 120 pounds, her eyes are on the sides of her head like a guppy fish and she is not remotely beleivable as an action movie lead. Wtf is going?

  11. I'm curious what the conditions of the world will be like in this film, in the original Mad Max things society has just collapsed seemingly, but there are still houses and town and such. By Fury Road all that is gone and it's only desert. I'm hoping we get to see the transition from post society collapse to complete dystopia. Show us War rigs being built up, mention the water supplies are winding down, give us a scene where Immortan Joe decides to start pumping women's boobs in a cave.

  12. Well, I mean it is set in Australia. Even now if you leave the coast, there will be plenty of desert without houses. In my mind there are still be bits of civilisation in the Mad Max world along the coast.

  13. It's called Mad Max: The Wasteland, and it's in development, but getting made will probably be dependent on Furiosa doing well.

  14. Indeed. The prequel was already told in fury road. I don't need to see it. Show me characters I already care about rather than someone I'm supposed to re-discover in a prequel.

  15. What would it be about? Only thing I can really see is if Max finally comes to terms that his family and friends are dead and to move on.

  16. Seriously. With this, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings all doing prequel series and films, I can’t help but wonder, what’s the point?

  17. Holy shit I've seen Fury Road 3 times and never noticed it was Junkie XL behind the music. No wonder I loved the soundtrack

  18. It will never ever happen, they hated each other and the entire time they worked on it, so be happy we are getting anything like it

  19. One of my favorite things about Fury Road is that the movie is movie almost the entire plot time. Either on the War rig or in the war boys cars it just doesn't stop. I hope the new one doesn't just take place at the citadel and we get all that amazing car/motorcycle action throughout the whole movie.

  20. Tbf, a little more plot seems like a good idea. Fury road had great action, a lot of implications through props and visuals alone, but it could have needed a little more story to tell :D

  21. I just hope they rerelease the original in theaters before then. I was living in Peru when it came out and didn't get to see it on the big screen.

  22. In normal mad max universe fashion it will take place in the timeline after fury road but before mad max

  23. I don't really care. Mad Max is a world where people record history by tattooing themselves and has already undergone a reboot with its own retcons. It doesn't need a 'canon'.

  24. I wonder if Fury road benefited from not being a story heavy film against the back drop of all the chaos. This one seems like a MUCH bigger film according to article and all other reports, doesn’t mean it’ll be a bad thing but has me wondering, I have the upmost faith in Miller

  25. Because it was all written before Fury Road in order to give her a back story. Check out the book "Blood, Sweat, and Chrome".

  26. It is, with the same editor. She was given so much footage in Fury Road that George Miller was worried the film would be a major disaster. She’s his wife too.

  27. Not gonna lie, "Northman" made me want to see Anya in an action role and I am hella looking forward to this.

  28. Sounds interesting, but I'd rather have a direct sequel to Fury Road. Will be watching this though, I trust George Miller.

  29. Of any film universe that exists I would think continuity of the story and where films “fit” would matter the absolute least in this one. As long as there are crazy car stunts, count me in.

  30. I would actually have loved to see where it all began. See society collapse and turn into whats the mad max world.

  31. Pretty interested in this one. I love Anya Taylor-Joy, Furiosa was my favorite part of Fury Road (and Nux, but obviously he wouldn't even be born yet in this), I will watch Chris Hemsworth in anything, and I've just started watching The Musketeers and absolutely adore Tom Burke in it. I will definitely be seeing this one when it comes out.

  32. Wait! What? This is the first time I’m hearing about this! Please and thank you! Take all of our taxpayers money, and more. I can’t wait 😝

  33. The series has never really been all together too concerned with continuity. I take each entry as it’s own thing.

  34. Really don’t get what the obsession with Furiosa is or was. Sure good character and was played ok.

  35. I’m the opposite, I love Gibson as Max but still not sold on Hardy as his replacement. However the teamwork with Furiosa made Hardy’s Max worthwhile.

  36. Agreed, I have no interest in her character or seeing this movie. Honestly didn’t really find her character interesting at all in Fury Road.

  37. If it gives me an excuse to watch some crazy-ass vehicular destruction, the movie could be about the lizard Tom Hardy eats in the first 5 seconds of Fury Road for all I care.

  38. Max was a borderline side character in the film, why would it be surprising that Furiosa attracted more interest?

  39. I've read the first draft. It's fucking great and, if they pull it off, this could conceivably be even better than Fury Road.

  40. Naah didn't like furiosa as a character that much definitely not worth a whole prequel, it could be good tho ATJ has been making good casting choices.

  41. Chris Hemsworth was my dream casting for Max. I thought Gibson and Hardy were great, but ever since playing the game, I feel like that version of the character reminded me so much of him.

  42. I liked hardy but he didn’t exactly give a great performance as Max. He hit all his marks but just mumbled without emotion the entire time

  43. Sounds cool and all, but George is in his 80s. If this is his last film in the universe, I’d rather get one last Max sequel.

  44. That’ll be coming next, titled as the Wasteland or Mad Max Wasteland. Not sure as both titles have floated around the rumor mills.

  45. Ever since I found out Collider pays their contributing writers poverty wages ($20 per article) I can’t give them a click in good conscience. Can anyone summarise the synopsis? Edit: never mind — saw that another comment summarised it.

  46. Honestly should’ve been half prequel / half sequel so that Charlize could reprise the role. She’s the reason audiences want to see this film to begin with.

  47. I wonder are we getting this because it's hard to top FURY ROAD. This could be the "quiet version" of fury road and still be amazing but how in thee fuck do you top FURY ROAD??! Wish Hardy and Theron were returning but Anya is dope

  48. It'll be set before Fury Road and that's probably as precise as the timeline will be. Miller has said many times he's not concerned with consistency - these films are meant to be mythical.

  49. I watched "Fury road" yesterday for the second time. Was blown away again. Bur why the hell would Miller come back to the story which has ended with an ultimate "return of the Jedi"? SW1-3 still make no sense to me. "Prometheus" was a downright stupid movie. What's that evil "prequel" virus that great directors catch when they get old? Something to do with MAGA?

  50. That little small insignificant personal problem of yours will magically disappear if you just simply NOT watch it.

  51. While the idea of this movie is cool and all i still cannot phantom why we are nlt getting a new Mad Max. Honestly Hollywood had franchise gold in its hand and we are only getting a prequel.

  52. I really can't stand action movies that cast completely unbelievable actors in lead roles. They are going from Charlize Theron ( Who was great) to Ana Taylor joy, who weighs about 120 pounds and her eyes are literally on the sides of her head like a Guppy fish. Hard pass.

  53. I wonder if they'll have Toecutter and Immortan Joe be the same character? I think it would connect the stories of Max and Furiousa a little more

  54. The first movie sucked, why are they coming back for more? If they want to make another movie with Charlize Theron do “Atomic Blonde 2”

  55. I am a huge Mad Max fan but honestly I don't like prequels and I really wanted another Mad Max film, not another Furiosa one.

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