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  1. The subjugation of animals for entertainment was a consistent theme throughout this movie. OJ and Jupe were each shaped by formative experiences with animals, but in very different ways that led them to take different approaches when dealing with the alien.

  2. Jupe was way more traumatized than people realize. His coping is certainly fucked, but you could see from his thousand yard stare he didn’t think the SNL actually reflected the reality.

  3. I was so uncomfortable during that entire scene. Definitely one of the scariest things I’ve seen in theatres.

  4. I didn't know what I was looking at initially. It seemed designed to look artificial, like being inside a bouncy house or something. I caught on quick but that quasi-'fake' biology still sticks in my mind and unsettles me. It reminds me of Brian Yuzna's Society, even though that was much more explicitly organic.

  5. Did Steven Yeun's character think he could control the alien because he was the only one who didn't get attacked when the chimp was out of control?

  6. I also think that he knew about the alien way before the Haywood's. He had been feeding them the horses that he was buying and that's why Jean Jacket marked the ranch as his territory.

  7. I took it as Gordy didn't attack him because the table cloth was obstructing his eyes. Kinda sticking with the theme of don't look a predator in the eyes

  8. I think he felt a kinship with the beast on par with his childhood rapport with Gordy. He's obviously deeply fucked up about that and has sort of internalized his trauma into a kind of weird nostalgia/affection for the animal he used to have a bond with (which probably saved his life in '98), and feels something of the same for what's in the cloud. I felt there could've been another scene or two with him about that, but it was there.

  9. There is also the fact that the inflatable version of Yeun's character was what was used to lure the alien to its destruction in the same way that the Chimp being "connected" to him gave the security people/police the opportunity to kill it.

  10. This film had very memorable scenes…. however, the part where the kids played a “prank” and dressed up as aliens will forever be etched in my mind.

  11. It was such a good scene, and such a good fake out to the viewer. Makes you think that the movie is going to buck convention and show us the monster right away, meaning that the later segments will contain who knows what.

  12. That shot of blood raining down the house while the UFO was above it and everything was surrounded by an actual storm is beautiful and it will forever be engraved in my brain.

  13. Probably the least likely shot for anyone here to remember and comment on, yet there was a shot of Emerald Haywood in the passenger's seat looking out the truck kind of admiring the outside while OJ drove. She was looking at the wind dancers and the nice sunny view. I really appreciated the movie taking a moment to slow down and show a calm, oddly beautiful moment like that. It also showed how her perspective was very different from OJ's more serious, still grieving for his father perspective. During that moment I remember thinking, "I know this movie is going to attract a lot of mainstream audience viewers, and I'm glad they'll see something with some genuine humanity to it even with all the big spectacle sci-fi/horror/adventure elements."

  14. The chimp wore clothes and a hat because that’s what we wanted him to look like. It took off its disguise at the end and showed us its true self.

  15. I noticed towards the beginning that Steven Yeun's character flubs the line "Mi casa es su casa" (My house is your house) and instead says "Su casa es mi casa" (Your house is my house). It is later revealed that he is trying to buy their ranch.

  16. It’s also foreshadowing - OJ sees the alien and realizes it’s a singular being, not a ship, and tells Emerald “it thinks this is its home” or something to that effect. Their house is its house.

  17. Funniest scene was when OJ and Em saw the director show up with a non electric camera. That was great when they clapped each other three times

  18. I loved their sibling relationship. They seemed appropriately annoyed by each other most of the time but then a moment like that shines through and you know they love each other so much.

  19. I can understand the Jaws comparisons now. Making the UFO the alien itself was a really fun take and my lord is that one main “abduction” scene still horrifying. Enjoyed it more than Us but not as much as Get Out. Great performances all around and definitely some holy shit moments.

  20. Yes, the “Jaws”-like anticipation is definitely there. Even when something scary is happening he doesn’t show it to you. Having IMAX with tight shots could get agonizing.

  21. I liked how the lampshade felt like a radar dish moving to us and later we realize it pointed right to Jupe. The whole flashback where we saw what happened that day was really well done.

  22. The scene where jupe’s audience gets sucked up was some genuinely horrifying shit. Like when I go to bed tonight I’m just gonna hear the screaming in that claustrophobic bounce house or whatever lovecraftian entity that ufo was made of

  23. The entire scene of Gordy going apeshit (👉👉) was so nerve-wracking, especially when he sees young Jupe under the table and just stares into the camera. My anxiety was so high.

  24. I was waiting for this comment because the first explanation is so helpful haha. I was trying to figure it out bc I know Peele never chooses a title without some kind of deeper meaning.

  25. At first I hated his character, not the role he was playing since he was designed to be hatable at first, but actually his character arc.

  26. This is a film about the relationship between entertainment and audience. Particularly how the two come to inform one another. Throughout this film, we are nailed over the head with images of potentially violent, not-necessarily tame-able beings being filmed. Gordy. The UAP. The director watching clips of predator and prey fighting. Being drawn to the allure of spectacle makes us part of it, it chips at the division between what we consume and what we are.

  27. His lack of eye contact and confidence after his pop’s death was great. His sister eventually helps him find a goal/focus, and he makes eye contact with everyone after that. I could be mistaken, but that’s how I viewed it. Excellent transition in character.

  28. I think it’s just supposed to be one of those absurd things a mind in shock latches onto. I don’t think it standing up is meant to be something unnatural; in the chaos of Gordy going apeshit it probably just happened to land like that, but the image of it was seared into Jupe’s mind.

  29. I found it a cool detail how she gets the number of great’s wrong about her grandpa because she copies her dad word for word based on his video

  30. Oh my fuck that last Jupe inflatable man scene makes sense now. I couldn't figure out why it was just so funnily out of place.

  31. Hmmm…. I wonder if it’s a commentary on movies like Alien that leaned on phallic symbolism in the character design to make it scary af. That lil alien that pops out the dudes chest in the beginning of alien is 100% a penis. You make really great points & have convinced me it’s a woman’s reproductive system. Esp. The jacket design. I think it’s cool though. Idk if I would have ever put that together.

  32. Someone brought a freakin toddler to my screening. I thought at first that the occasional giggle and coos were part of the sound design, until I realized it was actually a kid at the front. Thankfully the mother eventually realized how annoying it was and she stepped out with her kid about halfway through. smh

  33. What really got me was when the first horse was abducted, at least with the IMAX surround, you couldn’t see it but you could hear it flying across the sky to the left. Really fucking chilling but incredible sound design.

  34. Yea. Surprised it's not mentioned more. Twice. Twice Gordy went and attacked her. I didn't even realize it was the girl actress in the sitcom survived. Due to the shoes I thought it was the mom actress.

  35. Honestly kinda wish Steven Yuen got used more. I feel like there was a bit more to his character that we didn't get to see and his story wasn't fully explored. Didn't like that he died just an hour in, but I greatly enjoyed it anyway. The Gordy scene was masterfully done and stuck with me as truly unsettling

  36. I wish there was a little bit more to his three kids(?) in the alien costumes. Like they just showed up at the farm to prank OJ, then they show up before getting eaten and that’s it

  37. I liked how the creature's design was saucer shaped then ballooned out. And there's probably been more than just one, the Roswell incident (weather balloon anyone?).

  38. I like to think that there's no proof it's "alien." It very well could have been an ancient species. It certainly behaved like many other predators on Earth.

  39. I can see people being divided on this one. I feel like Peele gave us all the pieces as far as what the message/intent behind the movie was, but he doesn't hold your hand. Definitely a "think about it on the car ride home movie.

  40. The people being sucked up the tubes and digested disturbed me so much. He really nailed the claustrophobic imagery of it. Reminded me a lot of Spielberg's War of the Worlds which also creeped me the fuck out growing up.

  41. Is anyone else talking about how OJ had sold Jupe like 10 horses or something so far and wants to get them back. In that meeting Jupe jumps on Em’s comment about the chimp in order to change the subject! He had been sacrificing the horses all along and didn’t want OJ to know. Just something fun I noticed!

  42. The slowed down version of Sunglasses at Night was absolutely chilling. The sound editing was spectacular throughout the whole movie. Peele really captured the inhumane elements of the “monster”

  43. After their first serious encounter, Angel went home and put on his VR headset. Out of fear the guy went home and put on horse blinders.

  44. The monkey parallels were good, but now I can't get the image of Chris Kattan tearing an innocent SNL tv family to death.

  45. Animal planet did a show 10 years ago about people who got killed by their exotic pet, and it's stuck with me forever. Travis the chimp was talked about of course, but there was another story about a husband and wife getting killed by a chimp. Fuckers are SCARY

  46. Maybe obvious, but the colors used in the whole final sequence when executing the plan has Emerald wearing a bright green and OJ wearing a bright Orange (with their outfits directly referencing their names)

  47. So there's that scene of the director where he's watching a tiger fight back against a giant snake that's trying to eat the tiger, and I believe OJ represents the tiger, and the creature the snake. At the end OJ is wearing the bright orange but he also has those 2 false eyes on the back of his hoodie much like a tiger has false eyes on its ears in an attempt to trick other predators. Maybe I'm reaching but just something I noticed.

  48. The actors were already afraid of Gordy. You could see their nervous expressions, and them try to hide that fear when it was their turn to deliver a line.

  49. Expert level tension building with the way your introduced to that sequence during the opening credits with just the sitcom voices, only to see the actual footage of the whole family on edge as the big present is introduced.

  50. Seemed like his chrome helmet was intended to harken back to the chrome sphere that was placed in front of Lucky’s eye.

  51. I thought it was kinda lame the alien was revealed to be just an animal in flying saucer form, so I was pleasantly surprised when it changed into a more abstract being.

  52. One thing I wondered watching the movie was: "If the alien has been around for 6 months, why did it suddenly become so much more violent and aggressive towards the Haywoods?"

  53. UAP stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. There’s a reason why UFO is no longer used by the government. This movie has just made me understood as to why.

  54. Lol very good point. Something comforting about knowing it’s probs aliens. Otherwise “the unknown” is quite chilling. This movie certainly displayed that well

  55. The alien abduction scene might be one of the darkest and absolutely shocking scenes I've seen in a long time. Something straight out of nightmare fuel. Especially focusing on the woman that was being taken and her screaming going up that cloth like tube.

  56. I wonder if all the "totally not racist" idiots who spent the last six months convinced this movie would be about how "white people are the real evil aliens" or something are going to do any self-relection.

  57. It's funny because Us isn't even about race so it's not like Jordan Peele has set some sort of precedence for that kind of commentary.

  58. There were about 25 people in my showing and 3 of them were fucking BABIES! Legit fucking infants. That shit needs to be illegal for real. Wtf is wrong with people?

  59. Those pans from the characters up to the clouds serious sold the alien's movements feeling like a predator's. If those had been filmed from the sky/in super wide shots, it would've felt nowhere near as creepy. Reminded me a lot of how they filmed the fights in Pacific Rim.

  60. That crowd swallowing scene will stick with me for a while. Seeing the people basically being digested alive in such a tight space was disturbingly claustrophobic. Makes dying from a chimpanzee an oddly preferable alternative

  61. Ironically, the girl whose face got ripped off by the chimp ALSO got eaten slowly by the saucer so...She had to experience both.

  62. This is the first movie I’ve seen where I watched all the trailers and still didn’t apparently know anything about the actual plot. Marketing was on point with this one.

  63. For what was essentially a fake scare, it was executed amazingly. I got chills with the shot of the "alien" standing next to switch.

  64. I thought the first two acts were pretty great. The whole sequence between Jupe and the audience getting sucked into Jean Jacket, and then Jean Jacket terrorizing OJ, Angel, and Emerald was some unsettling shit. Especially when the audience member was pushing to escape Jean Jacket, only to find what I assume was a dead horse…

  65. I gotta disagree on the third act falling short. Not only did the unfolding of their master plan have me on the edge of my seat, but it ties back into the themes of people's influence/perspective on nature, as well as giving praise to the backbreaking efforts of those who go so far to capture so little. Not to mention that the design and presentation of the alien is easily one of the coolest in recent media.

  66. One part of Nope I liked was how OJ's established early on as someone who has trouble maintaining eye contact with most people, and it's this quality of his that basically saves his ass at the end. A lesser movie would've made a whole arc out of OJ learning to be more confident in social interactions or whatever.

  67. Anyone else notice during the chapter titled CLOVER, Em was wearing a shirt that appeared to read FIELD? Felt it was a cute nod, if intentional.

  68. That's what I thought we were looking through in the opening credits, some sort of old-fashioned camera.

  69. I think LGM is a more fitting title for this movie and be a great twist because it would refer to the greedy people trying to tame this giant monster instead of the typical aliens.

  70. "That moment you're looking for, where you're at the top of the mountain and all eyes are on you. That's the dream I never wake up from" says the man who walks to the top of the mountain to be seen and devoured.

  71. The shoe saved his life in part, because he wasn't looking at Gordy when he was looking at it. He probably kept it as a lucky talisman, even displaying it in the same position.

  72. He was also buying the horses from OJ to feed the “ufo” too. It makes his reaction to OJ talking about wanting to buy the horses back make so much more sense

  73. Still trying to process how I felt about it overall, but I like it better than Us at the very least. It was more straightforward and didn't beat you over the head with the idea(s) it was trying to get across (to me anyway).

  74. So the scene where the people are being sucked up into the alien, the lady looks up at something and starts screaming. What was that, I missed it.

  75. Did anyone notice that the opening credits, looking down the "throat"(?) of Jean Jacket, is very similar to the inside of an old plate camera. It is also seen again later during one of the abduction scenes. food for thought.

  76. I think everything about Jean Jackets final form was supposed to resemble filming equipment. A nice dichotomy with the standard UFO form that everyone wants to catch on film

  77. Barbie Ferreira scoring billing in the main credits with 30 seconds of screen time. She must have had some scenes that were cut, right?

  78. She apparently deleted all previous mentions of the movie on her socials yesterday, probably after finding out that her part had been cut down drastically. She's not having a great year.

  79. The movie ended about 15 seconds before the army shows up and carts the body off to a lab somewhere. But since there was a whole camera crew I don't think there would be a cover up.

  80. The way the monster's "eye" would continuously fold in and out on itself was mesmerizing, like it was designed to grab your attention and sight as it wanted you to.

  81. Everyone keeps asking about the shoe but as someone who has experienced violent childhood trauma I could totally see why it was important to him and why it had to be like that. Random things sometimes get this inflated sense of importance. For me, it was a small drop of blood I saw on a countertop. Idk why but it's been almost 20 years and I'll never forget it. Looking at it the first time, talking to the cops near it, cleaning it up after everyone left. It was like, in a way, everything that happened somehow happened in relation to it and my mind just kept coming back to it. Every time I passed the counter I'd think about it. Sometimes I'd put my finger where it was. This went on until we moved out, but I still thought about it and I still can't explain why. I saw way worse than a single drop of blood that day, it was just a weird fixation. I think the shoe was standing up like that to stimulate that fixation to people who have never dealt with that. It had to be absurd to stand out and grab attention. But it was really just a psychological phenomenon/response to traumatic stress that happened to save Jupe's life because it drew his attention/eye contact from Gordy.

  82. I appreciate the folks from the Horror subreddit that shared they think OJ might be on the spectrum, which would explain him not making eye contact with anyone besides his sister, which is actually a major plot point. Also, they discussed that the upright shoe on the Gordy set is like a macguffin meant to show that Jupe survived the attack by focusing on the wrong thing: the shoe. His eyes are even slightly covered under the table. This reflects later when his recollection of the incident is talking about the SNL skit and its entertainment value, not the horrific nature of the attack.

  83. Saw a test screening a few months ago. There is an extended scene leading up to Gordy’s death that introduces that man. He’s a fanatic of the show and also feeds his pet crab (which is where the crab shots from the trailer come from). He brings a gun to the set, assumedly to shoot one of the performers? But ends up being the one to shoot Gordy. I’m glad they cut it as it felt out of place. That shot introducing the scene with the 1998 title card was originally his POV I believe.

  84. Went & saw this tonight & I loved it. It's so different than US & Get Out, which I appreciate. I love the fake out of the aliens being Jupe's kids. The chimp attack was horrifying. It was interesting to see how Jupe instead of being traumatized by the chimp event ,decided that his need to be a star was more important. That seemed to block any rational emotion. Keke Palmer is fantastic in this role. She wasn't over the top & showed a lovely amount of emotion when she was trying to get her brother to ride away from the creature. I really liked the deisgn of the creature & I liked the fact that it wasn't just little green men or odd shaped things with big eyes. This movie definitely reminded me of Jaws & Close Encounters. I will definitely be watching this again because I know I missed some things.

  85. Jupe came off as the villian in this film. Like the mayor in Jaws. Trying to fuck around with things they can't control.

  86. That chimp scene was.. unsettling. I just got out of the theater and I felt like I was tense for half of the film. Overall really enjoyed it, need to think on it more in depth though. Also the UFO at the end looked so damn trippy.

  87. This film looked awesome and the bigger budget was noticeable so let’s keep giving Jordan Peele money to make things.

  88. Another thing to point out is the film shoot in the beginning. I’ve worked on sets before, and everyone has this sense of entitlement. That we’re better cuz we’re on a film fuck you. Like “hey can I cut this big line to order 18 coffees for the film shoot across the street we don’t know how to wait for anyone or anything.” He tells people please don’t stand behind the horse but is told back “no it’s okay “they” told me to stand right in this exact spot.” Like the horse is Gordy in that moment. It is the most powerful thing in that studio. It could back kick everyone and kill or seriously injure them if something insane happened. But no one treats it with the respect it deserves. You can’t tame nature. You can’t tame a predator. And yet we think we own these beasts. Point is. Fuck Hollywood. Also. Hi I would like an editing job if you have jt

  89. The scene in the barn with the “aliens” was so suspenseful. When the alien head slowly fell from the top of the frame, the tension was at max. Then OJ punches the Alien and it’s head falls off….

  90. I’m just impressed with the marketing and the way they misdirected all of us. I’m sure we were all going into this expecting to see those little aliens taking over that small town, and probing sequences, and whatever else you would see in your big summer alien film. NOPE!

  91. I look forward to seeing it again. The first time I watched it, I failed to grasp the subtext. I don't think JP laid it on as thick as he did in Get Out, and he didn't explain it in such a blunt way like he did in Us (both movies I really enjoyed, the latter despite its flaws). This one seems more subtle, but maybe I was just dense and didn't get it.

  92. Thought it was kinda funny that Jupe (or OJ?) mentions early on that the Gordy incident led to no more real chimps on film sets, only for the flashback to the incident to use a very clearly CG chimp, very meta even if unintentional

  93. Weirdly, the scariest scene in the movie didn't feature the alien at all. It was the scene in the darkened barn as the kids mess with OJ. The shot of the dark blob that become two and then WHAM there's a third peeking out of another stall. Yeah, that was great work.

  94. Devon Graye - no one famous, but the character name is very interesting: Ryder Muybridge. Obviously he's a motorcycle "ryder", but his last name is a reference to Eadweard Muybridge, who was the photographer who shot the sequence of the black jockey.

  95. It seemed like scenes were deleted involving Yeun's character, as the film kept stating there was a bigger antagonism between he and the main characters than you really saw. Like the kids pranking OJ felt random with what we got onscreen, with only a one line explanation that could've been added later quite frankly. Seems like there should've been more altogether, as I get where people are getting the whole exploitation angle but that's weak when his exploitation of the alien is introduced and resolved in the same exact scene.

  96. Bafflingly horrible movie. Tonally, it was all over the place. Didn’t have absolutely any substance. Shallow two-dimensional characters. Style over substance. Score that didn’t fit the movie. Atrocious pacing issues.

  97. The Lights that OJ originally saw at night were Yuen attracting Jean Jacket to his show as a way to train it. I had thought it was truck floodlights and couldnt make out the sounds but it was actually Yuen training Jean Jacket to respond to the show’s music and feeding it the horses he had bought from OJ previously at night. Giving him the confidence to show it off.

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