Do You Dream in Music?

  1. It’s a weird thing I have where if it’s silent when I’m trying to go to sleep I can hear music playing from another room clear and concise but In reality nothing is playing and it’s all in my head. It’s been happening for the past 10 years, Usually it’ll repeat a chorus or a part that’s stuck in my head. Was wondering if anyone else have had this happen to them. It’s annoying trying to get the song to stop playing, usually I have to countdown from 100

  2. Yes I've had it happen at periods in my life. Either music or, more often, indistinguishable AM sports radio chatter. Usually when a fan or some sort of white noise is present.

  3. YES !!! For me, I will be somewhere maybe a plane or the passenger seat of the car and I’ll swear I hear orchestral swells or a melody it always trips me out when my brain does that

  4. I’ve written an entire song in my dreams, woken up, and written it down before it’s gone. Then I’ve played it, sung it — the lyrics, music, and everything totally works and is amazing.

  5. I did this for the first time a few weeks ago! I couldn't believe I actually got it documented before it vanished. And the song is great and I played it for a few people and they hadn't heard it before. You're right, it almost feels miraculous.

  6. I’ve experienced this.. one strange thing I’ve noticed is that usually the song I’m hearing will sound oddly beautiful and then it flips around suddenly and I realize I was experiencing it backwards but it continues on forwards and sounds just as good if not even more satisfying. Difficult to describe.. has happened several times.

  7. Same, and it’s a treat every time. Sometimes it happens though where I’m just hearing music in my dream and it happens to be original. Last year I dreamed I was learning about a historical neighborhood’s community cookout, and I heard a whole jingle they’d use to advertise it on the radio. Unless I was time traveling, pretty sure my unconscious mind wrote the jingle for the (almost certainly fictional) event

  8. The last time i did this was in high school. I'd been playing a shit ton of bossa nova and was trying to learn Desafinado, the hardest song i'd ever learned at the time, so i was practicing pretty much from when i got home to when i went to sleep.

  9. Most of the time this turns out to be impossible for me. As in the music in the dream isn't possible in the real world, not without some sort of manipulation of the flow of time or something. Like these to parts play simultaneously in the dream and it sounds good, but IRL the meters don't make sense and there's no way to play them together and have things line up

  10. I don't quite know if this counts, but occasionally as i'm drifting off to sleep, I will have a little tune in my head, and as I fall asleep, without noticing I start to have a whole fleshed out song with drums and piano and guitar, sometimes orchestral, but crucially i can hear every aspect of the music, not just a melody line. Its awesome, but the awful part is that as soon as I become aware of how cool it sounds I start to wake up again and it fades away.

  11. I sometimes dream that I make music people actually want to listen to, play sold out shows and do the sex backstage. Does that count?

  12. I frequently dream in music, I often compose (which is weird since I can’t compose while awake) or just listen to music that’s currently relevant to me. It literally sounds like I’m just wearing headphones and listening to something - that’s how vivid it is.

  13. I think often your brain is only experiencing the sensation of listening to something amazing while there's actually nothing "playing" in your head, too often I'm about to fall asleep and feel like I'm listening to the best song in the world but when I try to get up to record it I can't get a single element of it down.

  14. i would like to respond it, but i can't, i can't remember my dreams and i'm aphantasic (basically i can't visualize something in my head), the only things i "hear" is my own tought, else that nothing

  15. I had a dream once where I was listening to Bruckner's 4th symphony played on the organ. No idea how accurate this "transcription" was, but it was heavenly.

  16. I'm a pianist and I dream that I'm playing piano all the time. When I wake up, I realize - I was *actually* playing! Like the chords were correct, my fingers were in the right places, it's crazy.

  17. I do usually dream of playing the guitar but my coolest dream was a few years back when I went to this amusement park but all the rides were chord progressions. I'll admit i do love a few progressions but this dream made no sense to me after i woke up, i only remember it because i texted it to a friend.

  18. I see the keyboard pretty often in my dreams. Usually in F# major or in pairs of mirrored key signatures like 2b/2#. Sometimes I'm able to pick out a theme or a rhythmic idea, but that's rare. It's usually just the keyboard and its internal patterns.

  19. often, usually it’s a matter of trying to remember it and figure out the notes as soon as you wake up— before it’s gone. one time, I dreamed i was a cowboy sitting on a fence playing a song i’d never heard before. when i woke up, I had no idea how to play the song, so I simply fretted the strings how i remembered seeing them in the dream, and voilá— i was playing the chord progression! it blew my mind! especially since, at the time, my experience was limited to black sabbath riffs and powerchords, and I hadn’t ever consciously learned those chords in the dream.

  20. It's funny you ask. It's not auditory for me during dreams but coincidentally I was looking at a chart for this song the other day and I was playing along to it then in my dream the next night I was reciting the chords within the song and emphasizing the a sharp diminished chord.

  21. I had my first ever musical dream last night. It was a rather weird one that I mostly don’t remember but I recall some guys dad having this giant stereo-looking tuner. It showed 880Hz and I said that was an A! I’m not sure how I would’ve got that except that I know 440Hz is standard tuning for A and guessed if it was double that it was an octave higher, which indeed is how the harmonic series works. Like I’m sure I heard that somewhere but I didn’t know definitively. When I woke up I looked it up :)

  22. I’ve had this weird string of dreams where I hear really amazing music by a friend that I’m really jealous of and wish I had written. Then I wake up and realize that I was the one who imagined it. Most frustrating part is I can never remember the music well enough to recreate it.

  23. I have dreams where I hear random tones, but eventually I’m able to write them down in the morning and they come out beautifully

  24. I dream in getting chased or being naked in Miami while the moon crashes into earth, but otherwise I daydream in music a lot. Don’t have a sharp attention span so if I’m doing stuff and space out I usually get inspired by a composition in my head. Don’t ever really know the theory, though sometimes on a good day if it matters a lot I will hum the rhythm or melody onto my phone(oh the beauty of 21st century music production)

  25. I've always been able to recall special dreams. So of course if there was music I'd remember it ;). For example, I one time found out how to play Brahm's lullaby while sleeping. I was hearing the music and picturing the sheet music. I just seemed to deeply know how Brahm's lullaby goes! It felt great.

  26. Huh interesting, I dream a lot, like way too much, and I've never dreamt of sounds, only things happening. Like I can dream of playing the piano but never hearing it.

  27. I recently dreamed that Kurt Cobain was playing with a band in the next room. I thought, that’s a pretty cool verse, I’d lose the English affectation tho Kurt. Oh that’s a good chorus too, and now I’m jealous. I wish I’d written that.

  28. I hear random classics from classcial music, 60-70’s, metal , and hip hopas i wake up. My brain will play full songs and my teeth grind and click to count 1 . Sometimes i forget the name of the songs but the instrumentation is exact.

  29. I play piano and many nights I fall asleep and hear songs in my dreams. When I wake up, I'll walk a few feet to my piano and play what I heard. It actually makes me kind of anxious though, like I'm somehow ignoring the piano when I'm dreaming and not playing.

  30. For me, my dreams poof out of memory very quickly if I don't focus on remembering everything before moving to get out of bed. Once I move my head it's mostly all gone. So I can't really answer because offhand what memories I do have of dreams, I can't place any time there was music. But I have a funny story that relates:

  31. YES! I’m a composer so I have to study how each of the instruments work to be able to write effective lines for them. This involves learning the basics of how to play them. So in my dreams, I will literally play instruments I’ve never even picked up in my life. Or, if I’ve been telling a certain piece a lot lately on saxophone, I’ll dream of me practicing a certain section in the music.

  32. The most beautiful music I've ever heard was in a dream ab a year ago. I woke up because of how pretty it was but I instantly forgot it and it's been bothering me ever since :/

  33. Most of my song writing is partly in my sleep. It is like many other dreams. If I don't write it down immediately, I'll forget it. I used to write melody, chords, lyrics on sheet music now I just record on my cell phone.

  34. I've had a few song ideas stick with me that I've been able to record after waking up. One was the "movie soundtrack" in a dream where I was being mugged.

  35. I daydream whole ass sections sometimes with lyrics, but often with melody, rhythm, percussion and a basic idea of what i would want to do in post production. Over the years ive learned how to manifest what i "hear" into reality. Its truly insane how useful it is.

  36. All of it! The chords reel me in the melody keeps me in the the moment and spot a spicy twist not only changes the structure but everything else to the point of blending genres. It’s all so elaborate that writing it all down is usually a fruitless undertaking. Too much to identify. Most of the music I dream of contains digital or analog synth sounds in brief but significant passages. Think Beck Hansen, Funkadelic, Thelonius Monk, Herbie Hancock, The Beatles and a whole highlight reel of every major virtuoso from every country you can think of. It’s a gift and a curse.

  37. I was hearing phantom melodies the other night after playing guitar for 4 hours. I usually have a melody going in my head but this was like some auditory hallucination shit going on, spooked me. I’m also five days clean of weed so shit’s getting weird, but yeah, hoping dreams come back vivid and musical!

  38. Maybe. I forget what I dream 90%+ of the time almost as soon as I wake up. Music, what the dream was about, pretty much everything is gone. Usually because I have to focus on starting my day.

  39. I play instruments in my dreams that I play in reality. I'm rather good, but for some reason my skill level steadily decreases. By the end of the dream I might as well be a toddler pounding random keys on a piano, or a guy playing guitar with numbed hands.

  40. I will dream entire songs. They are tough to recall in entirety, and will usually require me to grab an instrument immediately upon waking if I want to preserve it. Even so, usually a lot gets lost, though I definitely have written songs inspired by dreams.

  41. . Yes. I do dream in music and yes. I do also get to sometimes picture of the orchestra in my dream and control the orchestra HST orchestra though but the genre of music it can be R&B it could be hip-hop it could be pop it could even be classical rocker brass transcriptions but it’s awesome and I love it 🥰

  42. As a die hard music for life fan I think this question is amazing. I was never talented enough to comprehend tones unless they are written out for me. But I do apply lyrics to almost every conversation or thought I have.

  43. Many failed dreams, but let's talk about the two that worked! Dreamt about a dear dog that had passed months prior. It was a vivid if surreal scene, and I wrote a song about it. A year later in another dream, the song came back to me along with my old dog and the whole scene, but this time I knew she was passed and there was sadness. I wrote another song, and possibly the best song I've ever written, all the chords, all the feels. Goodnight Big Girl.

  44. I dreamt a new Snoop Dogg hit the other night. He was performing it and it totally sounded like authentic snoop.

  45. Yes I think of songs in my dreams. It’s sometimes the same way I think of songs irl, and sometimes I’ll wake myself up and write down the idea or make a voice memo.

  46. The only sounds I can recall from my dreams vividly are the screams in my nightmares. From time to time I will wake up with a song in my head so perhaps it's a song I've dreamed about without realizing.

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