Is anyone noticing that these N64 expansion packs are hiking in price. Because my god, I can’t even find an affordable one even a third party one, because they ranged from $40/$50. Because if u get an N64 console with an expansion pak that like $150.

  1. Before FFVII was downloadable the discs were going for like $40-50, I haven’t looked in awhile but I’m pretty sure you can get the discs for $15 now which was the used price in the early-00’s

  2. I hope so, I appreciate the value of the things I have but I also have no where near what I want. I have like 20 n64 games if that. They’re good ones but I want so many

  3. I have about 12 of these from collecting over the years. I wonder if the bank will acknowledge it for a down payment on a car

  4. It makes sense when you think about it. Those which were bought back in the days are inside a console, and you only needed to buy one. So on the second hand market there are only those which weren't sold, some cannibalized from a non-functioning console or some that were swapped for a jumper pack in order to sell both separately.

  5. The problem with a replacement is that the IC inside hasn’t been produced in years. Would have to spin up a whole fabrication for a new chip. Way to expensive to get that off the ground for such a niche product

  6. Hell, I just noticed tonight that some power seller went through all the same controllers I had been watching (6-8 jungle greens) and bought them all within the course of a minute. Someone’s stock was apparently running low, but geez!

  7. I was lucky and the last console I bought came with one. Paid $70 with controllers and cables. Didn’t realize at the time that was worth more than the console I bought

  8. Hahahaha...meanwhile your just waiting to play the new game you just got....FOR 5 MONTHS 🤣🤣🤣 SRY BRUTHA that prolly hurt deep...deep..deeeeeep....down haha 🤣🤣🤣✊️

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  10. Everyone in their 30s has a job and money now. They’re buying back their childhood for the nostalgia and it’s raising prices. Get one as soon as you can

  11. I had a third party one for the longest time and a few years ago I went to a retro repair store to fix an issue and the guy game me one of these for free

  12. Thankfully I asked for one for Christmas when I was a kid, despite not having any games that required or benefitted from it at the time. I thought it just made all N64 games look better.

  13. I can’t believe no one has started making them. It’s just a ram chip with some resistors and capacitors. Funny if you have a newer n64 with a signal ram chip you can take it out and put it a older n64 with two chips and have a permanent expansion pack. That would end up coasting you more tho lol!

  14. Official Expansion packs were around $25 in 2019. The pandemic inflated the retro market further and during the pandemic they were going for $50-60. I haven’t checked lately though.

  15. Yeah, had the last couple that I picked up imported after buying from JP auction sites. Got them for about $25 each maybe a year ago, but the shipping/packing costs sorta negated any savings on small items for that shipment.

  16. i tried to live as long as i could without one but when i got majoras mask for free i had to buy one just to know if it worked

  17. The IC inside hasn’t been produced in years. Would need to spin up a whole fabrication process to get new ones. Way to impractical normally, but stack that on the chip shortage already, and you would never get the time of day from a fab house to make them for you, especially for such a niche item

  18. Found two but by time got home only had one like it fell out of pocket in friends car and he never said that he found one in there and the one I have works fine

  19. I got lucky and bought a console off ebay that worked, when I received the console I opened it to check to see if it had one to my suprise it had the red one.

  20. I remember buying one of these when they first came out because it seemed I would need one. 6 months later I got a free one in Donkey Kong 64.

  21. They were going to be need but dk 64 didn’t even utilize it. It just has to have it in the console to work. Something about it got rushed and they were working on the next gen and perfect dark and dk 64 were near eol. TLDR idk what I’m talking about

  22. They're cheaper if you purchase a console that already has one installed, then resell the console (assuming you have a jumper pak to shove in there).

  23. I have collected Nintendo all my life, 370 Snes games, 100+ N64, 5 N64 consoles, a whole huge room dedicated to retro. I pick up everything I can. I have never owned one of these, never seen them in the wild, never seen them for a good price at CEX, never at car boots, never rando bundled in with bulk buys.... its werid

  24. Was tempted to sell mine but then y’all reminded me it’s needed to play Majora’s Mask. Will keep just in case I wanna play it for the 7th time through.

  25. Honestly I have my original bought in 98 they chug along like a champ! Sucks that the market is saturated with knock offs and inflation.

  26. Lots of romhacks now require the Expansion Pak. Great games like DK64 and Perfect Dark (while Perfect Dark doesn’t REQUIRE the Pak, it is necessary to access 65% of the game so it might as well be required) REQUIRE the Expansion Pak. So many nostalgic and great games need it, as well as jaw-dropping romhacks such as Smash Remix. But hey, that’s just my two cents.

  27. Yea they are going up I’ve seen as high as $70 on dkoldies are these worth getting I just have the jumper pack was looking to get one

  28. Seems like I paid about $50 for a used one in 2002 or 2003 when I got my N64. I could be misremembering, but if that's the case that's about $80 in today's money, so. Even if it was half that, that's still about $40 in today's money.

  29. Unless you absolutely need to play DK64 or Perfect Dark single player you really don't need one. The high resolution modes it provides for some titles makes those same games near unplayable due to the performance hit they take. And honestly, 240p is the only way to play N64 anyway.

  30. Are u able to play majoras mask without the expansion pack, if so does it run well? Wanted to get it but the expansion pack and majoras are $50 each and thats a lot of money lmao

  31. They did when the N64 was current and Hyperkin or retrobjt had one around 2013ish. They had found some source of the old IC, some new old stock somewhere, once that dried up they stopped making them too

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