Been on Nal since 2018 and was still drinking (Sinclair Method) …..definitely not as heavily as before but still taking in a lot.

  1. Yeah naltrexone is supposed to be used with therapy etc as well. Your brain might be harder to rewire than others too - for some people it's instantaneous for others it takes time. This is my second time on Nal and therapy for about 3 yrs, hypnotherapy, meditatoon etc as well. I've also built up a lot of healthy habits I prefer to drinking. I take nal on days I'm not drinking as well then dose an hr before drinking if I drink and I find this is really working for me 4 mths in and cravings are rare and fleeting. Plus the Nal-overs are so bad this time round it helps me not want to drink

  2. I went down from 50mg/day to 25mg/day to every other day but had to go back to once a day. I decided that I needed some additional help as I felt like I was drinking too much. I started doing hypnotherapy via audio tools and oh boy; how well it’s been working!! I fall asleep a lot during the 25-30 minute sessions however my consumption has cut back so much, it’s kinda unbelievable!! ♥️

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