What do you think of the name Rhiannon?

  1. Then listen and watch the video to silver springs by Fleetwood mac. Stevie nicks wrote it about her relationship breakup with Lindsey Buckingham who's the guitar player She's legit singing from the soul while staring in his eyes. It's crazy. Skip to near the end of the video if need be.

  2. I think of the song, yes, but it’s a great song and a good association. Isn’t she a witch? What a cool name!!!

  3. My mom almost named me this. I think the song actually works to your benefit because I don't think people would know how it's pronounced otherwise. Still, the song isn't that popular among the younger generations so don't worry about the association. It's a cool name.

  4. The only Rhiannons (like maybe 2) I know we're named after the song. So I'd say culturally the association is very strong. Ren is adorable nn and I don't think it's a stretch.

  5. Very beautiful name with a lot of history but as a welsh person I beg you PLEASE learn how to pronounce it properly and correct others if they get it wrong, even if you seem like a dick. Rh is it's own letter and the song kind of got it wrong, so do your research.

  6. It’s Welsh and often pronounced incorrectly elsewhere - the ‘Rhi’ isn’t ‘Ree’ but has a rolling r and the h is sort of pronounced - hard to describe! It’s a lovely name but it annoys me how often it’s not said correctly. Nicknames are often Non, Nonna, Rhi. I wouldn’t reach Wren from it personally.

  7. I think of the lead singer from The Carolina Chocolate Drops— Rhiannon Giddens— and she’s super talented, unique, and cool— so that’s my thought on the name as well.

  8. I love the name. Yes I do think of the song but I don't think that's a negative. Wren/Ren isn't a natural nickname choice. I know two Rhiannons. For nicknames the older one who goes by Rhi (Ree) and the younger school aged one goes by Nan.

  9. I love the song. The name is not my style. But I don't hate the name or cringe. To me it is associated with the song. But that's not a bad thing. If you love it and H is on board, you should do it.

  10. I’m a Rhiannon, family and friends call me Rhi. I truly do love my name, despite all the mispronunciations lol. While my parents obviously love Fleetwood Mac, I’ve never felt that my name is tied down to that association.

  11. I like the name a lot, and Ren as a nn, and I didn't know what song you were talking about, so for your baby's peers, I definitely wouldn't worry about the song being a strong association. But I do now realize I've been pronouncing Rhiannon wrong in my head 😂🤦‍♀️ I (American) was thinking go RHEEannon, not RhiANNon! Whoops

  12. It's a pretty name! None of her peers will know the song. I would the nickname that popped in my head was RiRi (ReeRee). Or Noni. I wouldn't think Ren but nicknames can be anything.

  13. Just because it's an older song doesn't mean that none of her peers will know it! That's like saying that no Gen Z-ers would know "Yesterday" or "Bohemian Rhapsody". Mega-famous and iconic songs transcend generations.

  14. Immediately channels the Fleetwood Mac song. Knew someone with that name who went by Annie….The name is just neutral for me. I can’t say I really like it.

  15. Ren is a cute nickname. The great thing about nicknames is that they can be flexible and as long as they have any connection to the full name, it makes sense. (Ren for Rhiannon makes as much sense as Nancy for Anne or Meg for Margaret, to me.)

  16. I love it and I know how to pn it (and it’s not quite like the song although I don’t mind that pn as much as other attempts at Welsh names)! I’m Welsh though and a Welsh speaker. It’s quite popular around here. Non/ Noni is a common nickname, or Rhian. I wouldn’t have thought of Wren but I suppose nicknames can be anything really.

  17. I love that it’s synonymous with the song personally haha, it’s a great song! I think Ren could work for a nickname but also love the name Wren or Ren as a stand-alone name.

  18. I love the name. I knew a Rhiannon and she was beautiful and graceful and strong. I associate it with the song but I don’t think her peers would. The song isn’t mainstream anymore. It’s a very pretty name.

  19. Hey there lol! I am pregnant with a girl and I wanted so bad to name my daughter this but my husband didn’t like it! Honestly I don’t think anyone will get the reference other than your daughters parents or grandparents. It’s super easy to pronounce and if they can’t she can play the song. Either is a great nickname.

  20. My best friend is Rhiannon & I’ve even met some other great Rhiannon’s. We call her Rhi, but I like the nickname Wren too. She has some people stumble over her name, but over all it’s not too bad. Good luck!

  21. I don't know the song but I just finished a book with a character of the same name. Her family called her Rhea.

  22. Well just from the title I heard the song Rhiaaaaaanooon playing in my head BUT not necessarily a bad thing! It's a good song! I also like Fleetwood Mac more than your average millennial. I don't think gen z and younger will have the association at all.

  23. This just sent me down a rabbit hole reading about Stevie Nicks. Never realized til today that Stevie is a nickname for Stephanie, but I love it.

  24. I love it. My niece was almost Rhiannon - the only reason it changed is because her mom (my best friend) couldn’t stand her fiancé referring to baby as Ri-ri and Rihanna

  25. The only Rhiannon I know was a jerk in school so I don’t have good associations w the name but it is very pretty

  26. Love it! I do think it's mainly associated with the song, but that isn't a bad thing to me. I think Ren would work as a nickname, if you pushed it, but it isn't a leap I'd make naturally.

  27. I think with the younger lot, it will not be associated with the song! I love Fleetwood mac but went to school with a couple of Rhiannon's and I've never made that connection tbh

  28. It’s a great name but in the US it’s going to be constantly mispronounced. Love Fleetwood Mac but she definitely did not pronounce the name correctly.

  29. i definitely think of the song but that’s fine, because stevie nicks has a positive association. i knew a rhiannon and she was cool!

  30. I have a friend named Rhiannon (18 years old). They actually said they don't get many people who mention the song, but it makes them happy when people do! They also said some people don't know how to spell/pronounce it at times. They go by the nickname Rhi!

  31. I adore it. It does instantly make me think of the song, but that’s a good thing for me—it was my mom’s favorite song and I love it too, for its own merit and because it makes me think of my mom.

  32. Love it and have it on the list for my second child if I have a girl. It has a magic quality to it. Not sure about those nicknames. But any nickname can work if you push for it lol.

  33. I honestly don’t really like the name but I do love the song, so that’s my first thought. Second thought is Rihanna, just because of sound similarity. I think most people will know how to pronounce it, thanks to the song (at least in the US). Ren definitely works as a nickname and is really cute!

  34. I know a Rhiannon! She sometimes goes by Rhi (ree). I think the association is a positive, it’s a beautiful song.

  35. I love it! It was on the list for my baby girl, but my husband wasn't as into it, so we went with something else. But I think it's a great name!

  36. Love Rhia. I’d use it. I think most people in the states would think of the song since it’s a pretty rare name here. Ren isn’t a stretch

  37. I have a cousin named Rhianon (idk why my aunt and uncle dropped the second N). Rhi was the occasional nickname she used, but I think Ren is a perfectly legit nickname.

  38. I love it. I’m biased because I have a favorite relative named after the song (when it came out). I’d honestly use it myself if it weren’t for that.

  39. Love the name it was my best friend in 4th grade name and totally embodies it, flower crowns long curly hair, great heart and spirt. Still the only Rhiannon I’ve ever known.

  40. I love it because of the song! I knew a girl growing up named Rhiannon and was super jealous, I used to wish it was my name lol. If we had another daughter, I'd absolutely want to include it in her name!

  41. My name is Rhiannon. Named after the song. Nicknames are Rhi (ree) or Rhi Rhi (ree ree). People constantly mispronounce or misspell my name. I'll even reference the song and then they'll be like ohhhhh. Or if people aren't familiar with the song they think of the singer Rihanna and either call me that or add that "ahhh" sound to my name. I love my name but did kind of hate it when I was younger as it was constantly mispronounced by teachers and substitute teachers all through school and I was pretty shy when I was younger so was not good at correcting people. I definitely love my name now and love the uniqueness, but at times it is annoying to constantly correct people.

  42. I love it. I think she will hear people reference the song a zillion times, but it's a great song, I don't think that matters! Nicknames could be Rhi or Ann or Anna. Rhi is cute.

  43. As someone with the name Rhiannon used to not like it when I was younger (cuz I had to correct people a lot on how to say it and spell it). But as I have gotten older I do enjoy my name...also I go by Rhi (Ree) or Rhi-Rhi

  44. Rhiannon here. I love my name, close friends call me Rhi and Reeni. I can't help but wonder if all the people in here who know a Rhiannon happen to know me 😂 I haven't met another Rhiannon yet!

  45. It does remind me of Rihanna and everyone thought that was the inspiration for a friend’s daughter named Rhiannon. The thing she unexpectedly learned was that getting her preferred pronunciation was difficult from others (because people are weird).

  46. I was thinking the song would come up, but I didn’t think about Rihanna. I guess to me that’s still not a deal breaker since it’s not a bad association. The pronunciation is more of an issue, but that’s why I like the idea of an already established nickname.

  47. Rhiannon was the #1 name I wanted but a friend got pregnant before me and deliberately named her daughter that to spite me.

  48. I love it! I worked at a summer camp in Massachusetts for people with disabilities for several years, and had a coworker there named Rhiannon. One of the campers heard her name and thought it was Ray Allen, like the Celtics player. So I’ll always associate the name with basketball, but it’s a very positive association.

  49. this is my sisters name and it is from the fleetwood mac song. im personally not a fan ( not an ugly or "bad" name) so i have always called her anne/anna and she prefers this. but i do love the song-classic!

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