Excessive overconfidence can lead to a huge underestimation of some actions' consequences, dear honey badger

  1. Hahaha clearly photoshopped by the lion! It's very unlikely he lost his mane in the second picture. Probably left the killing to his girlfriend...coward.

  2. And even if it is, it's not like "excessive overconfidence" like Op called it. Lion pulls up on badger, badger can either fight back and hopefully scare off the lion, or can roll over and just die. It's called fight or flight for a reason, badger chose fight.

  3. Then they attack you, not from the front fffffwhip but from the sides. They cut you here, here, or maybe… here, disemboweling you, spilling your intestines.

  4. Honey Badgers have thick rubber like skin, and can infact rotate and twist their body whilst in the jaws of something, so to give them a nasty attack with their razor sharp claws.

  5. I have been thinking about buying Darkest Dungeon 2 and this is clearly a sign to proceed. Never I’d have thought to find a cit to the first one here.

  6. "Are you my Uber? You're late, asshole. Now, pick me up and let's get going. I have a 2:30 appointment to kick a leopard's ass."

  7. I love that guy. He’s to the point, admits his mistakes and when he doesn’t know something. And teaches about nature the whole time in a fun and engaging way. One of the few good things to come out of tik tok (zefrank1 is also a really cool dude as well)

  8. I've watched so many hours of honey badger footage and thought i saw it all, this dude is amazing thanks for sharing!

  9. Well it's not like the honey badger can outrun the cat, the best chance it has at survival is making the lion think that a confrontation might not be worth it.

  10. I like how nature was like yeah let's have this bear in the same area as tigers so they turn aggressive as fuck...nice now make it extra cute and derpy looking

  11. Honey badgers usually tend to be overaggressive because of the simple fact that they do not have a choice. They can’t run from a lion, and can’t juke it easily because of the sheer size difference. They’re usually backed into a corner and the only escape is to fight, and honey badgers do that well. Honey badgers are surprisingly tough for their size, being able to turn around and bite the predator’s face or even eyes while being pinned to the ground. A single badger can take a beating from multiple lions for a surprisingly long time, because of their thick and loose skin. (Correct me if I got anything wrong.)

  12. Also worth noting their senses are total dogshit, so avoiding potential threats and predators is difficult for them. They aren't great runners either.

  13. I doubt a honey badger could outrun a lion. Maybe he got into that position due to overconfidence, but really had no choice but to fight or at least make eating him not worth the trouble.

  14. Honey badger can move around in its own skin, that lion could’ve lost its eye within the next few seconds. Dangerous little buggers.

  15. An extremely dumb move to hold a still live honey badger near the face. That thing will claw your eyes out and the second you let it go will give you an extremely painful time. Be happy nature didn't give a larger animal this guy's temper.

  16. Scariest fucking enemy in far cry 5... Was the honey badger. And apparently those little fuckers are hyper aggressive irl and will take on just about anything.

  17. Im not sure that the lion carrying the honey badger necessarily means that the badger didn't make it out of the situation

  18. i’d like to argue that excessive overconfidence can be beneficial in many cases in the wild, if you do it right.

  19. Animals have a concept of overconfidence and underestimates other animals? I think it's more of it their defensive mechanism.

  20. I've heard that honey badger is aggressive with everyone because it gives it a better chance to survive. He's not a good runner, he doesn't have good a good sight, so its biggest weapon is to being aggressive in order to surprise the predators. I've seen many videos of lions being suprised and letting the badger go away once they tried to play with him. I believe it's similar to those videos where a giant bear is scared by a dog or cat that started to chase him. So I wouldn't say that "overconfidence" kills him

  21. Daniel Ricciardo saying he can beat Lewis Hamilton in the same car but getting smoked by young Lando Norris on the regular.

  22. Look at the lower canines of the badger. Adult ones have upto an inch long. The ones in this Pic is just developing which clearly shows its a juvenile.

  23. It's still the smartest idea for the honey badger to face the lion head on. If it runs, it's surely dead. If it's persistent enough, the lion may back down.

  24. Honey badger is actually probably fine. They can rotate inside their skin and looks like the lion only has some back scruff. Betcha lion gets bit and ditches honey badger. Honey badger don’t care.

  25. Honey badger is lulling the lioness into a false sense of security. At the opportune moment, honey badger will attack the whole pride.

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