Team work

  1. My Buddy went Army after Navy (he’s a state employee and they have very generous extra benefits if you are also in the National guard on top of the NG benefits)

  2. We had a guy, let’s call him Daffy Duck. Every fucking night he would get up and start yelling trying to motivate our shitty division. During one of our trainings I told him that the RDCs made him the Divisional Motivational Petty Officer, and I began referring to him as the DMPO.

  3. You too? I remember that! Not to mention us airing out our grievances lol. The girls got us in trouble a lot and the guys for whatever reason paid the price.

  4. I remember have the division whistling the hunger games tune and the other half getting so butthurt about it

  5. We even played a game like that. It was called “ass-ketball.” You had to shoot free throws into the empty space in between your stall-mate’s junk and the bowl. Our RDC caught us one time and was pretty damn speechless.

  6. I remember having the aft watch one night an I laid on a empty rack an fell asleep. Woke up when the meanest of the 3 RDCs we had kicked the rack. I just knew I was going to get sent back to a division that was on day 1. They let it hang over my head for about a week, guess the Chief shut down the idea. Talk about walking on eggshells for week.

  7. We had a total POS prior AF chick as our MAA. She fell asleep on rack as aft watch more than once and tried to claim she'd hit her head. She also took food out of the mess halls. I'm guessing they couldn't send her back or something. I ended up standing aft watch with her on forward watch on the 00-02 a bunch of times because they could only trust a couple of us to make sure she didn't pull that shit again. This was when you only slept from 22-04 and I'm one of those people that needs at least 8 hours a night to function. I was a zombie by graduation. I got yelled at a few times my last week in boot camp because I was just that dumb from lack of sleep.

  8. Everyone always talking about motivational speeches at night but I'm just here thinking back when those lights went out everyone stfu and went to sleep

  9. I remember they gave some kid with a speech impediment that job. "Sweepehs Sweepehs man youw bwooms, give this ship a cwean sweep down." Couldn't pronounce R's. So funny.

  10. I was there when these were being built. My div spent the first part of boot in on of the original buildings, moved to a new building and watched the old one get smashed with a wrecking ball. Oddly, after boot most of us went back to an old building because Katrina had Jackson's was under water.

  11. My recruits used to tell me they would just run down the center of the compartment sliding around in their socks and sit in the shower with their BH’s on the deck. Real team bonding shit I guess?

  12. We had the night watcherstanders holler a code word when they saw roving RDCs walk by or enter another compartment. Everyone would stop writing letters or socializing and run to their racks lol

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