Who doesn’t love prez work?

  1. Anyone else stuff a wad of terry cloth down their shorts and just let the hose do it's thing while being stuck in the bilge? No? Ok... deniers.

  2. I will never forget cutting holes in the ventilators they gave us for the paint chips so that we could smoke cigarettes through them while we worked. Goodgod, we were fucking stupid.

  3. Yo..I used to make a fucking SPIDERWEB of masking tape to secure P-ways to wax the deck..(back when you would do it by HAND, with a sponge..after stripping and wire brushing the wax buildup out of the corners, and the use Blue Knight spray and a buffer the size of a lawnmower to get the deck to GLOW)..and STILL see some stupid, dumb motherfucker somehow get thru and claim they didn't see anything.

  4. One thing that was great about painting engineering spaces was that no one ever came through so we never had to deal with any of that. You spend like 8 hours in the bilge painting in confined spaces, and at muster our Divo would just ask if we used PPE...Yes Ma'am!

  5. Has anyone ever used a brand new needle gun? I always managed to get one that was left over from Vietnam.

  6. I don't understand why the navy still uses needle guns and paint brushes instead of sandblasters and paint sprayers.

  7. My favorite is when we were told to halt with the needle gun because the officers were trying to sleep... got to actually do chart work for a change

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